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  1. The reason I don't give an availability answer here is because inventory quantities are changing daily, almost hourly. If I post that we have everything in stock today, there is a good chance that we will be out of something by next week at the rate we are selling these. I have already learned that posting certain things here will come back to bite me in the ass. I'll keep my postings here relegated to general answers only.
  2. Always best to shoot me a direct e-mail or phone call to check current availability.
  3. If you feel like the car is worth the investment, you can take the PBS trans and convert it to the Weddle trans for about $5k in parts required (this does not cover any labor or other parts that need to be replaced based on wear). Then that car will be good to have fun with for many years until you are ready to move on. We have invested far too much into this Mendeola to Weddle program to let it die off, we are committed to keeping these going. Our betterment of the entire program has caught up with us in a hurry, we certainly did not foresee this kind of demand.
  4. Lots of parts already sold and on backorder, just can't make them fast enough. Demand doubled and production capacity dropped. Not much more to say other than we appreciate your patience and we will get parts back in stock, just need to work on increasing production capacity to meet demand which takes time. Crazy times.
  5. Everything wears out at some point, even cases/housings. Factor that into your decision when looking at cars with obsolete gearboxes.
  6. CV = Constant Velocity. This means that the joint rotates at the same speed all the way around the revolution, even at extreme angles, providing a smooth rotation through the joint/axle and reducing vibration. U-joints have an inherent "Speed Up" in their rotation, where the joint will rotate faster then slower through one revolution, which gets worse as the joint articulates to it's extremes. This will cause alternating loads on all components the axle assembly is attached to, causing many of the failures that have been mentioned above.
  7. Two things can happen without a pedal stop: 1. Over extend throw out bearing into pressure plate fingers, which can pull the bearing off the fork in a typical VW style release shaft/fork mechanism, or push the piston out of the housing on an Albins/Weddle HV and new design S4D/S5D Chevy bell housing with hydraulic slave cylinders built inside the bell housing. Either issue requires pulling the engine to fix. 2. On Weddle/Centerforce clutches, throw bearings can interfere with centrifugal weights on pressure plate, pulling the bearing off the forks. Or over extend the fingers into the clutch discs behind and interfere with drive pins on discs.
  8. Trans Mainshaft Bearings: circulating oil is the best solution to extending mainshaft bearing life in any MD, S4/S5, S4D/S5D transaxle. Bearing is in front of trans and high out of the oil, what happens when you are accelerating up hill? (Hint: oil runs to back of trans). Pump keeps oiling that bearing in all instances. Temp Switch: We used to have a 125º switch, had more pumps come back with burned up motors from oil too cold. Pump motor manufacture told us to start pumps with less load on them. Now we use 150º switches. Not ideal, but it's what seems to work. Warm ups: Always best to warm up engine and trans with some light duty driving before driving hard. Engines and transmissions are designed to be operated at 180º-220º. Housing bores (bearings, pistons, etc) are tight when running at room temp. They loosen up at operating temps for best operation and least resistance.
  9. On the topic of "Buff", if you ignore the posts and stop replying to them, the poster will typically get bored and just go away. (How to deal with a bully 101)
  10. There is nothing really improved about them. Same thing. This is what builds my 401K. Might be able to retire at 63 as long as people keep overpowering their 2D's.
  11. I appreciate them leaving the trans and front diff alone. Those are the cornerstone of the UTV work that I am inundated with this year and helping to keep food on my table.
  12. None of the above will really help these. It's more of an issue with how the teeth distorted in heat treat. Not much that can be done to fix the bad ones.
  13. Something that is not really getting mentioned in this thread concerning the delays in bringing these to market is what implications the last year and half has thrown at the entire automotive and manufacturing industry. I would be willing to bet that without the effects of Covid over the past year and half, if the scales of production and demand had stayed steady as they were in the previous 5 years, I would bet that we would have already seen production models of these cars running around as of early 2021. The fact is, demand skyrocketed and supply chains were heavily impacted by Covid. From factory's closing for weeks/months due to local enforcements, shipping delays due to less planes and ships moving around, and general lack of raw materials to make these components. This entire economy is unprecedented. If someone would have forecasted the events of the past year and half in January of 2020, I would have told them they were diving too deep down the rabbit hole of the internet conspiracy theories. But here we are.
  14. The thing to remember about diaphragm pumps is you have no way of knowing if they are still pumping oil if the diaphragm rips or tears. The pump motor keeps running, but you will not know that is not pumping oil. Our gear driven pump is rebuildable. Make sure to use a filter before the pump. 90% of reason for them to stop working is because a piece of debris got stuck in the gears and seized it up.
  15. PBS R&P is the same as our S4/S5. These are still 3-4 months out on the ETA list. Oldest backorders are filled first.

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