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  1. Based on those locations, I would bet there will be some sort of track built in the speedway. I might have to break away from everyone yelling at me asking where their parts are to go talk Robby into letting me rip one of these around the track for a few laps. I'll happily give rides to anyone that wants to keep asking me why we can't deliver parts. Make sure to pull those belts tight.
  2. As already mentioned a few times, it is not a difficult task and can be done with a 9/16" socket, flat blade screwdriver, and plastic/rubber mallet. (Will also need (2) 5/16"x18x1.5" long bolts to remove the side cover from the trans) As said, do one side at a time, remove the spiral clip holding the flange from the inside, knock out the old flange, knock in the new flange, install clip and reinstall on the trans. Should take less than 2 hours.
  3. Sorry I couldn't be more help on this, but we have no experience with the majority of these digital dash displays, we have never had to wire one up. The bottom line is that you would need to figure out what pin that signal wire needs to plug into, then program from there. I have to believe there is some instruction from the manufacture on how to do this somewhere.
  4. We can barely make our own parts right now, it will be awhile before we are making parts for anything else (but stay tuned, I just got the green light to move forward with some more UTV parts production). Our race prep service would certainly be beneficial, but not as necessary as required for the other brands.
  5. Can shift on the fly into 4wd, and to engage diff lock. But shifting into 4wd and diff lock might be a little clunky with the dogs. Will be something to get used to.
  6. Cost. Way more expensive to make a spiral bevel gear. The straight cut gear is actually really strong when the right material is used, but makes noise.
  7. The OD is fairly high geared in these, so they will not really perform well if using on sand highway in that gear. I would rather leave it in high gear (middle) so I could use the throttle response if things start getting sketchy. Not too many people will be doing 80 MPH down sand highway in these where they will need another gear. If I had my way, I would have a "KOH" trans, and a Sand/Desert trans. The KOH trans would keep the low 1st gear for crawling, the sand/desert trans would have a much taller 1st gear that could be used in the dunes/desert as a true 2 speed trans. Maybe I'll talk Robby into this later, we did discuss awhile back.
  8. 95% of the users will be putting these in high gear and running them just like any other brand. KOH would be the only advantage to shifting from low to high, and the only reason to shift from high to OD would be on road sections or long lake bed/groomed dirt road driving.
  9. Trans has helical cut gear. Front diff has the 90º straight cut R&P gear, which is most likely making the noise. Overdrive is quite tall in these. Will need quite a bit more power to wind out that gear to top engine RPM.
  10. Never a doubt in my mind. It won't be the design or manufacturing quality that causes gearbox/diff failures in these. I just watched that entire 18 minute walk around of the chassis. I knew the desired outcome of these cars, had my doubts of being able to achieve that standard, and honestly can't believe the quality if that is what is coming off the line. The bar has been raised, by a lot. Makes me wish I was a deposit holder. (Wifes Jeep got that money instead)
  11. My neighbor in Ventura has a '68 SS with a 502 crate motor and T400. It's pretty cherry, he's asking top dollar for it, does not need any work what-so-ever. Shoot me an e-mail if interested and I can get you in contact with him. I am pretty sure he has the factory 396 for it as well.
  12. As Jason already said, if you like the gears in your current 2D, then there is no reason to change them, unless you are also changing something else that would affect them, like going to a different tire or adding power. If you don't know what gearing you had in your 2D, then it would help if you knew what kind of speeds at what RPM you have been getting already, then you can at least make an educated decision using our gear ratio calculator to get close. If you are starting from scratch and have no idea, then you have to think about what speeds you want to get out of each gear. The 2.91x1.93x1.44x1.14 set is the most common set in use, and seems to work for 80% of the people running this set. Most people will never need more than 75-80 MPH at the top of 3rd gear in the dunes, 4th gear is just the extra gear for the flats when needed. If you are running the drags, then you would want to start with what top speed you want and choose the 4th gear that will get you that speed at the top of the RPM, then split the 1st-3rd gear evenly using the "percentage of pull" box on our calculator chart.
  13. I don't want to sound like I am trying to convince you guys to not use these Subaru transmissions for your rails, but we took a pretty deep look into these Subaru transmissions about 10-12 years ago, but there is just not enough meat there to hold up to any decent use in even a 200 HP sand car. The biggest reason is that the R&P is still only about the same size as a VW bus R&P which limits using taller tires and anything more than about 200 HP. There are also some internal housing issues that are just not strong enough to withstand the abuse of bouncing across rough terrain. Albins did make an assortment of lower ratio's 1st-5th/6th gearsets for these, but they were still somewhat tall and tailored for rally use, and were also quite expensive at $5k+ per 5 speed set. I know everyone is looking for a less expensive, production vehicle type gearbox for these things, but we have not found any mass produced manual gearbox that can withstand the abuses of off-road use without having to spend many thousands of dollars on new gears and strengthening components. This is reason why we decided to go all in and develop the HV-2 transaxles that are built specifically for this type of use.
  14. I can't imagine the amount of work that Robby, Daniel, and Alan are putting in over there right now to get all of the final machine programs dialed in, fixtures produced, robotics and assembly processes programmed. I am certainly not envious of them. It is very cool to see the amount of product that is starting to come to fruition. Once Robby hits the states, he is getting my list of parts we will need to have on hand for trans/diff services for when all you yahoos start putting hard miles on these things. I already stocked up on shaft seals.

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