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  1. Picked up The Black One (RZR).. only 87 hours.. did oil n diffs as this is my replacement motor after blowing it on a side roll. Dropped the box at place I store it and tried to start my 2005 suburban… no go .. service 4wd.. had to get it towed to the dealer. Got dropped off at Buffalo Wild Wings … then got picked up and spent the afternoon in the jacuzzi drinking Coronas. Never touched my (work) computer which is always nice. abc
  2. I’m onna get a hidden GPS wired to the batteries and solar for my box and TH which hold my 2 RZRs. Make a GEO fence that pings every minute, no contract and call it a day. Im insured, but would HATE to have to call it in … and then replace … abc
  3. Yeah airborne that wouldn’t cut it.. they’d have to be sealed to the face… … abc
  4. Time to bail on the Ponzi scheme… My $.02 abc PS. I use them as poker chips
  5. My daughter works for hoag and has a healthcare education. Cloth diapers do NOTHING. Also, can’t understand why Fauci and the CDC idiots never talked about your eyes. Eyes don’t have ‘stomach acid’ and can be a way to get infection…. Glad they didn’t or we’d all be wearing goggles too. Ugh. abc
  6. I was joking with my good buddy named 'Brandon' actually, that if we got pulled over and the cop said he wanted him to step out of the car and he didn't move quick enough the officer could legitimately say... wait for it, ............... 'Let's Go Brandon!.' I crack myself up sometimes. abc
  7. No he's in cognitive decline.. could be Alzheimer's or Dementia,.. or it could be that he's just getting old.. seen it happen to all my Grandparents. abc
  8. No kidding.. had a great 2021 (business $).. so I didn't want a pile of USD.. threw $300k more into the market in Sept. 2021 cause USD just deteriorates.. Ugh.. long haul I guess. abc
  9. I know a TON of folks who have gotten COVID in the last 3/4 weeks. Didn't matter if they had no shots or up to 3 shots. All had the EXACT same 3-4 day flu/cold. It's seasonal like the regular FLU (which kills a good bunch of folks every year). Time to move on with our lives. .. it's over (COVID being a real threat). abc
  10. I only watched the last 25 minutes when he took questions.. he is so gone. Reminds me of speaking with my 87 year old mother-in-law. No way he makes it 3 more years.. OMG!!! abc
  11. I was at Del Ammo Motorsports in Santa Ana today. They have taken 30.. or maybe he said 50 deposits for the Pro R there. abc
  12. I don't generally go on FB and haven't posted in years.. I show I had a mutual friend, Andrew Buck. So sad. Looks like the kid was an active rider. RIP abc
  13. We saw the Reach helicopter take off once over the weekend. RIP young duner. abc
  14. We maybe saw 2 rangers all weekend (MLK).. seemed like a 'light' weekend. abc

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