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  1. No matter if you chop off a male’s nards or pump him full of female hormones he/she will always have (the naturally developed) MUCH higher bone density. That will always give them an advantage over biologically born females period (among other advantages). But for this reason alone they should never be able to compete. Bone density Write it down so you can clinically shut down the ‘woke.’ abc
  2. It’s unfortunate to see how many youngsters are morbidly obese. Heck I’m almost 50 and definitely need to lose 20-25lbs … but a lot of these folks, kids.. are well over 100bls overweight. They do have every fast food joint here.😬🤦‍♂️… We try to eat smaller portions… it’s just all the sugar water (booze) that is the culprit 🤪🕺 Straight to The Betty Ford Clinic from the airport 🤣 abc IMG_0895.MOV
  3. Wow video loaded.. IMG_0905.MOV
  4. You can kinda see how the swim out is challenging for some … when this couple did it, it was all foam and a much bigger set had rolled in. abc IMG_0907.MOV
  5. Went to a dispensary before my trip and it just been shut down (they ALL seem to get shut down), some dude was passing out fliers for delivery (likely not the same outfit) and it worked fine…. Came to my house, paid cash. I HIGHLY doubt it was legal. abc
  6. This heavy set couple trying to climb out tumbled all the way back in. The woman was really struggling and I thought I was gonna have to play ‘life guard’ sorry no video … it was funny as hell (after they got out and she was OK). Check out my form 🤪🤦‍♂️🕺… This isn’t that crazy high. Like most of Kauai’s cliff jumps the swim in is the hardest. Shipwreck is maybe double the height of this one. I HATE heights so I just make a quick peak to see where I’m gonna go (make sure there isn’t some huge turtle cause landing on them you’d break something) and GO! We always come Christma
  7. Yup … my favorite beach on the whole island. They had another landslide in Hanalie Bay, so limited access to the other side .. might not be hanging with Mr. Hamilton. United’s first class was money. Electronic seat that you can put all the way flat. Unfortunately, we passed a highway death headed to the airport. Saw the roof of a crashed car off and the body splayed out on top as folks were running to the crash off the right shoulder, just caught a glimpse as we were in the carpool lane. https://newsni.com/latest-news/1-killed-2-injured-in-irvine-car-crash-on-santa-ana-
  8. ABC n' family are wheels up tomorrow morning for 2 weeks in Kauai. All our COVID tests (had to have someone online live monitor us taking the test) came back negative, QR code, etc. Not looking forward to wearing a mask for like 9 hours (entering LAX and the flight all the way until we leave the airport in Lihue), but whatever. Wife move us to first class so fingers crossed they're more lenient. I aint gonna make trouble and mess up my trip ya know. Pulled all my inventory off the web, so my business is officially closed. I've only done that once before when I went to Greece for 16 days,
  9. That's a good one... Headed to Metropolis night club in the 90's we were punching it down Harvard Blvd. (kinda outskirts of Irvine) in those days and passed a cop going the other direction, we were so close to the club and both very drunk (ashamed of that), told my buddy to hit it.. figured we'd park and run inside, but we got caught in the parking lot. My buddy blew like a .23 or something and they asked me to blow the hand held, well I had a 'weird idea' that I came up with, I took several deep breaths and exhaled before hitting the little toy.. it worked and must have cleared out the alcoho
  10. Ha,... I've ditched the cops on street bikes on several occasions in my youth.. First time I was riding this (my buddy was too) a 1988 YSR 50cc. I went to HS in Irvine (Woodbridge class of '90) and we used to scream these little rockets on residential streets late night all tuned up.. well on a main street Mr. Law lights us up and me and my buddy gave each other the 'nod' and took off .. quickly got on sidewalks and it wasn't hard to ditch him and we were smart, took all the little sidewalks right back to his pad and hid them in the garage. We were skateboarders during those years (
  11. Yeah.. I'm gonna file a claim.. fuggit.. I've given these punks (State Farm) over $100k in last many years.. and only made 2 claims.. 1. Daughter rear ends somebody (with this suburban),.. turns a compact car into a smashed coke can - $5500. 2. RZR 2014 .. I crack the case at KOH in 2021.. $8300. So they're really.. REALLY in the black/green.. whatever. Told my wife.. you see rates go up a nickel and they're DONE. abc
  12. Ugh.. Dealer wants $1900... I have to check my deductible.. I think it's $1k... maybe just eat this one so I don't 'pay' later with rate increases... OK,.. calm down.. deep breaths... fire up the jacuzzi... abc PS. High speed motorcycle chase..
  13. My friend is a 'crypto decuple' ... his 'crypto wallet(s)' went from $6M to $4M in the last several months.. I keep banging him to sell it all... .. This stupid crypto 'wealth transfer' is not going to end well for the VAST majority of you fools... just sayin' Good luck. .. God Speed... Snort Speed... whatever.. abc has warned you.. I have done my civic duty... ..c
  14. No Simpson Irvine... I'm a repeat offender.. My front pumpkin and input shaft.. bunch of internals went in my 3500 a few years back.. that was a nice $10k bill. Fuggit.. my 'money's' gonna outlive me anyway ... I'm just on a journey for spiritual enlightenment and experiences at this point. abc
  15. Thanks Rock, but it's at the Stealership... so I'm sure I'll get soaked for a mighty dollar... I'm like a 'reverse ATM'.. dollars just shooting out all the time... 😬

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