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  1. Nah my 5th is a Superlight and wouldn't fit a sand car. The Turbo S barely fits ..literally have no width in the front as it's 72" wide and so is the TH at the carpeted wheel wells. Anyway, somone's gonna score for sure. Outstanding deal in today's market IMO. abc
  2. If I did I’d have the triple box shuffle 😬
  3. For sure.. this is not going to last at this price. I have more $ in my 2 SXSs than this GLWTS! .. My wife would have me killed.. but it is SOOO tempting! abc
  4. Posting for a friend. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/431489538970108
  5. Looking for low miles. CASH in hand ready.. $500 finders fee.💵 For my neighbor who owns my ‘14 RZR Thanks, abc
  6. Yeah dope model if you want to sleep a crew and have lots of toys and don't want to do the 2 box shuffle. GLWTS! abc
  7. Mike, appreciate the heads up. Seems like all my cars have issues. Had to paint my Suburban and now have ANOTHER spot on my truck.. I don't have the luxury to garage them, but still.. ugh. Thanks, Kevin PS. We have 2 Hyundais (2012 and 2013) that are fine, but like you said 2016 and newer.. I'd like to buy a 2022, hope they fixed the issue.. ugh.
  8. Help me find it.. ugh.. Wife (tree hugger) demands I buy a Hybrid. Prefer white exterior and under 10k miles. Cash ready to go! Thanks, abc
  9. Great machine... EFI baby!.. paid $6400 for mine 9 months ago (inflation would make that $7.5k today IMIO). abc
  10. I have the same one.. she RIPS!.. GTWTS!.. I love hearing the waste gates chirp! Sincerely, abc
  11. Added, solar, 4 6 volt batteries, tongue jack, electric rope lighting, ceiling fan, winch, etc. El Toro RV did a GREAT job.. abc
  12. Listing for a friend. 2005 TRX 250. Low hours of use $3,000 OBO. Ridden once a year. New rear tires. Carb recently serviced. New Battery. Fuel mechanisms from tank to carb new. Great family fun vehicle for all ages. Ready to ride. Priced to sell. $3000. 949-295-5937 ph Dave Thanks, abc IMG_0855.MOV
  13. This thing is CEK.. get it.. seck.. GLWTS.. not sure you'll need any. Best, abc

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