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  1. Joyner 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣… just kidding abc
  2. Yeah, that was basically it, but seemed even more flush/thinner.. I'll try to get the brand. I was just amazed.. I think the ONLY way I would have known (before he showed me) was if a strong wind was at his front showing something under the shirt. .. also, fanny packs.. n' 'man bags' are getting more common. Thanks for the link! abc
  3. Buddy of mine has his CCW and has had it for 2 decades. He buys folks estate stuff from their homes, etc. As a young white dude, he'd go to South Central L.A. (where others wouldn't go) and score big, but had 2 incidents... 1. Goes up their, obviously he has lots of cash on him, in a room (apartment I think) and a 'brotha' came out of a closed closet while he's talking to the other folks in the place and that dude had his gun out and pointed at him. He wasn't carrying back then, but said he didn't think he would have had the time to 'engage' before he was blasted. So they robbed him, tied him up and left. 2. Again same time frame he's outside this time and dudes some how chase him down an alley. He ran off when he saw the dude start to pull from his waist ban.. they caught up to him and robbed him. In that case he said, since he'd gotten away and to cover (a dumpster if I recall) had he been carrying, he could have drawn and had clean shots. So this is why he has his and always has it. abc PS. Why would he take that risk..?.. well when he was 19 he went up there to an old black ladies home, she was in her 80's.. she had a antique lamp and he knew EXACTLY what it was.. paid her $100 for it.. brought it right to Sotheby's and it was in a catalog.. a week later he got $90k for the (Tiffany) lamp. She had inherited it for her Mom. Guess it was the only one that had survived and was in mint condition, just sitting in a house for decades, etc.
  4. I'm trying to get money out of my hands (and into tangible assets) as fast as I can. .. Friend of mine has a gorgeous house in San Clemente. He put $800k over the last 2 years remodeling it. He would fret to me how much it costs.. I told him yesterday.. DUDE!.. you made out. .. cause cost of labor and materials, that remodel would have cost you $1.3M today. So as I make purchases of vehicles, laptop (bought for my 16 year old last night).. I don't sweat it. I'd rather buy that laptop now (that we were going to buy before her Jr. HS year anyway) TODAY at what seems like a high price than in 5 months (so long as I have the money to do so). Everyone knows true inflation isn't 8% or whatever the government says it is. I think it's 15%+... so if I'm right here's what happens to your $100k sitting in the bank (it's spending power). 15% inflation example $100,000 Today $ 85,000 Year 1 $ 72,250 Year 2 $ 61,412 Year 3 $ 52,200 Year 4 So think about it.. your account still SHOWS $100k, cause you have $100k in there, but it's spending power was cut in HALF in just 4 years! I keep buying stocks and will continue to do so... Put in a bundle Sept. 2021 (so I am clobbered there) and tossed in the same amount to Schwab end of May.. almost dumped it all into the market, but glad I listened to my old man and I'm putting in 1/6th of it into the market on the 1st of every month for the balance of the year. Hope to keep doing that.. I'd really like to grab some real-estate (not in CA) .. probably in 2/3 years. Also, spending a ton on more and more 'prep' stuff. Need a freezer for meat in the garage.. getting 4 packs of Rugged 'hand helds' for all my like minded neighbors, etc... Sh-t is coming... so ... Stay Frosty! My $.02 abc
  5. I know someone who had the coolest .. what looked like a money belt carrying a subcompact 9.. (wish I knew the MFR and model of the piece and the belt/holder deal).. he's thin and was wearing shorts and a larger (for him) t-shirt.. I was amazed how good it worked. I think it was an HK or Sig. The piece was awesome as was this way of holding it, I'd say around, slightly above the belly button. Yeah, first rule of fight club, especially now. Anyone sees you with it, you'll likely have an 'encounter' with law enforcement and rightly so (in CA). Now if you're in TX.. I'd assume if I see 'em or not, grandma.. and everyone else is rolling 'hot.' .. makes me feel SAFER knowing there are more law abiding folks rolling hot, than any bad guys. Good catch.. and Good lesson for your son too. abc
  6. Yup it’s brutal. I’ve owned my electronic component business for almost 18 years, been in the industry for 27 (9 years working for the biggest component distributor, Avnet). Since I have 40,000 SKUs of inventory in stock, the supply chain and specifically electronic component shortage is making this my biggest year EVER 💵. I do feel bad for everyone else, my fellow man, etc. being one of the few profiting like crazy off of this,… but like anything.. it goes both ways. Tons of market inventory available in stock and I make a hell of a lot less. I didn’t expect my years of buying excess component inventories would have EVER had such a crazy ROI. I speak to my veteran ex-coworkers and they have never seen this in the history of their electronics careers, some 50 years in the business. The general consensus in our world (Industry peers) Is this will Likely last 2-3 years until it’s back to normal (New fabs being built and Production catching up). I’ll likely retire then. ABC PS. For example, I sold $60 worth of of one of my parts for $3000 last week …. Bananas!
  7. I’ve been upping my ‘prep’ for some time… you can always add right? … since I’m not using any of the items (except the whiskey and pharmaceuticals) … I’m hoping to be somewhat ‘complete’ soon. abc
  8. Bro.. im an elf.. or a leprechaun .. we have 4” on midgets 😁 abc … But they clearly have access to mushrooms… wait isn’t he a ‘half ling’… .. no HOBBIT… took me a minute … fcuk man I’m 50!!!!!
  9. 330 only.. 18 is a hard NO NO if you’re towing IMO ABC
  10. Dust .. non working COMZ…. People who don’t follow simple rules (like stopping at the fork in the road, etc.) We run fast so it’s easy to get away from someone. Everyone likes clean air so it’s the mitigation of… Do I want to eat dust (and be up their ass)? Or Do I want to give them more time (ahead of me) so I have a clean view and push harder? I’m never lost.. abc PS. I’m sure ONE day I’ll have working coms… I’ll just keep throwing money at ‘em until they work 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 😬 💵💵💵(That’s another story).
  11. Just dropped off my Orange One to fix the lower A arm… all good 👍 otherwise. abc I just take pictures and have not spent a ton of time looking at them but some look like they are not pictures at least to me kind of weird… My 49-year-old sister went to film school and taught me about dusk and dawn… Magic light hour supposedly you take all your pictures then. seems legit (advise)
  12. My buddy who bought my ‘14 got separated from my 2 RZRs… each have EVERYTHING you need. Bottle jack in one.. scissor jack in the other.. there’s not one thing I don’t carry… duplicates in each… So he ‘started’ with the log while we were looking for him,, … log worked, but he used my jack to change is OTHER tire… he wasn’t running enough PSI and killed two tires/side walls… luckily he had 3 spares (the way I sold it to him). abc
  13. Cooper Webb shirt got a little wet 😬🤦‍♂️ abc IMG_4824.MOV
  14. Friday - Monday, got back yesterday. Lots to tell, but we'll start with the photos... abc

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