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  1. Whips I have now are programmable ACE. Better IMO. abc
  2. No Don or SCUs? ... Not a fan of Extreme cars.. just sayin'. Sounds like I didn't miss anything other than the 'itch' that the SSSS provides me. abc
  3. Where any of the sand car MFRs there?.. Funco, Tatum, SCU,.. Racer? abc
  4. I used to have 6 quads (family of 6) .. and we had a 200cc 2-Stroke Blaster for a short while.. literally only put maybe 5 tanks of gas through it, before I sold it..., cause I could never get the kids to ride it. It's like 3/4 size quad (compared to a 450 lets say).. The thing with it is I could keep up with 450s, but you have to keep that one in the power band at all times. I'd shift several times just in one dune. I think it's a 6 speed, with a tight gear ratio or something. It has plenty of mustard if it's in the power band, but if your kid isn't proficient at shifting, it could be a challenge. My $.02 abc
  5. ... Work.. work and more work. .. Just got back from the dealer, replacing the primary and secondary clutch on my 1110cc '14 RZR... decided today that I'm going to list it and move into having 2 2 seater Turbo S Velocitys. Gotta do it now, cause they're only going to make the fugly 64" wide Pro S moving forward and discontinuing all Turbo S 72" wide, 26" clearance models.. (Velocity and Dynomax type deal suspension model).. Total dumb decision IMO, but I don't want to miss out on getting another Turbo S Velocity before you can't get one.... so look for the sale add on the 1110cc which isn't even broken in soon... Maybe I'll end up with 3 SXS.. 😬... Couldn't get anyone to go to the SSSS so I'm gonna skip it yet again.. no worries. Everyone have fun. abc
  6. Ben Shapiro, owner of The Daily Wire (highly recommend) will be filing a federal lawsuit as I'm sure many other companies will. We took the shot, but that was my personal choice. .. and it took some time for me to arrive at that. No government should be able to mandate this vaccine. .. especially when the maker cannot be sued if you have side effects or die from it. My Brother-In-Law had severe vertigo for a week or 2 after one of his shots. Couldn't work, etc. abc
  7. For those who are employed, you need to be asking for a 7.5% raise. Inflation was 5.6% over the last year (and that's the government's phony calculated rate). So if you got a 2% raise, you actually took a 3-5% pay cut. If they pass this $3.5 Trillion dollar spending bill, I think true inflation will be 7-10%. Not good. Buy assets. abc PS. I really don't mind paying a higher rate. I just want the service done RIGHT! Every time I drop off an off-road vehicle, I print out a sheet, give it to the dude and tape one to the dash that lists everything I want done. Seems to work well.
  8. I have 2 policies that are over 15 years old. $150k (death benefit) Whole Life (my Step-Dad started that for me, horrible 'investments').. but I've had it so long, I'm finally at the point that each time we pay the premium, the cash value goes up by more than the premium so I keep it. I think the cash value is like $25k. My wife and I also have had a $3.6M policy on each other that we got also about 15 years ago, so the estate would get over $7M. The premiums were frozen for 10 years, now they go up about $200 each per year. I think we're like $9k/year (total) on those policies,.. but if we both croak, with other assets, my Kids/family will have an 8 figure estate to split up. I'd probably get a lower policy now as my kids are getting older, but I'm always paranoid about the 2 year contingency window when the insurance company has lots of options to deny the pay out. Getting those big ones was a trip, full health run up with blood, EKG as well as background checks. Mind you we were in our low/mid 30's at the time. NO WAY they'd insure my almost 50 year old for that much.. or the premium would be HUGE. 3 of my 4 kids are still on ABC 'assistance' so probably will keep those until they're all fully $ on their own. abc PS. It's funny, we can keep the big policies up into our 80s, but then the premiums are like $100k/year.
  9. Sure, but if you have people relying on YOUR income, then you need the coverage as dead people don't earn much.. unless you're a song writer or something and get residuals.
  10. When I was messing with my Turbo S at night in Rialto, Lidel Creek wash, we got lost and in a HUGE concrete plant.. those modern SXS, especially since mine is the 2 seater, have AMAZING clearance. Feels like a jeep on steroids climbing and going over some serious burms/hills. I probably will take a full season to figure it out... If I can only get my peeps to go to Glamis, seems like a waste to just drive SXSs... Thanks for the input/feedback. abc
  11. Always HATED... when they'd say 'dune buggy'... or 'sand car'... Eff THAT... my car.. that I sold was a EffING RACE CAR.... that's how I drove it.. that's that is is/was... I'm thinking of dumpin the RZRs and getting BACK... to TRUE.. RACE CAR DRIVING.. I don't like 'the drags'.. I like DUNING a high HP... Long Travel Race CAR... everyone bet I'd WRECK... I drove it that way ... I 'race prepped' for it... I love these little UTVs... but they'll Never... NEVER .. match the thrill of the ABC SCU .. I owned... I'll be 50 in March 0f 2022.. Thinking of ditching the RZRs and going back to... ... Racing... What say you?... I mean Eff...only live ONCE!.. I have HUNDREDS.. of in car.. out car... footage.. can't upload.. cause the files are HUGE.. I'd have to YOUTUBE them.. which makes it only worse for my addiction... I think I can go back and get back in.. everyone in the Kilin' It' Crew thought I was lame with my fire suppression, big neck collar, wrist straps both arms, etc. but I was about to go. .. next level.. after seeing dudes who wrecked their SCUs and their knees shattered...I was gonna add full goalie hockey thigh, shin and knee pads.. cause I EXPECTED to eventually CRASH.. I always liked solo driving.. just me.. full gear.. GO GO GO..... WHAT SAY YOU ?? abc
  12. Northwestern Mutual… but make no mistake… insurance companies have 2 mandates… 1. Collect premiums 2. Deny claims That’s the ‘business model.’ abc
  13. For the record I don't work for insurance companies and I actually hate them more than anything in the motherEffing world and I just believe if you get a clean policy you’re covered so tell the insurance goes he goes outside and play hide and go Eff themselves because they’re a bunch of cocksucker motherEffer pieces of chit… But at the same time you should buy insurance

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