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  1. F*$K THAT VAX!!! Nothing but lies and controversy. It lessens symptoms, pfft. PROVE IT MOFOS! The greatest Lie in the existence our species. What is funny , yeah Funny AF is how many actually believe this false information. I hope nobody you know dies because false information and lies. ABC, hope you guys are gonna be alright.
  2. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/supreme-court/supreme-court-blocks-biden-admin-s-covid-requirements-workplaces-allows-n1287435
  3. Nothing but lies, deceit and scare tactics. The Vaxxed/Dem/Libs are already so brainwashed it's sickening. I will NEVER take that vaccine. If my employer says I have to, I say see you in court. Mind you I now work remote and do not deal with the public much anymore. to Anyone who supports this BS!
  4. Just because the hitch is rated for "X" amount does not mean the DRIVE Train will handle it. 20K with a Discovery 40G? WOW!
  5. I sold them, and I say no. Unless your blue hair is coming in. LOL
  6. I have not had Covid. I have not been sick since October 2018. I do NOT live a healthy lifestyle. I smoke, I'm overweight and sure as f don't work out. I've been back to my NORMAL pre covid life since May 2020 in RETAIL meeting lots and lots of people on a daily basis. I only masked up when I had to. i.e. walk from front door of restaurant to my table type of stuff or when a customer was masked up. I did nothing about my personal hygiene. Washed my hands, coughed or sneezed away from people, you know the stuff we all learned growing as humans. It must be a god damn miracle! "Knocks on Wood"
  7. Someone else may have a headinjury if they keep flapping their jaws .
  8. Just responding to you like a normal person would do. I'm not here to read about you're drama. Why would you even start this thread? 😂

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