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  1. Just responding to you like a normal person would do. I'm not here to read about you're drama. Why would you even start this thread? 😂
  2. Stonehenge isn't a real person. Who you calling a bitch?
  3. I could tell just by the dialog who it could be. Bldrinker likes this attention, or this thread wouldn't exist. LOL
  4. How do you like it? Is it what you expected? Would you purchase another Berkshire or suggest it to a friend? Just looking for insight from an actual owner. Thanks
  5. Not much of a Jeep person although.....
  6. Go Daddy charges $99 to broker the domain name sale and 20% commission of the selling price!! I just spoke with a broker from Go Daddy LOL They seem to think the domain I was trying to buy is $8-!0K I offered $1500. They laughed. I said yeah pretty funny how someone has had a domain for almost 20 years and thinks its worth GOLD. I said well, if someone or some company really wanted it, I would think in the last 20 years it would be bought and used. I said to the broker, it's worth what someone is willing to pay. He said no it's worth a lot more!!
  7. https://www.dailywire.com/news/osha-suspends-vax-mandate-following-court-order-lawsuits LETS GO BRANDON!!
  8. Who the eff cares? Just get your toy, whatever it my be and go have fun. Just have some fun!!!
  9. San Bernadino and Riverside counties at 6.8% inflation from a year ago. The absolute HIGHEST in the Country.

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