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  1. I started going there about 2005-2006. Only about 10-20 people that went there. Someone named it the ledge back then, not to be confused with the shelf. The shelf is another place that some of used to go to watch the carnage after dinner not far from camp. OG
  2. 20 year max on loans of $50K or more. Simple Interest loan. The only difference from a house is, you can qualify and purchase a $500K house easier than a $30K RV loan. House (Real Estate) = Appreciating asset. RV = Depreciating liability or asset if the owner has title. Example = $75,000 amount financed on RV. $447 a month 240 months @ 4.99%
  3. HAHA I wouldn't doubt that for a second. I see it a lot lately.
  4. Let's not forget, those that bought during the HIGHER prices hoping to sell in a year or two. Well if the market tanks, so will the ACV Actual Cash Value of said RV. Unless your have the title to said RV, most likely will owe more than the value, keep in mind this would be in a down market. For the person waiting until said market drops to have an influx of gently used , not maintained units. Good luck, if the sellers that want out owe let's say $20K more than it's value, who's going to pay the negative? Either the buyer or the seller. It won't be all peaches and cream when the market drops. Sure there will be some deals out there but not many compared to the people that want them. I'll say it again, price is all relative . You either buy it cash or finance it, it doesn't change the value. People don't buy RV's for the RV itself, they buy RV's for what the RV can do for them. It is a lifestyle that many enjoy. When people say they can't afford it, well in the RV Finance world, I guaranty the financial banks that loan on RV's won't give you a loan unless you can afford it. Toughest loan in the world. Highest Risk = House on wheels that depreciates at lightning speed and tough to repo. Peace out ✌️ Any questions, comments or concerns? If so take it up with Chummin or MWB. 🤣
  5. Why is he still walking upright?
  6. The product I sell is Cilajet with Graphene. It comes with a 6 yr warranty. https://www.cilajet.com/ceramic-coating/graphene/
  7. Quality is the same as its been for the last 20 years I've been around in my opinion. Some are better, some are worse. My only advice that I have found to be true is the HIGHER the Price tag, the bigger list of issues. After all its a 6.0 earthquake rolling down the road. A tool box and a sense of humor is needed to be part of the RV Lifestyle. (or a large pocket book with unlimited funds) LOL
  8. BINGO. Parts will be an issue for a few years to come.
  9. You or anyone on this planet cannot guaranty to only feel like chit for 2-3 days? My reasoning for not getting it is, other than it's my own decision. My father died in my arms on March 7th 2021. 5 days after his 2nd dose. Massive cardiac arrest. So if you think I'm not paying attention, you're off a little. I will die fighting for my freedom before I submit to them.
  10. You're alive. That's what is important. I know people who have died from the vaccine. Take at your own risk. Because NOBODY will accept liability, especially if your body doesn't accept the side effects.
  11. What's the average age used by said urinals? It's either pure laziness or could be weak stream from prostate issues.
  12. Very interesting responses.

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