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  1. sounds crazy, but try adding light to the welding surface, and/or making the inside of the helmet darker (think hood). Or a pair of "cheater" reading glasses. Try changing the batteries in it also.
  2. Picture the camping area of Gordons as a baseball diamond.... Home plate is near the bridge at the entrance. First Base is along the Vendors row along the right side by the canal along the freeway. 3rd base is along the left side (going towards Glamis). 2nd is straight out from home, near the dunes.....
  3. The inert gas seal between the panes has leaked out. It's possible to refill the gas (nitrogen) after re-sealing the windows. Any glass shop can do this. It'll be a lot cheaper if you remove the window and take it in, rather than pay the hourly rate to have someone pull the window.
  4. first, try cleaning the slot that the slide valve goes into. Get a toothpick and dig out any "material" that may be in there. You may want to wrap some TP around the end of the toothpick (or whatever) you use, so you can tell if there's stuff in there.
  5. I've had Sciatica off and on for several years. Just lived with it, and it eventually would go away until the next time. Was watching TV one night, and saw an advert about some leg wrap thing with a raised pad/button that you strap on your lower leg, so the pad/button presses on the upper calf muscle. Hmmmm...... I pressed on my upper calf muscle with my thumb, and found a REAL sore spot. Hmmmm...... I crossed my legs, so that the the sore spot was sitting on the kneecap of the other leg. Kinda rolled it around until I found just the right spot, and just left it there for a couple of minutes. Sciatica gone. Back didn't hurt, butt didn't hurt, leg didn't hurt. Acupressure point, I guess. Works for me.
  6. Just wait until "Oso" takes a dump in your camp..... pick it up and drop it in their campfire!
  7. IIRC, you can shoot 7.62 military thru a .308 commercial, but not vice versa, provided the headspace measurement is correct.
  8. Just don't leave tracks back to your campsite!
  9. Not to mention the "cutting tax" they now tack on....
  10. Rusty

    I Effed Up!

    USED to have a 357, but not any more....
  11. wonder how many games of "52 pickup" were played?
  12. Rusty

    I Effed Up!

    Like the title says, I bought 45auto, but need 40S&W. Hey, the boxes were right next to each other. 100 Rds 45auto, 230gr TMJ for 100 rds of whatever ya got in 40 S&W. Straight across trade. I'll deliver in SD County. PM me.....

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