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  1. It was a good show, went Friday and Saturday. We all know the days of Extreme hanging sand rails upside down are gone and likely never to be again, but the show was big with lots of people and lots of vendors....to me it gets me in the spirit for the upcoming season! Loved the Tatum and Funco cars....always impressive, bummed not to see CBM or SCU....so many options now for SXS and accessories makes it hard to focus. Razorback had a really cool belt temp sensor with fan kit. When the sensor heats up the fan speed increases on the belt, they lit a lighter on the sensor and the amount of air this thing pushed out was very impressive!! Speed definitely had the biggest crowds all weekend, I know there was some door fitment issues and a couple ugly welds but I think overall very impressed with the design and build...these things look stout...I'll wait for the first couple thousand get delivered to make a decision, hope the best for them.
  2. My wife wants a garage model, but as others have stated, the LQ are compromised...you get a few adults in there and it's immediately crowded with limited seating. And I do not know if the garage is a benefit in regards to not having to unload when you get to camp...If it's just you and the wife then OK but if you need the beds in the garage area for kids or other adults you're unloading and the same for the bad weather....doesn't matter having the garage model if people need a bed. In the end, it all depends on your needs....
  3. The one thing I haven't read in all of these comments is the fact they pushed the vaccine for ONE major reason....to stop the Transmission......that now has been proven 100% false.....so if they were wrong about that what else are they wrong about!! They only tested for two months....seriously!! How many always say; Never buy the first year of anything....and how many bought the vaccine(s) the first day....traditional vaccines take on average 73 months to get to distribution....these got to distribution in 14 months! Also keep in mind, MRNA (Moderna / Pfizer) is a new idea/technology for vaccines and to date there has NEVER been an approved MRNA for human use.....NOT ONE!!! The J&J vaccine is a traditional vaccine....how did they shave YEARS off of traditional approvals....only one way to do that....shortcuts!! Not an anti-vaxxer....I'm anti being part of the experiment! And honestly....I see the Dems flipping eventually on all of this....the Pfizer is already proving to not meet the FDA adjusted efficacy of 50%....so whey it doesn't get FDA approval and people start flipping out.....the Dems will say it's Trump's fault...he rushed this blah blah blah!!!!
  4. Went back and relooked at it.....my bad!
  5. Fill-Rite and GPI offer lots of options for fuel transfer.....never been a fan of the alligator clips to a battery sitting above the fuel tank....sparks...BOOM! Just my thoughts.
  6. Yup...I bought a new 2019 Ram 3500 in April of 2020....have just over 8,000 miles om it....Kelly blue Book trade-in is higher than I paid and private party I'd make a killing....crazy!!

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