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  1. Back on it! Are you? I’ve gained 40 lbs in the past few years, I’m 5’8” and a few weeks ago weighed 217. As of this morning I weigh 209.5 My ex-wife passed in November, was devastating and heart breaking, specially for our daughters. I need to be....alive for them. I was thinking the other day, you rarely see an overweight senior citizen. And if you do they are in a mobility cart. Counting my calories, even my diet cherry Pepsi with a splash of Tito’s that I’m drinking right now , running..... bought some new running shoes, and doing a circuit training dvd.
  2. I think that glamis mike dude was just pissed no one was interested in the 985th item he had posted for sale here.
  3. Wow Mac, that's awesome! Hopefully things workout where you can have a relationship with him. IS the brother local? My cousins and I got contacted from twin brothers claiming to be related, they had just done DNA on Ancestry and were seeking the birth father. They were trying to find my dad thinking it was him. Long story short they turned out to be cousins to me, my cousin in Palm Springs ended up with half brothers. After we figured out all the what where when and how they didn't want much communication.
  4. Thank you. Epic weekend in LA. My wife planned out an incredible weekend for my birthday.
  5. Dad living vicariously through the kid. Also, is the dad deaf? I don’t see anyone else around, a little shorter and the kid face plants into a wall of concrete. How does dad call 911? Or ask ANYONE for help explaining what happened.
  6. 2017 Chevy Malibu Premier. Has the 2.0 T No mods, pretty much has everything I would want.
  7. 50 miles, no traffic. Coming home, some freeway slow down at first...so going home takes 10 more minutes.
  8. TD

    Life's regrets

    I regret taking the money out of my first 401k account. I was young, fresh off a divorce and had little money. Met a girl and wanted to impress her with expensive dinners out, hotel stays....s*** like that. The relationship lasted 8 months. Now as I’m pondering retirement in the next 10 to 15 years I’m kicking my own ass.
  9. Updated.....took the 1 hour drive. Thankful for satellite radio.
  10. TD

    ATC 70

    Probably meant $500
  11. Just a DIY guy for around the house I now use Dewalt and I have some harbor freight mixed in. Ryobi and Porter Cable didn’t last me very long.
  12. Nice box that just needs a hole filled..... I have their box for my RZR, I get asked about it all the time. I didn’t like the fact that it semi permanently mounts with the nuts and bolts so I used the Polaris lock and ride for it. The lid rattled, weather stripping cured that .

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