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  1. This was still smoldering on Saturday about 2:45. South East of olds.
  2. It’s no longer a “firework” when it sounds like a bomb going off in someone’s camp.
  3. I’m looking at power options for this now. Either getting a small-ish sealed gel battery and an inverter or might just try and hook the inverter up the the trailer batteries. I have a 750w inverter already.
  4. Some local cities are making them illegal...I’m sure you saw that in local news @Cookie that Temecula city council did that. Not quite sure how they will enforce it. Others cities will follow “because the owners are taking away rental houses for families”
  5. Over 28,000 confirmed with 12 in the US. And no vaccine for it.
  6. I work with guys that are from the south. Our morning morning meetings are filled with quotes or phrases I don’t understand. Instead of just saying I was cold, they say I was shaking more than a dog stuck in a briar patch. They laughed when I asked wth is a briar patch.
  7. TD

    Madden Jinx

    Was a good game, pretty good halftime show and some funny commercials. And no Kansas City is not in Kansas 🤣
  8. I’d hit it with some fine to medium steel wool.
  9. In Menifee and looks like I’ll be out presidents weekend if that works better.
  10. Yep I’m a data geek also, in fact this is the type of work I do. One was LA county and the other was Orange.
  11. It’s a little misleading. They are using the centroid (geometric center) of the state to represent the data.
  12. Data supplied by Johns Hopkins ArcGIS Operations Dashboard - CoronaVirus
  13. TD

    It’s a bit windy

    Gusts expected to be up in the 40’s tonight.

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