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  1. TD

    Life's regrets

    I regret taking the money out of my first 401k account. I was young, fresh off a divorce and had little money. Met a girl and wanted to impress her with expensive dinners out, hotel stays....s*** like that. The relationship lasted 8 months. Now as I’m pondering retirement in the next 10 to 15 years I’m kicking my own ass.
  2. Updated.....took the 1 hour drive. Thankful for satellite radio.
  3. TD

    ATC 70

    Probably meant $500
  4. Just a DIY guy for around the house I now use Dewalt and I have some harbor freight mixed in. Ryobi and Porter Cable didn’t last me very long.
  5. Nice box that just needs a hole filled..... I have their box for my RZR, I get asked about it all the time. I didn’t like the fact that it semi permanently mounts with the nuts and bolts so I used the Polaris lock and ride for it. The lid rattled, weather stripping cured that .
  6. Looks like a great project. Love stuff like this. What will the stairs be made of?
  7. I remember this 60 minutes report, still makes my blood boil. Where was the parental responsibility in all this. I got my first ATC in 1980ish and always had a helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, kidney belt. My dad said no gear on, no riding. We didn't ride doubles either. Fred Cooperstein is fat motherf***** worthless POS.
  8. In San Felipe, the weather is outstanding. Drinking a beermosa
  9. I know where you're going with this...... Sorry my opinion doesn't match yours.
  10. Ummm it's George Carlin. Pronounced Car-lin in case you haven't heard of him. I found it funny

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