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  1. OR Les Claypool from Primus.....
  2. I went Chinese knock off, I just don’t really ride at night. The Rough Country did look like a quality product and has great reviews.
  3. There was an earthquake yesterday late afternoon, the news...NBC had a hard time reporting it. Lol. I think the lady was twitching because 5 minutes went by and they didn’t update us on the corona virus situation.
  4. Just finished season 3 of Ozark. Probably start watching Tiger King.
  5. Woohoo I got my stimulus money already.
  6. Awesome. Looks like you could run a small business doing this on your property.
  7. So cliffs notes version....we should wait till 22,000 die then enact some measures because it will be justified. Thankfully the GD.com CSI disease control and prevention - world health experts aren’t in charge of the decisions being made.
  8. Shelby American. Its about Carroll Shelby, great race footage. ZZ Top documentary. Unabomber: In his own words.
  9. Awesome! I heard a boat is hanging from a powerline tower somewhere out there? Who watches the SxS’s at night?
  10. Told my boss I had a headache and felt congested. He says....stay home and work from there! Yep will do

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