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  1. Wow. Do you like it when his beard tickles your ear?
  2. TD

    Damn fires!

    I work in the area, when I saw that fire I immediately thought of your house thinking back to when you posted pics of your pool. Glad you made the out safe. Some of the video clips posted to Twitter are insane.
  3. Are you safe from the fire?
  4. A few years ago I did it myself and used Dicor rubber roof coating system. It’s a 2 step process with a cleaner/activator applied first. They also have caulking.
  5. VIP RV is literally on another level with their customer service and work. My dad (senior citizen) averages about 2 phone calls a month to Jim to ask about an RV issue or recommendation, he patiently takes the time to help and answer his question every time.
  6. Is that the primary or secondary vehicle?
  7. Was a great weekend! I went on a sweet ride to duners diner where the place was half empty. China wall at about 2 -3:00 on Saturday was a ghost town. All the dunes out that way were empty. Was perfect.
  8. Fake! I don’t see a Keystone in any pics.......
  9. Man I'm so sorry, sounds like a great man and a great dad.....and was your friend. Sorry for your loss. RIP
  10. Coordinates for the monument built out of steak? Hopefully it’s near the 🥔 one.
  11. TD

    Patio Cover

    Classic Alumawood. https://classicalumawoodcovers.com/ Family owned We used them and my parents used them, very happy with the work they did. One of the easiest purchases I ever made, we were in the backyard talking about what we wanted it felt like one of my friends sitting at the patio table. I did one fan and three lights. Wish I did two fans instead.
  12. Ugh. Hopefully they fire Roberts. Good regular season manager, playoffs he becomes a little league team manager. I was still fired up from game 4 when he didn’t keep Kenta Maeda in who was pitching lights out and pinch hit AJ Pollock who was 0 for his last 11 with 10 strike outs.
  13. According to Windy.com Glamis is at 36 knots right now with gusts up to 42. So roughly 41 mph with gusts up to 48.
  14. Sounds like you guys have some great exercises going! Running for me. Have a bad left knee, had surgery for a torn meniscus 2 years ago but so far it’s holding up ok with a knee brace. I’m 50..... Couple weeks ago I hurt my hip, went to the Dr and told him I think I hurt it stretching before my run. He says Running! You’re too heavy for that. Ummm ok I weigh 209 jackass. So anyway I was stretching and.... you’re too old to be doing any stretching exercises. I’m like Wtf. He finally decided to help me and diagnosed that I injured my piriformis muscle. So I’m just walking right now and taking an anti inflammatory. Id like to start mountain biking but I’ve had two surgeries involving my prostate, not sure I could handle sitting on a bike seat for an extended period of time. I did did find an old workout dvd that my wife had. I think they call it circuit training, that’s a great workout. Also bought a cheap weight bench from Big 5. So walking/running, circuit training and a weight bench.

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