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  1. If the insides of the sheave have ridges, groves or the roller slots are worn badly and allow the rollers cock at an angle, the rollers will hang up. No grease and no water in clutch. Get crazy and take out 2 rollers and the clutch will engage at a higher RPM for better off the line performance. Just sayin.
  2. The dems will say Trump caused it.
  3. I was going to Glamis way back in the olden days (2004) I was driving past the slather house and saw a spray painted sheet of plywood on the side of the road that said, Glamisdunes.com and I log into when I got home.
  4. I got sucked into this show and they better find something soon................................
  5. Make them smoke in the weather and improve yore productivity 20%. (they will smoke faster) Also make them exhale before re-entering into the building. If they smoke the cheap indian tobacco, hit them with Febreze. Yore saving them money and extending there life. Sorry, I spend alot of time waiting on smokers to work and not be outside every 30 minutes. Just sayin......................
  6. Turner 2 stroke pipe!!! Spent alot on money with Tom back in the day. From on the edge porting, nos and even alkeyhaul... They run the best right before they Blow.
  7. First, who the eff* is Rose Mcgowen????????????? Second, she jumped on the Weinstein wagon and dresses like this..................... Does she even realize that she is a useless woman in Iran, only good for sex and cooking. I have $1000 for a first class oneway ticket to downtown Iran. Be sure to dress this way when you show up.

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