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  1. When I was little if I walked up on my grandpa working on something with tools. He would always yell at me to go to the “thing”. I would have no idea what he wanted so I would bring a screwdriver or some other tool and he would lose his mind that I didn't know what he wanted. Lol. I miss him
  2. Congrats on the sweet ride and Don't forget to change the spin on allison filter with every oil change and don’t lose the magnet. Love my Dmax smile every time I drive it!
  3. i i think around 2011-12 my son closest to left went on to the Navy my buddy son foot on banshee went on to the Army rt after this I so miss these days sunset at the drags no destination just riding all day and night.
  4. Effin millennials…
  5. When did this become a thing? Ive been going to mother G for as long as i can remember one night looking at pics of what is sunset hill I’m guessing its the big flat hill between olds and osborne, one Saturday night i was stuck out there for several hours popped a bead waiting on a replacement around 2012-13. Watched the sun go down, wasnt romanatic or a destination just a stupid move transitioning finished my 🍺 in my chest then was on my way with a new tire. Didn't know that was a thing till i saw it on youtube last night. Been busy with life haven't been to the dunes going on 4 seasons now hoping to get a trip in this year. Just wondering not talking 💩 just a question.
  6. Cause they are all running 2WD? Pretty sure all makes are coil sprung up front.
  7. Flojo70


    No politcs here just angry as hell we were attacked. That read is tough if you are a red blooded american you cant read without tears and anger!

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