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  1. yes ,been away and just now saw the inquiry.. sorry dev
  2. still for sale....make offer...
  3. was the worst situation i have ever had to help out on... arrived 3 mins after,went to work helping out tear the cage apart and be part of the dead weight to support the jeep with winch. you know it is a bad situation when there are 15 leos on scene and the ask the civilians to step up and help....... multiple accounts by first responders had rail driver eating munchies as quick as he could post accident and drinking water.leo at scene told me there would be a blood draw when the transported driver to hospital as he was busted open also. fubar scene ....prayers to the family of rzr
  4. heres the trick maybe.....just maybe.... it is not illegal to push a vehicle is it??? just say'in.. get out or off and push the dang thing....heheheheheh
  5. Portion of check, u mean supplemental dues??they ate tax write off and account for 1.50 or 50 bucks a week on 1500 dollar take home. So who cares when making good money.... Dang.. Guns and paychecks are unrelated
  6. yet you are here in my topic bashing along with ours in a job opportunity thread while hating on those of us in unions making good wages.... sad that someone entered the apprenticeship at worst possible time in decades but dont piss on efforts for others futures.... geeze you folks are sour
  7. ATTENTION: local 12 operators union is opening apprenticeship for applications 1-22-18 to 2-7-18. opens for 2 weeks every 2 years. current starting pay with no knowledge is $27hr plus 2 dollar raise every july and every 1000 hours,full benefits after 6 months.retirement,medical,vacation,dental,death benefits.medical and dental are full (zero) pay in except for co-pay (small). journymen pay starts at 46+ visit---->> https://www.oett.net/ tell a friend...do not contact me regarding this...follow the link and apply on monday online...just passing information on for the brotherhood
  8. i love mine... wet okole...pricey but absolute perfection.... can be ordered with ccw/pistol pockets in the front of seat..i did both fronts... https://www.wetokole.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Store_Code=ASCWOH&Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=FORD&CpValue=Edge&Per_Page=1000
  9. bump...like i9s said...make offer... trailer is included at no additional cost..
  10. bought new rzr and the rhino must go https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/snw/d/2006-rhino-6700-obo/6329145686.html retrieving my flat trailer this weekend and will post pic's of it also..will be included with rhino
  11. clearing out all inventory and evaluating next moves in wholesale sales these are brand new units retail 399 ,i am clearing them out for my wholesale price plus the tax that the communist state of California requires me to collect or pay out of my pocket info and pic's of these units is here.. https://www.axon.com/products/taser-pulse

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