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  1. Here is a picture of my 76 k10. Ot has 400 sbc with a 700R4. It’s not my daily driver but it is the only truck that I still have.
  2. Ok thanks everyone 10 and 12 is where I will start. Thanks
  3. I still had the Maxxis on there when I did it but I had them all at 20 psi
  4. I just finished up adjusting on my suspension for the maiden trip to the dunes over Thanksgiving. I was just wanting some advice from people that already have a four seater set up what are they running as far as tire pressure for the Scout tracks front and rear. Wednesday can’t get here soon enough. Thanks
  5. I got a set of scat Trak paddles to use at the dunes but I am not sold on using the paddles for sure. Thanks for any input.
  6. I just bought a CanAm maverick X.3 XRS four seater with smart lock. This is my first side by side and I had a few dune questions. What do most people do in the dunes as far as 2 wheel drive versus 4 wheel drive. Are most people running around Driving mostly in 2 high . Let me know what you prefer in the dunes. Thanks. Here is a picture of it right after we bought it home.
  7. Thanks Scott. The rear of the car is definitely changed a lot. Do you have any pictures of the car from what it looked like when I bought it from you that you would be willing to post.I can’t seem to find any that are used to have.
  8. The dimensions are 94” wide in the rear. 88” in the front. 15’6” long about 66” tall. Thanks everyone for all the great compliments.
  9. - car has only been to the sand 5 times total, it was bought as a roller from a fellow board member in August of 2015 and it took me 2 years to complete. - car is located in Mesa, AZ - titled and registered in AZ - Stock LS1 with Mendeola 2D transaxle - King shocks all around dual bypass in the front and triple bypass in the rear - ProAM rear hubs with 33 Spline stub axles - ProAM front hubs with 2” hollow spindles - RCV 30 Spline 930 cv’s drilled for zerk fittings by Alper motor sports - RCV 30 Spline axles - Sandtires Unlimited 33-15 rear paddles - Sandtires Unlimited 8.50 - 15 front tires
  10. Does anybody have any info on the 8 inches width difference between the DS and Rs models as far as using it up in the mountains on forest roads and stuff. Is the RS model going to be too wide for anything like that
  11. What is the main difference between the DS and RS models for the 2019 model. The one that we looked at that I liked was the 2018 RS
  12. Thanks everyone for all your replies. I went to right now in Chandler today and looked at the different side by sides. I really liked the Can am X3.A lot more than I thought I was going to. I think I might be ready to sell the rail to get one of these
  13. I have a Sandcars unlimited little bro. Part of the reason of wanting to go to the side by side is to be able to also use it in the mountains so that is one thing the family wanted. I forgot to tell you I need four seats so that’s why The canam I am looks so good
  14. OK great these are the kinds of things I wanted to find out about. I just hope I don’t regret going from the Sandrail to the side by side
  15. I am looking to sell my LS Sandrail and get into a new side-by-side. The question I have is I am A large guy at about 6’5 and 300 pounds. Which one of the side by sides has the most interior room for a guy my size. Thanks
  16. Thanks everyone for the replies I have contacted hunter safety products and am waiting to hear back from them. The empi covers from pacific customs look like an option also. I am not considered Beard to reupholster the seats especially since rhey are in Minnesota. Does anyone have any experience with the empi seat covers from pacific customs, someone who has actually used them?
  17. I have some Beard seats in my rail that are tweed. They are starting to dry rot. I contacted beard seats to see about having them recovered and was quoted $250 each plus the shipping cost to ship them to Minnesota. The seats are suspension seats and was just looking for some alternatives whether it’s worth while to recover these at the price of 250 each plus shipping or just change them out. Does anybody have any contacts in Phoenix for recovering them for a better price. Thanks for any help
  18. Lincster how did you perform your bleeding? Did you hook up the cnc bleeder cap with 2-5 psi from the compressor pressurizing the cap all the time, then one at a time opened each bleeder. I have previously ordered the bleeder cap and also need to get this done. Thanks
  19. Thanks sandpsycho for the tip on turning the one rod around. And sandtours for the adjustment measurement I am going to see if I can't get this finished up today.
  20. I am setting up my clutch for the first time and had a couple of questions about how much play I should have before the throw out bearing touches the the clutch fingers. I have adjusted the fwd end of the slave cylinder so there are no more threads on the shaft, but I still have at least 1/2" of free play before the throw out bearing touches. I know the clutch engages because I can put the car in gear and start it normally, let out the clutch and the car moves. Any ideas on this adjustment? The first picture shows me pushing the clutch arm until the throw out bearing touches.
  21. I am installing the throttle cable that I just got from control cables. I am installing it onto my stock ls1 the problem that I am running into is that the throttle pedal is almost horizontal to the floor before the throttle body moves to the full open stop. Has anybody else run into this problem. Does the throttle body have to open to the full open stop for motor achieve full throttle. It almost seems like the ball on the end of the cable needs to be swaged on farther up on the throttle body end of the cable to shorten the throw of the cable. Thanks for any help.
  22. I have been researching the 8.1 L engine a lot and have been reading about a common low oil pressure at warm idle. Do any of you that own the 8.1 have any info to share on this, as I understand it is quite common ang not a problem at all. Any info about this? Thanks
  23. Thanks everbody for all the responses. I am still on the fence about this. This coach fits everything that want other than the miles.it is hard to find something that checks all the boxes including the price.
  24. Thanks everyone for the responses.I have been looking at a lot of motorhomes lately and this one looks better underneath than most have. I was just worried about the miles. I understand that other maintenance will be needed, and I am fine with that. I just did not want to have to rebuild the engine. The Allison transmission I am not worried about.

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