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  1. @dizzle (hasn't created gd log in yet) loved these...nice wagon.
  2. Priced too high for OfferUp buyers, plus its a smaller circle of potential buyers (locals) Not fancy enough for Str8uptoytrader (not knocking your rig, but that baller town classifieds) As already stated...Not cheap enough for the selective GD.com buyer , specially because its gas. Its a great truck, the price is not unfair either. Pay a few $ and have it listed on the online national sell sites. If your feeling froggy, list it on CL and unleash the beast, you'll get plenty of traffic further than OfferUp, etc.
  3. Easy fix, avoid Sand Dunes - Get Dirty instead The Quads yore kids have ARE fast enough....its the SAND that is the problem. They stock Kymco 90cc 4 bangers? You know "yore people" make a tone of clone Big Bore kits for cheap - cheap.
  4. Where do you have it currently listed?
  5. Knowing that yore the type of guy that will carefully move giant trees that are hundreds of years old and beautiful on yore own personal property...I know this is eating you up inside. Some perspective. This is a rental property, we all know rental properties will take a beating, this includes the outside landscaping and trees. Its part of what you factor into the business yore running...there will be losses because people can be shitty. Claim what you can from the removal of that tree, write it off. Protect yoreself from future issues or litigation if that dead tree falls and damages property or worse hurts someone. A shitty person that can poison a tree is already thinking on how to make it fall over. You know the answers already, we are just here to agree with you what a shitty person that scumbag is
  6. I already see this in Ontario, rolling down Holt Ave...SxS's lined up at every Stereo Shop too, almost looks like SXS dealerships there are so many out front.
  7. Happy to hear the HOA is addressing the concerns of their members. If anyone plans to Airbnb their spot this season...let me know
  8. Nespresso Machine, Shiatsu massage chair in captains chair, butt heaters in every chair, solar everything, geo link for your Labradoodle....you would be amazed. When I saw the Man-Bun rubber band stand in the bathroom...I was sold. Too bad my hair is gone now..
  9. Hope they didn't leave a mess/trash like last time...

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