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  1. Truth right here, find a way to get a settlement. I'm more interested in how it reached that amount...
  2. The Orange S is Patent Pending!
  3. I want to understand the Oil Return Line issue, I read that the line came off and dumped the oil. Was this a Race Car Feature or Production part / design? A good number of the Polaris Stop Rides were for exact same crap, huge cause of fires.
  4. Robby is just browsing the Alibaba online catalog and sticking his SPEED Logo on shit at this point.... What's the next product to get the orange S?
  5. I was in AOL Chat rooms, Glamisonline the ASA Board and a couple other small ones before GD.com Photosport had the most awesome pictures, you could always see your car at the drags if your car was at the drags..LOL..and Boobies. They all said GD had bad people, which was funny cause the people I didn't like in those other places were the ones pointing their fingers at GD. I joined GD cause Kevin, Rivermobster, Fireball and a couple others I met elsewhere where here, they said this place was numero uno they were right. Ups and Downs happens everywhere. My own groups have grown, died, been reborn and constantly changed since my first trip to Glamis in like the 4th grade. But here on GD, tell me there is not at least a few person (Even if you never met them in person) that you could call, email, DM or whatever and they would stop what they were doing and listen, talk, advise or literally go help you out? I may have not been in Glamis a couple years now, but the GD.com "Pen Pal" system has kept me sane while in lockup.
  6. Because nobody wants 35's on their SXS right? at the SSSS I could not believe how good some 37's look on some of the Larger SXS.
  7. Hockey Weekend, with the youngest, they went 3-0 for the weekend and 2 games being a shutout 10+ goals each. Oldest was in Lake Tahoe and they went 3-0 for the weekend. Couple goals, some assists a couple fights and time with his teammates around the lake. Fans there are CRAZY, drunk, flipping you off and spitting at you getting on/off the ice...then the drunk hockey moms hitting you up at the end...LOL...they destroyed Lake Tahoe team as well. Going to be an insane season for both teams this year and most of all our sons.
  8. I've never won a vacation from FB. I'd love to visit Zihuatanejo, Mexico...charter a little fishing boat...
  9. Killer set, I like the kit with 8 cams. WTF are they needed for then...hate that kind of response. Frustrating! I hope you never pass out in the dunes, making that joke while super damn funny will have KARMA ensure the planets are aligned for a certain person be first on the scene when you need CPR, mouth to mouth...
  10. I hope Robby and his SPEED UTV have a good showing this weekend at the NORRA 500 race...allot of people will be watching. I was watching Robby Unleashed in Glamis video just the other day on youtube, he can put a car to its limits no doubts Robby Unleashed in Glamis - click here

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