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  1. Enjoying what you've shared so far
  2. Nice, nothing like living up to the full potential of a NIGHT RIDE trip on weekend of Friday the 13th no less... Great pic, those ATC250R's is SEXY! I'd hit that Banshee too...after a few beers.
  3. Actually made it to the LA County Fair, had been a minute with COVID-19 these past few years.
  4. This thread disappoints. @SummerGirl on night ride trip....no pictures @Bansh88 on night ride trip....no ATC and Banshee on virgin sand pictures @Chummin crashed? Hope he is ok, no story.. A "plethora" of Fat Cats roaming the dunes....and NO Pictures !?!?
  5. Do we really need to know who he is if its all true? ... just ask Mark Felt.
  6. A "Cab-Over" Rack would be the least amount of fuss. You can attach the rack at home, load up your UTV on the rack and 5th wheel like normal. I don't know what type of Truck you have, hopefully a standard height dually? Setting up the rack at camp would suck. I still think this is the idea set up...cheap, safe and easy.
  7. Cool vid, that damn rear bed plastic finally broke off at 4:20 mark So folks got cryptic emails today?
  8. Airports are great people watching places. Any SO CAL Airport leaving to Vegas on a Thursday Afternoon is always fun...
  9. Congrats @cek Well done.
  10. Crusty


    Great Story, congrats to James.....well done Sir!

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