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  1. Looks like a slapptacious event, hope all had a good time. Slap loves lookin at them old school buggies. 👍❤️
  2. DOWNRIGHT SLAPPTACIOUS TRAP, A JOB WELL DONE. You is a good man to have around in sticky situations, and the Glamisdunes.com family thanks you very very much. YOU ARE A SLAPPY FAVORITE. Throw Slap a pm with your info so he can send you your DOTM sticker.
  3. If you can’t find your path, then let the ripples lead the way.
  4. Voting on two slapptacious folks. ❤️
  5. Davyjones, that one is going into the McScrappbook❤️
  6. When your soul is touched deeply, good or bad, it is hard to wipe away that which has affected you. Step back, slow your pace and slow your mind. The answers will come when you are at peace.
  7. Have a slapptacious day dbart. 🍺🤸🏼🎂
  8. Now that is a beautimous sight right there. Nice buggy and hat too. Hot damn Slappy gotta dance.
  9. The beauty of Glamis lay not with how fast you can go, or how far you can jump. The beauty of Glamis Can be seen when the sound of silence reaches out and takes hold of you.
  10. Well done Macster👍
  11. Hot darn it be time to swing the stick, and Slap knows that y’all can swing yer stick....um...uh...Anyways, it be a slapptacious time to share in Mother G’s beauty and what she has to offer. Meet with friends, take a stroll through the ripples, and GRIP IT AND RIP IT. Mr. Red will be flying high, so don’t forget to look up and salute Slaps favorite. Hey, is that Tiger guy showing up?😁😁

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