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  1. Happy Fourth of July Glamis Dunes.comers, fly old glory, cook up some burgers, watch some baseball, and play with your Dune toys, and celebrate America’s independence. Hot damn what a great day. America is beautiful.
  2. Well hot damn what a fantastic thread to read when Slap pops back into the neighborhood, It sure made Slap’s whole day SoCal, that’s a downright Slapptactious thing to say. Thank you. As a matter of fact, to make the day even better, Mrs. McDuner is NOT making dinner....YEEEHHAAAWWW. It’s an honor and pleasure to be part of this place and be part of this family; and so thankful to slaps mods and admin‘s. They are some hard-working folks and downright slap tacious people. And you know what, there be some funny folks here in the hood, there always has been. Slap loves it when folks step up and let their creative mind take over. The stranger the better...Well, not many go as deep as JD, and WOW, Slaps been their...But let’s keep that between us. Anyways, mother G is first and foremost, as well as each other, and we gonna do just fine.
  3. 😁 Slap got a feelin you doin fine Phoenix😎
  4. Well well well....What a day to be popping into the neighborhood. Another summer is on the way, and another summer of missing Mother G. That's ok, Slap's got his pumpkinlips to take care of him...nothing like her home cookin...until morning. Anyways, let's talk about YOU! HMMMM, where will Slap begin. AAHHH, let's begin with.......YOU ARE BORING. You are not bored, YOU are boring. YOU RELY ON OTHERS FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT. Why don't YOU do something about it? Why don't YOU be the excitement for others. WHY DON'T YOU SPREAD THE SMILES........THEY ARE CONTAGIOUS. YES......YOU!!! BUT......MAYBE YOU CAN'T! That's a challenge. SLAP THINKS YOU CAN! AND TO ALL OF THOSE WHO DO, WAY TO STEP UP...SLAPPY THANKS YOU!!! YOU ARE THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE THE WORLD BETTER.
  5. Slaps with ya Grease. Remove that what be makin you itchy, well done sir.
  6. Moral of the story, “Lighten up Frances”
  7. As we go through this hustle and bustle in Life, don’t forget to have some common courtesy and respect for others as we travel. Life is not all about you and your own little world. Practice some common decency, and show some consideration for others. That is the way of Slaps Neighborhood.
  8. Hot damn, that’s da most fabulous news Slap has heard in awhile. Way to go Schwinn, DOTM NO DOUBT. Throw Slap a pm with your address, and your Duner if the Month sticker will be on da way.
  9. Nicklas, congratulations. Slap can’t imagine what you went through, but we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are 2018 DOTY. So deserved. Please send Slappy a PM with your address, and jacket size. Again, thank you.
  10. The rain brings more than just wetness, it brings life to Mother G. When you visit her, you will see sprouts if life all throughout her beautiful dunes, especially in the washes. Take time to stop and look what she’s is providing for us when she takes a shower. The Dune Evening Primrose. They will be popping up all over.

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