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  1. Slappy

    Slappy Got an attitude

    Slaps with ya Grease. Remove that what be makin you itchy, well done sir.
  2. Moral of the story, “Lighten up Frances”
  3. Slappy

    A Slappy Thought

    As we go through this hustle and bustle in Life, don’t forget to have some common courtesy and respect for others as we travel. Life is not all about you and your own little world. Practice some common decency, and show some consideration for others. That is the way of Slaps Neighborhood.
  4. Slappy

    Super Bowl criticism here....

    HOT DARN THERE WAS SOME HITTING GOING ON IN THAT GAME. Slap be digging the defensive battle, them boys came to play, and let them play they did. Slap do like scoring, but some times you gotta let the D make a statement. Slap could hear the hits all da way through Mrs. McDuners Bingo game going on at da dinner table.
  5. Slappy

    2019 Sandy Golf Tournament

    Hi there y'all, Slappy here. Hot darn don't you just love this time of year. There is a chill in the air, the smell of wet sand, and blooms in our midst. SLAP BE TALKIN ABOUT MOTHER GLAMIS. YEEEHHHAAWWW....You could've mistaken it for Mrs. McDuners home cookin...but, don't repeat that, she not in a good mood right now. Anyways, The Sandy Golf Tournament is right around the corner, and Mother Glamis can't wait to see our sticks and balls, and most of all, CELEBRATE THE RETURN OF SLAPPY'S ADOPT A WASH PROGRAM. Good people doing good to keep Mother Glamis clean. OOOHHH SLAPPY GOTTA DANCE. Date: Saturday, February 23rd Where: Wash 19 1st T-time: 8 am--or when you stroll outta yo tent after a night by the fire... Entry Fee: $10.00 If you are new to the Golf Tournament, you is in for a treat. You are allowed to use 1 golf club (driver preferred), and a tennis ball. (We will have tennis balls, and clubs if you don't have your own. ) And if you get there early enough, you might get lucky enough to enjoy some of The Trapsters breakfast burritos. While supplies last... There will be a 9 hole, par 3 course set up by Slap's Staff (SandTrap, sndsamplr, Cheff---if he is awake), and even a possible Esco sighting (but Slap heard that Esco is affraid of losing another dollar to Cheff again this year). It's just like regular golf, but you are in the biggest sand bunker you has ever seen. T-off on Mother Glamis's beautimous dunes, wave hi to the Southern Pacific Railroad Trains as they roll on by, and hit your ball into the Hula-Hoop for a score. You will be doing a little bit of walking, so stretch them legs. After 9 holes, head to your adopted area, fill a small bag, or a big one, or just one piece of trash; a little something goes a long way. Come on out and join us, Mother Glamis is waiting for you.
  6. The rain brings more than just wetness, it brings life to Mother G. When you visit her, you will see sprouts if life all throughout her beautiful dunes, especially in the washes. Take time to stop and look what she’s is providing for us when she takes a shower. The Dune Evening Primrose. They will be popping up all over.
  7. This thread is going into the McScrappbook. Downright slapptacious info, this is what Slap loves about GD.com folks.
  8. Slappy


    Bringin back some good Christmas cheer. Slap wishes who da heck wrote that story, cuz it says guest, and he be a big winner that long ago Christmas story. What an adventure he has. YEEEHAAAWW, SLAPPY BE FEELIN DA CHRISTMAS SPIRIT...SANTA BE COMING SOON.
  9. Hot damn folks, here comes Slappy’s Adopt-A-Wash 2.0. Well, Slap would love to tell you that it has all the new bells and whistles, glitter, and fancy pancy dance with Nancy presentation………………………….but it is not. It is good ol fashioned get your hands dirty to keep our Mother Glamis clean. Yes, she has gotten a bit ugly these last few years or so, but it is not her fault, it is OURS. She provides us with best platform in the world so we can pursue peace and excitement that all of us duners crave, and she does it in so many wondrous ways. So why did we let her get so ugly? Because we started taking for granted the belief that everybody who regulates on her has the common decency to clean up after themselves. Our open eyes of the past have become extremely shallow, centered, and narrow. It’s not about US, it never has been. This actually reminds Slap of a little wake up call he had the other day. Now pay attention……..Slap was in the garage working on the McSlappmachine, and it was a mess; tools everywhere, floor splattered with oil, piston rings missing, casing split, “where’s the 12mm”?, “Is that fork seal blown?” DAMN!!!! Slap was moving way too fast, way too tense, and trying to get everything done all at once. Well, as Slap was on the gas, he didn’t notice his sweet little old neighbor, Gwendilynn Bond, slowly walking up the driveway. Mrs. Bond is the sweetest 91-year-old lady on da planet, and she needed some attention. “Hi Slappy” she said in a slow scratchy whisper”. “Oh, hi Gwendilynn, have you seen Slap’s 12mm socket?” Slap said as he slipped past her towards the rims and tires. “Well…..Slappy….um….I…..don’t” she said as Slap slipped past her again without even hearing a word. Then all of a sudden it hit Slap, “What are you doing? STOP, TURN AROUND, MRS. BOND NEEDS YOUR ATTENTION.” Right at that moment, Slap took a deep breath, held Gwendilynns hand, and said, “How are you doing today you beautiful lady?” Slap looked into her eyes, and she began to slowly talk. It turns out that she has been very sad lately. “Why?” Slappy asked with concern. Well, she had lost her dearly beloved husband, Mr. Bond, a couple years ago, and Slappy didn’t even know. It seemed like only yesterday that Mr. Bond strolled up to the Slapphouse with a freshly baked apple pie straight from the oven. Yeah, it seemed like only yesterday, only yesterday. They had been together for 67 years, and never did a day go by that they weren’t together. She told Slap stories of their time together as Canadian spies, based in the Andes, disrupting the illegal sugar cane shipments heading to Hong Kong. She told story after story. We talked for hours, and we cried together. She told Slap that she has been trying to talk to people, but no one would listen, no one cared to help, life was moving too fast, and she had slowed down. She has a life story, and she looked so beautiful telling it. She came to Slap in hopes that he would listen, in hopes that he would help. Sound familiar? Mother Glamis is trying to talk to us, and we aren’t listening. She needs US right now. She has a story, and that story needs our attention. Why? Because it isn’t a pretty one; she is dirty, and she feels ugly, and she has come for our help. She needs a new story, and we are going to help tell it. The Adopt A Wash Program is simple! All you have to do is pick an area in Glamis that you want to keep clean, and adopt that area. The more people adopting that area, the better. For many folks, it is their camping spot. What this means is that you are responsible to keep that area clean, and this includes cleaning up after your neighbor. If your neighbor leaves, head over to that vacated spot and make sure it is spotless, all the way down to the last cigarette butt. If you are feeling spunky, jump on that fire pit with rakes and magnets. There is glass, metal, and trash all over Mother G, and we need to throw on our gloves and get a little dirty. Mr. Red Tail, Ms. Fringe Toed, Mr. Sidewinder, and Ms. Primrose all need our help, and they are counting on us. Mother G knows we can throw a party, but it is our responsibility to clean up after. BTW, this party is a BYOB, Bring Your Own Bag. It is our responsibility to pick up that aluminum can that we passed on our ride. Don’t look away, or think that someone else will get it. It is up to us. And yes, there are good folks that have been doing the work all along, and we thank you. But, our numbers are outweighed by the Glamis wave of the uneducated, and we are here to educate. Talk to your neighbor, spread the work for a clean Mother Glamis, and feel free to ask for help. Below you will find topics with most all the areas you can adopt, from wash 1 to Roadrunner. Pick the area and reply in that topic; your name is sealed to that area. If your area isn’t on the list, let us know. Feel free to communicate in your adopted thread. The more people adopting a specific area, the prettier that area can be. Slap’s gonna be serious for a second. Now, Slappy ain’t telling you to go all gung ho. You don’t have to do much, just at least do a little. If everybody is doing a little, in the end it’s a lot. HOT DAMN SLAPPY WANNA DANCE. It is a long, big dune that we are to travel, and that dune may never end. SLAP ARMY, LET'S ENJOY THE RIDE!
  10. Slappy

    A Slappy Thought

    Life has a way of throwing things at you, and most of the time you are not prepared. Think ahead for all the things that MAY happen on your journey, and you just might be ready to handle that unsuspecting event. Bottom line: Be prepared, for it can happen in a split second.

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