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  1. When you think you are all of that, and are too big for your britches, it just takes someone to slap you upside your head to tell you that you aren’t that important, and the world does not revolve around you. The world will go on without you even if you think you are king of the world. It just takes a backhand (or torque wrench) every once in a while to bring you to your senses.
  2. And Crustification, very good explanations linear, straight length, Train sound as it creeps...train going by SLAP IS DOWNRIGHT PROUD...
  3. HOT DARN BANSH, YOU NAILED IT...Slap thought this one would go a tad longer, but it looks like the brain cells are strong and active with y’all. Well done BANSH... BOARDMANVILLE Slap will contact you to send you your Slappy Package...Well done, and thanks y’all for playin.
  4. It’s been a little while, let’s hope your brain cells have not turned into mush. There be a Slappy package up for grabs to whomever gets the correct answer to the riddle. And if you put your answer up there, explain why that is the answer you came up with. One answer please, Slap don’t want a carpet bombing of answers, hoping that one hits da target... Let’s get sappy, start thinking with Slappy, time for a twist, so riddle me this “ in the summer sun, I am alone all the time, yet redeemed when gone is the heat. I see Mr. Red, he soars up above, and Ms. scorpion down at my feet... I sit idly by, under the quiet of the sky, yet the sound of linear length it will creep. But Gandolf and staff, Balrog you are, Roman chariots and the ruts is why we can’t meet. What am I?
  5. HOT DARN, WELL DONE ITSWEEKS. Thank you for doing what you do, the Glamis community thanks you. Throw Slappy a PM with your address and your official DOTM package will be on the way.
  6. Have a slapptacious Merry Christmas GD.comers. May your day be filled with egg nog and family, a little extra on the nog. MERRY CHRISTMAS
  7. This time of year can bring happiness, but it can also bring sadness. It could be something personal, maybe between you and someone else. Whether you are in the right, or the wrong, be the person who steps up to try and make things right. Even though you might not get the result or answer you are looking for, at least you made the attempt, and because of that, you were the better person.
  8. Hot damn, all you gots to do is look at da name on the back of da shirt....THE TRAPSTER. A SLAPPY FAVORITE NO DOUBT. Well done Trap, and thank you for all you do for us, it is very appreciated...throw Slap a PM with yo address, and your DOTM sticker will be on da way.
  9. If you are headed out to Mother G, have a great time, look out for each other, and be careful. Say hi to Mr. Red for Slap.
  10. As the holiday season approaches, don’t forget that family means everything. WAIT.... The last time we had Thanksgiving at the Slap house, Slaps Uncle Splif put TURBO LAX in the gravy, and when we played twister two hours later, it was an ugly scene. So, Slap highly recommends that you double check them ingredients and what the in-laws bring over. Cuz if you plan a game of Twister with Grandma McSnazzle, you don’t want what happened to Slap happen to you. We still having trouble with da smell...
  11. That is downright Slapptacious Scat. Sure hope you got to say hi to Mr. Red, because that would’ve made his day if he got a chance to see you. ❤️❤️
  12. HHot darn Slap LOVES all the Halloween stuff, it smells like dune season.....OOOHHH SLAPPY GOTTA DANCE. Mrs. McDuner says dat Halloween is special, cuz that be “The night he came home”...Slap really don’t know what that means, but Slap thinks it has something to do with Slap’s uncle, Uncle McMyers. He scares da crap outta Slap, doesn’t say a helluva lot, and just walks around in da shadows all Halloween night. Slap thinks he gots some mental issues. But hey, who don’t. Slap will just steer clear of uncle McMyers.
  13. Thinking strange thoughts, doing strange things... and then played a wicked game of kickball, followed by one handed wheelies on the McSlappmachine.

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