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  1. That is downright Slapptacious Scat. Sure hope you got to say hi to Mr. Red, because that would’ve made his day if he got a chance to see you. ❤️❤️
  2. HHot darn Slap LOVES all the Halloween stuff, it smells like dune season.....OOOHHH SLAPPY GOTTA DANCE. Mrs. McDuner says dat Halloween is special, cuz that be “The night he came home”...Slap really don’t know what that means, but Slap thinks it has something to do with Slap’s uncle, Uncle McMyers. He scares da crap outta Slap, doesn’t say a helluva lot, and just walks around in da shadows all Halloween night. Slap thinks he gots some mental issues. But hey, who don’t. Slap will just steer clear of uncle McMyers.
  3. Thinking strange thoughts, doing strange things... and then played a wicked game of kickball, followed by one handed wheelies on the McSlappmachine.
  4. Don’t forget Sean, Slap’s got your DOTM package ready for ya. 👍😁
  5. Fantastic job Sean@weddle, a title well deserved. Throw Slappy a pm with yo address and your official DOTM sticker will be on the way. 👍
  6. Hot damn, love that dbart.
  8. Well done matt86, you is a good man. Throw Slap a PM with your address and your DOTM sticker will be on da way.
  9. With the Dune season coming close, the heat is up, and so many things on the to do list, don’t forget The most important thing during times of stress and confusion..... . . . SLEEP!
  10. That is downright well said Poule,

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