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  1. "Finally a solution that replaces the problematic factory fuel filter housing that has a plastic cap known to seize and break." They also make billet filter housing caps to replace the factory plastic, if that's a concern. Otherwise, do you really think the aftermarket guy with a chunk of billet looking to make $$ is building a better filtration system than Cummins? Leave it alone and drive it.
  2. By the looks of it, the rear tires were still spinning/digging when it stopped.
  3. Ha, I had those same silver wheels on my '84 Audi 4000S. A lot of VW/Audi/Porsche crossover on parts.
  4. A couple observations from the current owner's pics. Old school beam sandrail, stock RZR and travel trailer. Where's the FUNCO, pimped out RZR & toterhome w/ stacker or at least a toy hauler.
  5. I've been looking at Air-Lift kits for my truck (2016 2500 RAM). This'll be my first, any tips or insight? Thanks!!
  6. What's the name/location of the local shop? TIA.

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