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  1. Interesting...... http://www.ijreview.com/2014/08/169517-rep...ure-eye-socket/
  2. Good riddance you arrogant A-hole!!!! Nice little FU to all of us law abiding gun owners!!!
  3. Keep forgetting we now have a gun section
  4. Ohhh the irony, this Libertard has been trying to pass the worst gun control laws here.... and then find out he has been dealing firearms illegally himself!!!!! http://www.cbsnews.com/news/california-sta...n-federal-raid/
  5. Interesting idea.... Reboot Buggy
  6. I am ready to start planning out my BBQ island and was looking for some advice. I plumbed in water, drain, electrical in and out, and a gas line. I have about 10' on one leg and 12' on the other one. So I was thinking a BBQ, sink, 3 cabinets ( 2 on the 12' leg and 1 double door on the 10' side), not sure I would need a frig since the kitchen is close. Would like a smoker but can't find any "built in" style ones. Since I have a bit of room so what else should I add? Pics would help!!
  7. The new affordable car act of 2014 http://freepatriot.org/2013/11/18/the-affo...ar-act-of-2014/
  8. Keep the ideas coming!! I am definitely interested in a gas AND smoker/charcoal grill, so it is looking like they will be 2 separate units next to each other.
  9. I am building a BBQ area and would like to have a gas and charcoal grill.... do they make a gas/charcoal grill in one? or would I have to get a gas and charcoal grill? Any pics or ideas? thanks
  10. "How are people passing the brake part of inspection ? I believe a mechanical emergency brake is required. A hydraulic line lock does not fly" I passed the inspection with a Jamar hydraulic parking brake.... that counted as a e-brake
  11. Here we are in June Lake.... the trail to Mammoth from June Lake is a great Jeep run
  12. You just can't make this stuff up..... http://www.10news.com/news/u-s-world/stray...thanized-073113
  13. I saw this on TV this morning.... please help embed this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCGfgnU18yk
  14. I am looking to build a Jeep for just "general" off roading, no rock crawling. I am interested in being street legal but after making my buggy street legal I don't think this Jeep will be a problem
  15. I am selling my buggy, in the buy/sell section and see photo below, and looking to get a Jeep. I will be redoing the suspension, installing a 5.3L V8 and tranny, and axles so high miles don't really matter to me. Given that is there any years that are better than others? Not interested in anything older than 2004. Any advice will help. Thanks

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