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  1. Anyway long story short, shop I bought it from (owners truck) said truck was good even sat in their shop while they went thru it before I bought it. It ran great and really strong till I got to the pass it's now sputtering and running real ruff now. After a Walmart vacation in the parking lot, thinking about renting a car heading into Vegas and coming back for it.
  2. LOL yes it is, but it will not fit thru their shop door to work to work on it. They just happened to be next door to the place I picked it from also.
  3. Found this down in Long beach for a good price. Basic stuff checked out good, tires, tranny, and engine. But it has a well I would say it is about a 20' paint job and really bad bondo work. I can live with the color maybe add some accents it. I bought this as a project. I am up in Vegas but visit and work in So Cal often. Looking for body shop that can do good work at a good price. Doors and fenders need to be lined up and has some small dents Then an interior shop to redo the interior. Not a show car but desert tow vehicle.
  4. Wow, not good. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=23e_1476594043
  5. Home Depot RV mattress, http://www.homedepot.com/s/rv%20mattress?NCNI-5
  6. Insurance is good thing. I got lucky and recovered my stolen trailer. Found out it was covered only if it was attached to the truck. Which was only 60 feet away from it parked.
  7. Very Sad to hear this. R.I.P. and peace to all the family members left behind.
  8. Thanks, great thread! Love the real world advice on this. Was wondering about what to replace my stolen Tahoe with and had been looking at different Excursions from Cali. Was wondering why some of the diesels where selling for of kind low prices. The Excursion would be a second tow only vehicle and mountain bike trips kind of thing. Found a lot of nice lifted V-10's with low miles.
  9. I will let a retired stagehand I know about Costco. Wonder if Sam's does too? So cool that you guys would address this here. I have been in the entertainment industry for almost 40 years. Yes I started when I was a teenager in theater. Done studio stuff to live sound mixing for churches, bands, and corporate gigs. I used to freelance for a large touring audio company years ago here in Las Vegas. Major stars are now almost deaf due to some of the deafening sound levels on stage from there on stage monitors. I remember doing gigs where we would be wearing full ear muffs it was so loud on stage. This was before the days of the In Ear monitors they use now. You know even smoking aggravates the effects of Tinnitus (ringing) I ended up getting out of live concert sound because knowing my ears where taking a beating. I now wear ear plugs at most concerts. Who cares if it looks funny I have my hearing to protect! I use ear protection when using air tools and tuning the quads.
  10. Not looking good at all R.I.P. Not good when good weekend goes bad. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-36...sh-Georgia.html
  11. Have a chance to pick up one these for under 500.00. Would this work for a 13,500 BTU with a hard start kit? Replacing the one that was stolen when they stole and striped my toy hauler and truck. Also have 1000 watt microwave. Should be back to the dunes by the summer.
  12. Document any and all monies spent from the time you are separated. Any money given to her while you are still legally married no matter what your intentions are, is considered a gift. As every one has said get council quick, from experience. Even if you still care for her hire the toughest nastiest lawyer you can afford. Men are shown little respect in court especial if kids are involved.
  13. http://checkmelol.com/isis-terrorist-gets-...-records-video/. Kind of late for the crying at this point.
  14. Drove to Baker from Vegas and played for friends and my mom. She got the Powerball number and the one other number. thanks I think it covered gas lol. Oh well got to be in it to win it!
  15. I'm not even in a building trade but we do meeting support for a major building trade union based here in Las Vegas. That is there major thing they are talking no young ones stepping up to fill the skilled trades and very well paying positions. They have almost a million square foot training facility ready to train them. My industry and union has seen the same thing. Training the younger generation "To get a clue and we will pay You!!!"

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