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    2007 Elite Offroad Performance Lonestar trx250r
  1. Here is mine, but cant see the hood or roof, which has a nice racing stripe scheme
  2. Go with Elite Offroad Performance, the car is amazing! I dont know if you have ever seen mine, but those guys know what they are doing, its so well designed. They also have a smaller, shorter wheelbase car coming out that will be all over Funco's handiling ability and lightweight. I went big and top end on everything and Im really happy with it. My buddy just built one with a Twin Turbo 5.3 from Turnkey and a brand new S4 with all the upgraded parts and its badass. The budget wasnt too bad either. Go Elite Offroad Performance, Dario and Mitch 562 802 1060. Its like the Ferrari of sandcars. I wiill post pics soon
  3. Thanks and yes it is more then I expected, very stoked! I duned hard, jumped, wheelied and was going 120 mph over some whoops along gecko! 120 mph with no windsheild?? You have nads the size of bowling balls. I LOVE the color combo, it is different and looks awesome! The wind was pulling my face back, pretty crazy. I actually only saw 112.5 mph on the gps but I went faster then that (wasnt looking at the gps) so 120 is a safe estimate.
  4. meelo

    Hood Scoops

    Heres mine. Elite Offroad Performance
  5. Thanks and yes it is more then I expected, very stoked! I duned hard, jumped, wheelied and was going 120 mph over some whoops along gecko!
  6. It weighs around 2,600 pounds (I will take it to a scale soon), I was really nervous about the weight, because I didnt know what to expect coming from a lightweight Subaru pwered car, but it was fine I didnt even notice the extra weight. It handles so well and the center of gravity is perfect. I am really stoked on this car!!
  7. Dude, thank you so much! You saved my new motor. I owe you bigtime.
  8. My new car was finally finished last Friday and was out in Glamis this past weekend. It surpassed my expectations and I am a verry happy camper! My dream car has arrived. 2006/2007 Elite Offroad Performance, full body (no windshield), leather seats, gps, hids- etc. Redline Performance Twin Turbo LS 2, fully built 680 hp to the whhels at high boost/ 590 low boost Albins 5 speed Sequential Big thanks to Mitch and Dario at Elite Big thanks to Mike Porter at Redline
  9. meelo

    New S4d

    I would just go with an Albins
  10. Rhino Craft or Lone Star, whatever you get make sure to get Elka shocks. RhinoCraft has great customer service, they even worked on my LoneStar Rhino.
  11. I sold my 1999 Sand Cars Unlimited with a mendeola 2d and a fully built outback subaru 2.5 for 33k, it had 18 inches of travell too, just be patient and keep looking
  12. Uh Im Mexican and I own a buggy, 2 rhinos, a quad and a Weekend Warrior, does this mean I stole them????? Dont be so !!!!!!
  13. Im helping my buddy build his car, we are having problems deciding on what to go with, here are the options: Redline Performance, Ls 2 550 package with cams, headstuds and valvetrain Turnkeys Twin Turbo 5.3 which will be fully built with pistons, rods, headstuds, etc. Outbacks, turbo 6 cylinder stock motor running 8 pounds of boost Turnkeys stock LS 7 (this is a little outside his budget) The car is going to be a new model Fro m Elite Offroad Performance (Mitch/Dario), its a new smaller model of there current car, and would weigh probably 2100 with a V 8. He will be running a S4 Mendi with upgraded ring & pinnon I personally vote for the twin 5.3, for the money it seems like the best deal and I like turbo motors. I would go with Outback on this but he cant afford the built version with pistons, rods, etc. Hes an avid duner, but loves shooting the hill and drags. He is a pretty skilled driver and will only get better.

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