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  1. Shock Therapy was $2100 when I did my car. Springs and valving. IIRC Tom was more money and shipping would have been required. I really wanted to send him my shocks but was not worth the extra money. At least to me.
  2. Boost level does not matter. Great explanation HERE from Rockwood. But your computer does need a pulse width modulation output to run it.
  3. In the long run you will be better off to put in larger injectors and build a fuel system with PTFE fuel lines. How much is race gas right now compared to ethanol based pump gas? Think about the cost long term and what you are paying each trip. Plus the hassle to go buy it. Ethanol is magic in boosted motors due to its cooling effect.
  4. Also are you going to run a boost controller vs just spring on the wastegate. A simple controller works very well and they are cheap. Not sure if the AEM has a pwm output to run it.
  5. Nice. Any thoughts to run an ethanol based fuel like E85 or E54 depending on where you are? You can safely make more power. 10 psi on mixed pump and race will put you at at the ragged edge. Tuner will have to be very careful with timing. For the cost of even 1/2 race gas ethanol would be a better way to go. At least my .02
  6. Oh dang, Thought you were gone until September.
  7. This was Buff earlier ............................
  8. He can be obnoxious but still entertaining to me. First vid I found so far but looks like there are some more Beer walk vids.
  9. I would pull the wheels and start doing some measuring. Check the wheel bearings as well.
  10. Guessing my car weighs 2300 to 2400 pounds.. Each back corner will be heavier than 650.

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