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  1. So name some other products in the US that have had this much hype and for so long before customers get their hands on it.
  2. Oh and my gut tells me 373 gears in the level 4 rear diff from RPM.
  3. Those big 355 rear tires are 27.5 in tall. Fatties. Here is the mark for those at this ride height. I'm thinking it will look pretty awesome. Stock fender only sits an inch and a half higher than that Mark. I am a little worried about being able to pull that wheel and tire off and on. Even jacking the truck up it's only going to droop so much.
  4. Front tires are 25 inches tall. At this ride height the black mark would be the top of the tire. Just eyeballing it looks like with a 3-in taller well I would have 6 in of clearance for the wheel to travel. I'm guessing that will be enough but will have to measure it.
  5. Shield where the air comes in through the grill and the original radiator. I might still use this space and build a low dog house. Then lay the radiator down in this area so air can get to it from the front.
  6. Tire height in front is 25 in. I will have to figure out how much articulation the C5 suspension has. Right now the truck is sitting at 8 and 1/2 in from the ground and I was shooting for seven. Although this wouldn't look too bad the way it sits. Also in my Apex Wheels I found a 19x12 1/2 for the rear. Kumho makes a 355/30R19. 14 in wide tire.
  7. The guy that built the corvair truck had 3-in tall fender Wells and I'm thinking I can get away with the same. Don't really care about setting the thing clear on the ground. More about ride height and having clearance. Using that 3 inch number and placing the seat I have about three and a half inches head clearance at the roof. I am good with that for Street driving. If I was to put a helmet on and road race this thing I could put a gurney bubble on the roof. Wouldn't hesitate. Front glass my line of sight is about 5 in below the top edge. Side Glass about 3 in down. Partially blocked from the b pillar but not bad. I think I'm going to move the seat and steering column inboard two to four inches. Just to have a little more room away from the door and to build the roll cage.
  8. Got to looking at the Corvette today and that cabin is pretty small. 43 in from the floor to the roof. And if I remove the sliders and bolt directly 41 in would give me the same amount of room. 24 inches from the edge of the seat forward to the floorboard where the pedals go. I have a feeling I don't have that in the truck. There is room to go back but then the b-pillar would block your view looking out to the side. This will be interesting. For sure the steering shaft would be a complete different configuration then stock. And it would need two of the 90° steering gear boxes. Still trying to just make two seats working here. Don't necessarily love the stock ZO6 seats but there is a lot of aftermarket stuff that bolts in the same way.
  9. Instead of wood for the bed I am thinking metal sheet with dimple die holes. Then you could see the C5 running gear underneath. I like the look and will probably integrate a fair amount of dimple die throughout the truck.
  10. Oh and what do they mean no valve control servo? Not sure what that is.
  11. If I ended up with a center steer setup, wondering if I could incorporate a center steer rack like this Fortin. In a sandrail do these setups normally work out of the box with an LS style PS pump? Seems like an easy deal since so many buggies run this package. I know on the Funco and my Nissan VQ series pump I had to have Lees change the pressures for the Funco rack. Still would need the 90 degree V dog or Nissan adapter to make something like this work. Not sure how this would compare to a street car rack. I guess at some point I can throw my z06 up on the rack and measure how much travel it has.
  12. Just made a deal to buy 3 Can Am X3 seats for $125. Easy to sell and get my money back. Pick them up on Tuesday. Seller sent me this so they are similar in size to other seats I am looking at. Then I can see what it looks like. Who knows I might just run these in the truck. Price is certainly right for a ratty. A while back I actually thought about adapting the steering and running the Can Am x3 steering wheel. No rules is fun. 3 seats is becoming more appealing so I could put both my grandsons in the truck at the same time.

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