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  1. I have sold a lot of property in the Rio Verde / North Scottsdale area. A little more rural with one plus acre lots but not quite the price tag being closer in Scottsdale. That area is very close to Fountain Hills. McDowell mountain regional Park which is 21,000 acres borders Fountain hills to the West and Rio Verde area to the South. Hiking biking and horseback only in that Park but beautiful. Desert hills is a little bit closer into town although North Phoenix and rural as well. A lot more shopping closer to that area. But still desert hills you don't feel like you have 4.6 million people next door which you do in a lot of other areas. Both areas are great for the setup you mentioned. I have sold several homes in the last couple years with 2,000 give or take square foot garages in those areas. Certainly homes come up that fit that bill. Also some new builders that build with RV garages. One of my builders I work with is excellent and can build a full custom if you wanted to go that route. He is buried though right now probably at least a year and a half out before he would look at any new projects.
  2. We spend a lot of time up here during the summer. The house is on 3.5 acres and we love it. The fire station is just a short walk down the road from tall pines estates. We walk by it quite often doing walks out in the woods. I like to store my motorhome up here and get it away from the Phoenix heat. Taking a full week break right now up here away from the Corvette project. To be honest I still don't want to go back and work on it. Plenty of other projects up here though to keep busy. I guess I'm just not made to sit around and do nothing.
  3. It is in the middle of coconino county forest. 7,000 FT elevation. Lots of Old logging roads out in the woods. You normally don't see many accidents. Other than people usually being stupid and drinking. It does get busy up here on the holiday weekends but people spread way out into the woods.
  4. This sign has been sitting in front of the firehouse at Mormon lake all summer. Looks like a bad day.
  5. The original thread when all this started sure was fun...........
  6. Used to love watching the Olympics. It is very sad to see what has happened. Think I read only 16 million viewers now. Sad state of affairs. I would bet 90+ percent of our athletes are good Americans that don't spew their beliefs simply because they think they have the platform to do it. Think about how hard these men and women work to even get there to compete. My cousin who is the same age as me used to run 10 miles twice a day when training. He ran a 4:11 mile. Was 4 seconds off the Olympic trials cut off time for the steeplechase. It is no joke to get to that level. It sure ruined it when they brought in professional athletes. Like said before when the USA won gold in men's Hockey in 1980 it was incredible. Miracle on ice aptly said.
  7. Playing on the dyno to start programming the trans. (Very light load) Seems like the file is corrupted and the lock up converter is not wanting to cooperate. Email sent out to the computer people. I have pretty much hit a wall with this car. Piece of burnt toast. I am done. Don't even want to look at it. Today pulling into Costco I got pulled over and given a ticket for registration expired by 3 months on my truck. Never even knew it. I normally would never let something like this happen. My life is so strung out from trying to run my business and build this car for the last 10 months. Really don't care right now.
  8. What do you like that does not let the sand stick and grind the chain? Chain lube? Chain wax? Graphite? Do nothing? I now have two short chains to take care of. They are O-ring chains.
  9. Finally after all those hours we got to go drive the car today. Put probably 30 miles on it. Drove up Central Ave under the trees with the clouds. This thing is absolutely awesome. Love the chassis. Gave it a nice wash job and she is purdy. when you are doing 40 the speedo reads about 140. LOL now we get to start tweaking and adjusting things. even when you leave it in first gear it still wants to shift into second since the computer is sensing the higher speeds. It barks the tires hard when it shifts from first to second even under light throttle. This thing will be fun when we can start hammering on it.
  10. I am still up in the air on what color to paint this bezel. Thinking misty root beer might be a nice contrast vs yellow. Any opinions on this? Still need to sand and polish smooth before paint.
  11. We had bought a nice vintage mag wheel for the spare but it is way to wide. Have a factory C1 Corvette wheel and just need to find a narrower tire than this to fit. We have not talked about a jack yet. Might have to get creative.
  12. The best grill we have is pretty nice but not perfect. A new grill is stupid expensive. Thinking powdercoating could damage it from the heat. These things are fragile. We are going to primer and spray it with Misty root beer.

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