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  1. I had the same issue on my Buggyworks the arms were made for 930 and I had 934 it was really tight in there and the screw of the clamp wouldn’t clear so I ran the flanges to bring the boot out outside of the arm tube.
  2. The Raptor is a far more superior bike lighter, better suspension, faster. It’s more of a “race” quad compared to the Honda. The Honda still has a lot of grunt though.
  3. My 8 year old is on a Honda 250 but he can also ride my 13 year olds Raptor 250. I got him the Honda because he’s not totally comfortable with full clutch yet but It’ll only be for maybe a couple years tops before my 13 year old moves up to a 450 and he’ll get the Raptor. 13 year old left 8 year old on the right.
  4. Run a smaller boot flange and of course new boots to get a hose clamp on there.
  5. I’ve always had plans of upgrading the trans on my car since I bought it but had the idea of doing a S4 but I’m leaning towards the Weddle HV2. I’ve heard you can use the same shifter (I have the Pro Am) with some mods. The hp/tq rating is 550 if I ever build a new motor it’ll be in that range. So who’s done it? Let’s hear some real world experience!
  6. cali kid

    Pbs s4

    This^^^^ I bought a set of wheels from the owner last year.
  7. Pics do look deceiving. I was thinking the issue was in the trans my mistake like mentioned glad everything came out ok.
  8. I’ve owned 3 cars all with 2d 400-500 hp never any issues. My current car is a 3300 lb dual sport 450 hp ls1 I drive it accordingly never abuse it. I will be upgrading to a S4 only because I’ll be upping the hp.
  9. Time to upgrade those upper arms.
  10. I wouldn’t even call that a bowl. A 4wd truck (maybe two) aired down low with the axle removed on the side bearing was seized would’ve done it. Our group will leave no one behind especially to sleep over night in their buggy. Glad to hear you got back safe.
  11. Yup. Lots of tire kickers.

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