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  1. I got my class A at 18 years old and lost track of miles since then.
  2. I meant the 7” screen. I will stick with the HDS but go with the 7. The older I get the worse my vision gets! Lol.
  3. Let me know how you like it I want to upgrade my HD5 eventually.
  4. This and it matches my seats finish’s off the interior nice and zero rattles but than again I wear headsets.
  5. But yet white people still hire them to do hard labor, babysit their kids, clean their houses, mow their yard, trim their trees, pour concrete, and build walls!
  6. What motor and trans are you running? This will determine what paddle will be recommended. Personally I wouldn’t run Xtreme’s. They call them 35” because they measure from tip to tip of paddle. A 33” STU Sand Blaster is a 33” carcass and measure about 35” tip to tip. The 33” Blaster Pro’s have taller scoops like on the 17” Sand Masters paddles. So like the 33” Blaster Pro #1 cut is the same height as a regular 33” Blaster #2. STU started making the Pros when guys were stepping up their hp and trans instead of buying new wheels and tires to go to 17” Sand Masters all they had to do was get new tires.
  7. I know a couple guys that cut off their leading edge front end off to do a center pivot conversion. Maybe a co-weenkie dink there’s two for sale at the same time.
  8. https://classifieds.race-dezert.com/FOR_SALE:Pullrite-24k-Superglide-ISR-Series-5th-wheel-hitch-155241
  9. Probably one of the nicest busa chassis car I’ve seen. Looks like a mini Desert Dynamics. Good job 👏🏼
  10. I had a 2015 xp 1000 zero issues went anywhere with paddles no problem keeping up with turbos. 2015 up has the air vent for belt and different clutching.
  11. Felt pretty good in Blythe Hidden Valley

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