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  1. If you’re riding in Baja don’t trust a fart. So I would pack baby wipes.
  2. I bought a brand new 2015 Genesis 40cr in October of 2014 knock on wood it has never been to the dealer or factory for warranty work.
  3. Co worker just bought one $23k otd with extended warranty at Del Amo.
  4. With 35” tires I would do 4.30 if you plan on driving it on the freeway.
  5. This car is worth more than 30k. Glwts!
  6. I was parked next to him one evening over New Years at Sunset Ledge car looks amazing.
  7. I would cycle the suspension (without springs) and check for binding. Dave is known for effing up suspension cycle and geometry especially on the torsion tube when it comes to the trailing arm travel. Just saying.
  8. My dead pedal on my DD car.
  9. I will also be out there and can get them back to West Covina.
  10. Found a pic of mine with my 8 year old on it probably 1 1/2 years old than.
  11. I miss my ‘88 R I had a 310 ESR built by John from Sand Toyz Unlimited with a trx5 pipe. Perfect duner.
  12. Do yourself a favor and get a set of Skats Gliders on Douglas wheels.
  13. This is my sons old quad great bike never any issues! For clarification it’s a ‘86 glwts!

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