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  1. Dakar rally last year was insane going through there.
  2. This^^^ and also he doesn’t have a say so of what Water and Power does. The Water and Power board of commissioners say so and the rate payer advocates. He’s such a moron.
  3. Motor- 450 hp ls1 from CBM will come complete with computer and harness accessory drive, power steering pump, exhaust, adapter plate, clutch, flywheel, and pressure plate (those parts are new when trans was rebuilt) Motor has brand new water pump and oil changed twice a season only with Mobil 1. Motor is clean with low hours on it as previous owner hardly used the car. No leaks whatsoever. Has a couple different plug wires from coming in contact with the headers. Exhaust has new coating. Have extra plug wires, engine oil, and belt that will come with it. Motor will stay in car until I have a buyer so you can hear it run. I’m not going to piece out parts. Serious buyers only please. Thanks! asking $7,000 for complete engine package. 909-900-2169 Sergio
  4. Thanks guys for all the compliments. I’m not hurting to sell just want to build a new two seater. If this doesn’t sell I’m putting in a stroker motor and a S4 and selling the LS and 2d.
  5. Really nice car! I’m in same boat with mine but only to build a new one. GLWTS!
  6. I have a xl Pyrotect not sure how old it is. Headset still sounds and works great. Has scratches on it but no gouges. Make me an offer located in West Covina 909-900-2169 Sergio
  7. I’ve had Crow on my last two cars. Now I have the new PRP and love them. The buckles are a lot nicer imo. I also run wrist restraints if I remember to put them on!
  8. Added some pics. Will be in Ocotillo 3/26-3/29 if anyone interested will like to check it out.
  9. Bought it in 2018. Not sure right now but not desperate to sell. If it sells it sells if not I’ll keep it.
  10. I’ve owned cars without and now with. The windshield is nice but I can live with or without it. If I keep the car I planned on taking the windshield off and just run full face with Parker pumpers which I already have for dusty desert riding.

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