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  1. I needed a new grill for the trailer so I bit the bullet and got one.
  2. Could’ve at least wipe down the windshield.
  3. This year definitely takes the cake for the side x side super show.
  4. I tow my 40’ 5er with my single wheel short bed Super Duty never a issue.
  5. I’ll be there Friday night to grab a couple of things.
  6. Bump. Will be at the ssss on Friday I can take them with me.
  7. I’ve used Ed when I built my 2011 Desert Rat and used DC Shocks in San Dimas on my new car. Both are great but DC is close to me so more convenient to drop off and pick up.
  8. This. I just replaced my Odyssey that was dated 2012.
  9. I have one tire. Used for a spare but never ran only mounted on a wheel. $150 firm. Located in West Covina 909-900-2169 Sergio will be at the ssss on Friday
  10. Last season we ran into a guy at the palapa with a home built 4wd buggy with a Toyota 4x4 Powertrain it was a little red 2 seater.
  11. With KOH blowing up and the ultra 4 scene getting bigger and last years first trophy truck race at KOH and now 4wd trophy trucks coming out do you think 4wd class 1’s or buggies in general will be a thing of the future? Watcha think?
  12. I wouldn’t give up my truck and 5er unless it was for a DP or diesel super c but I can’t justify having either of those two just for desert season. I think of my set up of being a 40’ diesel puller! I have 40’ of trailer and a truck with 440 hp and 860 ft lb of torque getting 11-12 mpg towing and never a white knuckle feeling in winds or passing semis. With having 4wd I can camp pretty much anywhere I want and every season there’s a handful of times a friend with a moho ask to borrow my truck to run into town for something. I’m ok with a toy hauler sitting but not another power unit to maintain no matter what like a moho. I plan on maybe for retirement having a DP and do more traveling with it but that’s at least 15 years from now. We do river trips maybe twice in the summer but we rent a friends house so we just drive the truck out and use it to launch the toys. Another thing for me is storing two units vs just one. They both have their perks it just depends on which ones you want to deal with!
  13. Awesome car. One of the best handling cars I owned was my 2011 Desert Rat.

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