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  1. cali kid

    Mojave Trail Run

    I did that run in my Bronco two years ago but we started off of Cleghorn in the Cajon Pass ran through Lucerne towards Newberry Springs and camped one night in Afton Canyon. Next day ran most of the Mojave Trail but we cut north to State Line. Awesome time for sure!
  2. cali kid

    2012 f250 6.7

    Killer deal!
  3. cali kid

    2002 Ford F-250 CrewCab 4x4 7.3 powerstroke

    By far one of the cleanest 7.3 I’ve seen with all the right mods but 20k-25k is more realistic. Like mentioned before a newer 6.7 can be had in the 30k range.
  4. cali kid

    Muffler advice

  5. cali kid

    PCI carbon fiber OTH headsets used

  6. cali kid

    New aluminum body by KATG Motorsports

    Black and silver!
  7. cali kid

    Vision X 7” HID lights

  8. cali kid

    PCI carbon fiber OTH headsets used

  9. cali kid

    RZR vs. X3 vs. Sandrail

    I’ve had both and do both Glamis and hard pack but mostly G. I do maybe 1 or 2 hard pack trips and been more happy with the buggy. King of the Hammers is once a year I wouldn’t base my ride on that if you’re mostly going to do G. If you’re considering a X3 4 seat I think those are way too long and low for KOTH. I also feel so much safer in my dual sport buggy. I can’t see spending 30k on a new sxs and dumping another 10k on safety and accessories and not sure if Can Am sorted out their weak chassis (if you want to call it that) for under 40k a nice dual sport buggy can be had. Happy shopping!
  10. cali kid

    $30,000 for a built in BBQ island

    @matt86m I have a cousin that does this let me know if you want his number.
  11. Get a 05+ front axle and do a coil spring conversion!
  12. cali kid

    Do any of you run an hour meter?

    I think @jwest2sh put one on his DD.
  13. cali kid

    Shifter preference

    Pro Am

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