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  1. Householder

    Color Change Question

    the cost to tear and car down and reassemble, strip and power coat chassis and paint is around 10-12k. I have done many cars and it can go up from there when changing out hardware, uniballs. hiems and other mis, stuff when putting it back together
  2. Householder

    Funco G52/GTF for sale 98k

    I will be in Glamis with this car from Dec 22-31. come check it out. pink in hand and you will be able to drive off with it
  3. Householder

    Funco G52/GTF for sale 98k

    Bump. The car will be out in glamis this weekend if you want to see it in its natural habitat
  4. Householder

    Funco G52/GTF for sale 98k

    Funco g52/GTF. 680 hp chevy LSA runs on pump gas, Holley HP computer and digital dash, mill spec wiring, Mendeola S4D with dual disc 10.5” clutch, Pro Am 35 spline axles and CVs, Jamar mid bored racing hubs with big 6 piston brakes, 30 gallon racing fuel cell (not a fuel tank), Baja designs lights, onboard air compressor, PCI intercom w/ Bluetooth, rear sway bar, CBR radiator and heat exchanger oil cooler and much more. A must see car, serious inquires only please, $98,000. Call or text we with any questions. 714-240-2116 Adam
  5. Householder

    Backing Out A Screw Help (Near Upland or Havasu)

    I could get that out for you in no time, only problem is my shop is located in Anaheim.
  6. Householder

    Rebuilding CV's

    I would always keep the axles on the same side and never change them up. But Cv's when I clean them I take them all apart in my solvent tank and mix them up. I don't want the stars to always ride in the same spot.

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