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  1. River seasons starting for me.... Spring Break is over for us Arizona Children
  2. Has anyone heard of PRP Racing or Dave Porter? Anyone have experience with any of their stuff? I've been thinking bout orderin some arms from them but just wanted some feedback. OH ya BTW...Im not talking bout PRP seats.... Im talking about PRP as in Porter Racing Products...PRP. Thanks.
  3. as true as this sounds....they are stepping up big time and gonna make a huge dent in the atv market this year. I have ran others. the defects you speak of are few and far between but not any different then any other pipe that isn't maintenanced on a regular basis. all this can be defined as a personal preference and strictly opinionated. all this can be defined as a personal preference and strictly opinionated.
  4. FMF's time came with 2 strokes........they are just flat out not a good thumper company compared to the others......
  5. In alls honestly...not saying this because I ont like FMF...but the Power Bomb headers are........okay without baggin on it..I've heard about good gains from it...but a common problem is that the "Bulge" part of the header will crack..the welds dont hold up to well right there....any of you FMF guys have thsi happen to you? I'd seriously stay away from white bros....buying something from them is like going and buying Sam's Choice Cola from Wal-Mart.....meaning for people that know whats good, buy good stuff....for the people that dont..or simply dont care...they buy the cheap stuff....its all a matter of opinion on the WB stuff but I'd seriously rather cancel the FMF silencer and get an HMF. you can find one for about 200 bucks at most places... I think the retail MSRP is only like 229 and and some change and like i've mentioned in my previous post the cheapest I've seen em is at Moto Joe's under 200 bucks with free shipping.....man the biggest perk is you'll love that sound!! lol. I do believe that you shouldnt mix and match headers and slip-ons.....but considering he is not drag racing/competing in anything I dont see a problem with it...the variables in gains/losses would be soooo little you wouldnt be able to tell... Kinda like how 99% of people I know do not run the same brand of headers, cats, and mufflers on their trucks......I think its more a matter of preference...
  6. FMF and DG are junk when it comes to 4 stroke exhaust......as far as I know..the HMF is one of the best for the Warrior...I'd rather stick to Pro Circuit, Yoshi, and HMF....cheapest place i've seen for the HMF was at MotoJoes Under 200 bucks ....PLUS free shipping..
  7. I was actually one of the first people to register on the GD board and havent been on in like 3 or 4 yrs.... Hope to meet ya guys sometime
  8. Hey, wow Ney Years was a crazy weekend for me! If anyone was at the Drag Strip Thursday evening they may have seen my lil spill =) Actually I was pretty lucky, I was 5th grear pinned when a truck starting cutting into my path, I began to back off not realizing how many whoops there were (we all know what happens when you back off going over crazy whoops) I started losing control of my 250R and when I finally knew I couldnt hang on any longer I tucked my head in trying to protect my neck... I'm not sure how many times I rolled but I have been told about 4 or 5... I landed on my back when my bike came down on my stomach in which case the pipe started to burn me... so I tried to hold up the quad till somebody would come get it off me... Luckly all I got was a bruise on my ass and tight neck the next day... I wanted to say thanks for all the people who helped till the EMTs got there, and I wanted to kno... Did anybody get any pics of it? lol

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