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  1. Baha Bug

    Trailer Issues

    The https://www.etrailer.com/Weight-Distribution/Equal-i-zer/EQ37100ET.html Solved my problems when I had a pull trailer
  2. is that black plastic abs or is it the whitish polyethylene. I welded up my polyethylene tank on may trailer and it holds 120 gallons and the leak was at a seam on the bottom. I made my own welder from my dads old giant soldering iron by silver soldering a steel shoe to the bottom BUT Harbor freights sells them cheap. and melted in some polyethylene to weld it back together. If it is the black plastic you may be able to just get some ABS sewer cement. I am no expert but mine is working for several years now and many thousand of miles.
  3. Baha Bug


    Can get plastic cover like 5 in drain pipe Best to have 3 people 2-3 ladders NO WIND
  4. If you are still looking for a 091 transaxle I have a fresh built one exactly like your looking for. Text me 760-613-5207

    1. Baha Bug

      Baha Bug

      thanks I do get one and it is installed and working great, I will see if there is someone in my group that needs one.

    2. TKM


      ok thanks


  5. I would definitely go this route rather than a utv power steering system I have now.
  6. I just ment to tell you I got the inbed trailer wiring connector completed in my truck. I did have to get a couple of additional plugs because my hitch wire was hardwired in but the job came out great.  Thanks again ED

  7. My boy has it and loves it, pulls a 35ft 3 axle toy hauler. I have the pullrite slider AND they have an Anderson type now
  8. do you have a website to check out. are these the same as super atv electic power steering that I have now. what wattage are these? Thanks mine is acting up
  9. My boy bought the costco smarter tools 2000 watt generator a few years ago. it had the yamaha engine also but was $600. bullet proof perfect gen. but at the time did not have the parrallel kit availability that it came with later. not sure if this one can use a parrallel kit.
  10. LP is great it does not go bad and mess up a carborator. if this is rated as 5500 on GAS it would be maybe 20 percent less output on LP. something to check on that it is rated at 5500 watts on LP. You wont be that guy pulling his carb apart at the campground.
  11. I put in some wood look vinyl flooring by allure . works great easy clean up and then have some throw rugs.
  12. when mine leaked a few years back, I could not find ANY place that would weld it up, and my first choice would have been to replace it BUT this is a 2000 trailer and the parts are not available without a lot of modification. I removed it and and read up on welding plastic and made a plastic welder from my dad old big soldering gun. welded up the 4 in cracked seam on the bottom of my 120 gallon tank. and has been good for the last 3 or 4 years. so if you can find someone that does this great, BUT need to find the source of the leak first.
  13. Doesn't this unit have to be in line with the main battery terminal?
  14. I have pull rite, works great, if you can get an Anderson to do what Is necessary I would go that route
  15. just ordered one thanks. Hey, this is my first order from Funco!! I picked up a new one at a garage sale and it does work I catch rats and mice in the garage regularly with that trap BUT the fact that you lube it up with peanut butter I hope I am not attracting mice that would not be there without the attractant. I also picked up a little electrocution one but it has neve caught anything

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