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  1. Baha Bug

    Mojave Trail Run

    Doing the Mojave Trail end of next month with the SoCal baja group.
  2. Baha Bug

    Trailer Issues

    The https://www.etrailer.com/Weight-Distribution/Equal-i-zer/EQ37100ET.html Solved my problems when I had a pull trailer
  3. Baha Bug

    Renegade suspension seats

    I assume they are sold??
  4. Baha Bug

    Renegade suspension seats

    Can you give me the mounting bracket base dimesions
  5. Baha Bug

    Camper leveler - Pretty cool!

    I have an aluminum one just the long curved one that I have used a couple of times to change the tire on the axle that is not being driven on. Saved me bringing out the bottle jack
  6. Baha Bug

    GPS App

    I use Gaia GPS.
  7. Baha Bug

    Found snake in my house

    We have had a small king snake in the house. One of my favorite stories was when my 2 year old boy turned around from hanging out by the wood for the fireplace with a 8 in. Tarantula on his chest. I got up an slapped it off him, and my wife in the kitchen thought I was beating or little boy, till I explained. He is now 31 years old in high desert.
  8. Baha Bug

    Ebay BS...

    I have never heard of that, I ship when I get the money period. This almost sound like a scam.
  9. Baha Bug

    have you been scammed on Ebay?

    I have to say I have run across many scams, usually to good to be true items, but there are too good to be true deals on ebay at times. Ebay has made good on all my deal that went bad so far. A lot of the scammers do not have many sales 0 or close to that something to check
  10. Baha Bug

    Plastic welding water tank

    is that black plastic abs or is it the whitish polyethylene. I welded up my polyethylene tank on may trailer and it holds 120 gallons and the leak was at a seam on the bottom. I made my own welder from my dads old giant soldering iron by silver soldering a steel shoe to the bottom BUT Harbor freights sells them cheap. and melted in some polyethylene to weld it back together. If it is the black plastic you may be able to just get some ABS sewer cement. I am no expert but mine is working for several years now and many thousand of miles.
  11. Baha Bug


    Can get plastic cover like 5 in drain pipe Best to have 3 people 2-3 ladders NO WIND
  12. Baha Bug

    Thinking of dumping DTV and

    I just called them because early next year I will need a HD antennae for my rv to use Directv. The took $45 off/month for one year
  13. Baha Bug

    Couple TRAEGER questions

    I have a very old traeger that your have to use an external flame to start it. The newer ones are self igniting what is the amp draw of the heating element, is it more that the watts the Honda can handle?
  14. Baha Bug

    fifth wheel hitches for short beds..

    I use pullrite automatic slider they are not universal fit for all trucks. I do like the one above IF your fifth wheel can handle the extra leverage.
  15. If you are still looking for a 091 transaxle I have a fresh built one exactly like your looking for. Text me 760-613-5207

    1. Baha Bug

      Baha Bug

      thanks I do get one and it is installed and working great, I will see if there is someone in my group that needs one.

    2. TKM


      ok thanks


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