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  1. Makeover complete this one is near and dear to our heart Thank You Paul and Cheryl for years of support
  2. my kids are looking for a brand new 5th wheel toyhauler thoughts ..experience or just opinion GO
  3. Text me tomorrow. I’ll measure one up
  4. answer is NO a gen 4 wheel typically had 5.5 inch backspace Gen 3 was 3.5 backspace Unfortunately the 5.5 inch inner wheel bell is no longer in production.
  5. The hubs shown were made by the same Vendor that made ours back in the day (early to mid 2000s) HE is no longer producing them but we did buy all the leftover inventory. In fact I just ordered 20 of each rotor 930 and 934 size These look like the early generation he was making for SU. When he first came to us with the design we had some upgrades/features added. Have to see some pictures to know for sure With respect to the failure , most likely the bolts backed out or broke, As a side not we are starting to see a good number of Gen 4 hubs give up this year. I guess its time for guys to service their hubs, Bearings and replace bolts Grant
  6. SANDMAN49 Beautiful Bike , good thing my wife doesn't check GD.COM GLWTS
  7. I disagree I know you would gap me doing your style duning , I know I would gap you in my style Ultimatley V8 guys are smiling Subi Guys are smiling FUnco guys are smiling As long as you in a FUNCO
  8. What year did we build your car ?I am guessing it is a mid 2000 s build , I am having a hard time believing they broke after 14 year , car is driven by a little old grampa on weekends only
  9. I just saw this. Very humbled , I will share it with the family
  10. I absolutely prefer the sway bar without it on corner entry initial turn in will be quicker but it will then rollover on the nose and you have o wait for it to settle with it takes a little more effort on turn in but the nose will stay planeted and rollover on the rear corner , you can jump on the throttle quicker during rotation

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