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  1. Coobie

    SX / Motorcross

    I did not know that, just checked Im not as bad as I thought, hanging in 11th.
  2. Coobie

    SX / Motorcross

    I have a new work schedule and worked this weekend which totally threw me off, totally forgot to submit my picks for the last race...Gonna take some effort and luck to catch back up
  3. Horrible news, I pray that the doctors at Palm Springs Desert Medical work their magic and get this guy up and walking. They worked a miracle for me, hope they can do the same for this guy
  4. Coobie

    F11 Top Coat ?

    Hey Dan!! I did use the bottle on several different cars. The immediate results are very nice and the water beading is fantastic, for a while. It is my experience that F-11 only lasts for a few days. The hydrophobic qualities seem to diminish rapidly. I'm currently searching for other products. Just my $.02
  5. ive got a 2010 Corolla one owner car 151K $4500 and a 2006 GTI $5500
  6. Well stated SoCal! I’m not on quite as much as the old days, but I still try to pop my head in and check out latest posts and threads. This place is and always was much more than a bulletin board to me. I have met countless people on here that I consider lifelong friends. I really enjoy helping out with the events, hope I get the chance and am able to help in future events. Slap does alot for us, and Im happy to give a little something back. Thanks for all you do Slappy McDuner!
  7. Hit up Squatcher, he is the man when it comes to RV satellite
  8. I'm really not sure what the next season will be like for me. I had the whole injury thing getting airlifted out of Glamis with a broken back. Now I have 3 fused vertbrae. I sold the 5th wheel, I had plans on moving into a DP moho but that doesn't look promising right now. Hunter outgrew his bike and quad, so he moved into my YFZ. I want to get an X3 but not sure where I'm going to pull that $$ from! Maybe next season won't exist, I sure hope not.
  9. Coobie

    F11 Top Coat ?

    I gave in and bought F11. I’ve only used it once but man it came out nice! Super easy to apply. Now I wanna see how it lasts
  10. Bitchen sled by my house

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