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  1. Coobie

    Who is going to Pala this weekend

    is it going to be fun in the sun or fun in the rain? Thought it was supposed to rain this weekend
  2. Coobie

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    Sad, I love the Caprice PPV! You scuffed it up pretty good!
  3. Coobie

    one for you ATC250R fans

    couldn't stop the R !!!!!!!!!
  4. Used to do Flaming Turbo shots at Docks, a dive bar in Chula Vista! I never caught myself on fire though!!
  5. Is this one that needs a pre-installed mount or does it have the one that can go under the tire?
  6. Coobie

    going under the knife

    Praying your surgery was a success and your recovery is quick!
  7. Coobie

    Honda 3.5

    Ever think of JDM? I've bought a bunch of stuff from my local JDM dealer
  8. Coobie


    Bad Zep experience. I will never work on a rig that has been Zepped again.
  9. Coobie


    Zep is the devil!
  10. Coobie


    that's a great price! My going rate was $14/lf
  11. Coobie

    The Coobster took a fall

    Actually they did give me Fentanyl in the chopper. Never had it before, hopefully never again!!
  12. Coobie

    Old BMX bike?

    If you want Hunters old Redline its yours. Needs some work
  13. Coobie

    REACH Air Medical Services

    I never thought I would need it. Knew about it and just never got it. Thats going to change. The bill for my flight out of G to Desert Medical in Palm Springs was $80K surgery and 6 days in trauma added another$500K. The bills keep coming
  14. Coobie

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    Bitchen shop Bigsammy! Spacious and well thought out.
  15. Coobie

    The Coobster took a fall

    Hello to all my Glamis brethren! Thank you for the kind words. I did take a little spill out there. While laying on the sand I thought it was just gonna take a minute or two to get up and walk it off, like I’ve always done before. Not the case on this one. I am totally appreciative of BLM and the Reach crew for getting me to the trauma unit. But I am most appreciative to the friends I was riding with that day. A great group of duners! Sndsamplr, Stugots, and ChEFF I glad you all were with me. Thanks a ton! Sndsamplr don’t stress my friend. We all know Mother G can bite from time to time. I will ride with you anytime my brother! Thanks to all! Thanks for the texts and calls. It meant a lot. I’m on the mend and will be back in the saddle soon. I am thinking about getting back into the cage thing, but will always need a quad! Live y’all! Coob

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