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  1. Coobie

    REACH Air Medical Services

    I never thought I would need it. Knew about it and just never got it. Thats going to change. The bill for my flight out of G to Desert Medical in Palm Springs was $80K surgery and 6 days in trauma added another$500K. The bills keep coming
  2. Coobie

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    Bitchen shop Bigsammy! Spacious and well thought out.
  3. Coobie

    The Coobster took a fall

    Hello to all my Glamis brethren! Thank you for the kind words. I did take a little spill out there. While laying on the sand I thought it was just gonna take a minute or two to get up and walk it off, like I’ve always done before. Not the case on this one. I am totally appreciative of BLM and the Reach crew for getting me to the trauma unit. But I am most appreciative to the friends I was riding with that day. A great group of duners! Sndsamplr, Stugots, and ChEFF I glad you all were with me. Thanks a ton! Sndsamplr don’t stress my friend. We all know Mother G can bite from time to time. I will ride with you anytime my brother! Thanks to all! Thanks for the texts and calls. It meant a lot. I’m on the mend and will be back in the saddle soon. I am thinking about getting back into the cage thing, but will always need a quad! Live y’all! Coob
  4. Coobie

    Sad News

    Oh damn! Love Tank, I’m deeply saddened by this
  5. Coobie

    Anyone doing any reloading?

    I haven’t loaded in two years but I love it. Not that I’m not busy enough with constant projects, I think it’s some good alone time , it’s therapeutic!
  6. Coobie

    Rubs is coming to San Diego

    Dunegoat will be traveling down to join us!
  7. Coobie

    Rubs is coming to San Diego

    Light load! Let’s fill the boat with GD.com folks! Ill tell Captain Jason to stock up on beer for us!
  8. Coobie

    Rubs is coming to San Diego

    GD folks, our friend Rubs is coming to San Diego and I think we should cebrate with a GD.com fishing trip! On Wednesday June 6th we will be doing the PM trip on the Dolphin Sport Fishing boat with our favorite fellow Duner Captain Coz! What a great reason to have a GD.com gathering! We will slay some fish, enjoy good company, and have a few ICDB’s! :beer: Lets do this!
  9. Coobie

    Saychz316- last call

    Oh man, horrible news. We, as a Duning community, have lost a friend. RIP
  10. Coobie

    Speaking of Con Artists... Local here in OC

    This is real and it’s happened a number of times. We race to find the ‘kidnapped’ family member. It’s a freaking scary scam
  11. Coobie

    Cool story

    Freaking cool! can I deputize him and use him in my area?!?
  12. Coobie

    what were some of the first street cars you have owned?

    In high school I bought an 81 VW pickup. Rabbit looking thing with a blown engine. I bought it and as a high school kid did the diesel to gas conversion. I acquired a GTI eng/trans and completed the transition. My Dad and I body worked it and painted it a rose metal flake. Truck was pretty sick and got tons of attention on the cruising streets Got into a mini truck club and ran with them for a while (before I decided they were dorks) I don’t know if I have any pics of the truck (computer crash) But I still have my plaque
  13. Coobie

    Our first youtube video SeaKeeper install

    Bad ass! I know where to go when I get my Parker or Grady!
  14. Coobie

    Caption this!!!

    Honda Man!
  15. Coobie

    Caption this!!!

    “Samplr, I really wanna win an EPO. What do I need to do?????” After pondering for a few seconds, a quick chug of some cold CL, and a long vape draw he responds... ”Well GM, all you really gotta do is beat John!”

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