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  1. It's pretty crazy to think that over 10 years ago you welded my turbo pedestal after I cut all of the EBPV stuff off. That's when I learned that welding oil soaked aluminum is not always a good thing to do. My electric fuel and regulated return are still working awesome.
  2. Please let us know what you find out.
  3. No, I don't think it would help EGTs to the point that it solves your problem. It will spool up quicker and provide more air flow, but your EGTs seem out of control at this point. After all of this talk about EGTs and boost I have been watching my gauges a bit more over the last few days. I climbed the same hill out of Lakeside last night and my EGTs barely reached 900. But that was not until I was passing the Tavern exit. As soon as I let off the throttle, because I was going a little over 90mph the needle quickly went to 600. After playing in the sand at Gordons/Greys Well for a little bit my EGTs got up to 1200, but the sand was pretty soft and I was pretty hard on the throttle crawling around on some dunes making sure I don't get stuck. Momentum is your friend out there in these big trucks. I'm pretty much confused by your truck at this point. Hard to diagnose over the internet, but hopefully Matt will discover something. The small oil leak at the dipstick isn't hard to fix. As long as you don't drop the base into the oil pan. Been there done that. Once you pull the dipstick tube out of the pan, jam a circular wire brush into the hole so you can loosen the big nut and replace the oring without anything falling into the pan. As bgchlln mentioned, the intercooler does get quite a bit of oil in it depending on how much oil is pulled out of the top of the drivers side valve cover. I've see it cause problems before and it would be a cheap fix. But it is quite a bit of work. Have you pulled the oil cap off while the truck is ideling to see how hard the air is coming out of the filler hole? A lot of pressure out of that hole at idle is not a good thing.
  4. Holy Cow! Only 10lbs of boost? You definitely have some stuff going on. The stuff Sausage450r mentioned is all good stuff to check. My truck with 475k miles hits 25lbs easily just getting on the freeway not towing and I still don't have a tuner. I'm still slow at embracing technology,
  5. 1200 degrees in 2nd gear seems like a lot for 7,000 pounds. What gears are you running? I'm guessing 4.11. I don't think 3.55s were available in the Super Dutys. My truck is far from stock, there is not much I have not changed over the years. With 38" tires and 4.56 gears pulling 8,500 pounds up the grade my truck will stay in 3rd and the EGTs hoover between 900 and 1,000. John Wood builds an awesome transmission and it's easy enough to play with the throttle and control when the converter locks up. My EGTs barely get over 1,000 when I am pulling our 15,000 pound toy box over the hills into San Diego. But when pulling the toy hauler it will dip into 2nd from time to time. What wheels are you running in your turbo? Everyone is quick to install a new compressor wheel, and that will help a little, but a better turbine wheel will do great things for performance. The turbine wheel on the left is the factory wheel. The turbine wheel on the right is from KC Turbo. That turbine wheel works so awesome! Just make sure you grab the correct torque wrench when installing. It's inch pounds, not foot pounds. LOL Do you still have the EBPV on the turbo pedestal? Eliminating that with help a little with exhaust flow as well. Not a huge difference in performance, but it will get rid of any of the problems that the valve can create. If you "clean" out your catalytic converter and get rid of the muffler that will also help get the exhaust gasses out faster. Some people don't like the little extra noise in the cab, but Dynamat and other forms of sound deadening will take care of that. Companys like Banks make better intercoolers with better flow. Not only the air through the inside of the intercooler, but the air that goes across the radiator to the A/C condensor and radiator.
  6. Pine Valley / Descanso area. Something a little closer to the office. LOL We need more room to do more truck stuff.
  7. I did not know that was a thing. More things to look forward to moving east.
  8. Mr Wood does great work and his customer service is awesome. 67 closed a while ago. I heard A&B Truck owns those parts now.
  9. Great idea on the cart! I need to make one of those so the runs to wrecking yard to pull axles would be easier.
  10. There are plenty of people on here with lots of 7.3 experience. It will save you lots of money fixing things yourself.
  11. $2700? Seriously? I wonder how many people pay that and think it's "normal"?
  12. WOW I thought that was one of our old Superdutys until I got to the interior picture.. We have had quite a few over the years. Great looking truck. Should give you plenty of trouble free miles. I have had mine for over 16 years and with over 470k miles, I still love this thing.
  13. It's really cool to see that this thing is still going.
  14. I fixed the fuel bowl leaking by removing the fuel bowl. Much better filtration with the spin-on filters. One before and one after the fuel pump. Yep. Made quite a mess. I did not remove the clamp though. I put a piece of rubber hose between the clamp and the fuel line. With all of the vibration I did not want the fuel line to be unsupported.

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