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  1. Grease Monkey

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    This was The Stingray. I felt it was the perfect car. Mimics my Hustler but with all the modern power and comforts. Thanks for messing with me again this year!!!
  2. Grease Monkey

    What does $9000, CHP, Ivy league, car chase have in common?

    No reply needed, just link your shop cameras to a live youtube feed and we can quarterback from here.
  3. Sooner or later it will make sense. Whats the consensus with you SXS guys. I dont need to see the drifting video with the big rear brake handle. I'm serious, doesn't this make sense with these cars?
  4. Great thread, thanks for sharing. Your on the right tract. Just for the sake of saying it. I wanted to upgrade to the HV series this off season. I put 3 HARD seasons on my trans and thought I broke an input shaft. I'm pushing 475HP per John and thru a 2D. Well Rancho went thru the Mendi and it only needed a set of synchros. I opted for a new input shaft because of seal wear. My issue was a cv/axle spiral clip came loose. 930 cv's will be fine. You should get a set of race prepped ones or just get @J Alper cv's You will be fine with this setup. Keep the progress report coming. Oh, I would just do the single leg engine mount on each side. FWIW
  5. Grease Monkey

    Forest River 5er has cloth on under side ,why?

    Its like a black plastic tarp type of material used as a water barrier. Imagine towing in the rain and having all that road spray tumble under the trailer. Anyways, I wouldn't cut it. I have no idea how you would adhere it together again. The d rings screw into the framing on those trailers from the top side. If you have loose screws, you will need to figure something else out.
  6. Grease Monkey

    2018 SSSS photos

    I felt like we walked the whole show and still missed some things. Really bummed I missed the CBM booth Great company and always a good setup at their booth.
  7. Grease Monkey

    2018 SSSS photos

    This is a SXS. The small block Chevy is just for looks. I'm Sure @Rugged Radios can fill in the gaps but the back of the car has a RZR engine or similar.
  8. Grease Monkey

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    Alleigh is great at PCI. Always helped me out. i went back later to figure out a helmet wiring issue. She handled it. Good seeing you too. Figured you were working a deal.
  9. Grease Monkey

    575+HP LS3 fresh

    1. For sale adds are not discussion areas. We do not condone it nor allow it. 2. Business's wanting to advertise with us need to follow the rules or posts will be pulled until arrangements are made with the owner. 3. If anyone feels like a post violates rules, please PM a moderator, admin or the owner and we will deal with it. At this point I feel BCM_BERGER has a good idea on what the rules are. BCM_BERGER, you are entitled to start a new post and delete this one if you wish. PM me for any other needs.
  10. Grease Monkey

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    I enjoyed it. Season pass ✔🏻️ storage ✔🏻️ ASA ✔🏻️ Hanging with friends ✔🏻️ Nothing like seeing all the stuff that makes us all happy and what we all work hard for. I was planning on going back again today as I really enjoyed this one. My feet said no thank you. Enjoy your Sunday and if you were on the fence about going and end up there today. Have fun.
  11. Grease Monkey

    2018 SSSS photos

    What I didn't see was our engine guys. Either I missed them or they were not there. CBM, Danzio, Redline, Pfaff and Outfront. I know John said he wasn't going.
  12. I own the same trailer with a different wrapper. Dune Chaser by Monaco. Quality is the defining factory with these. Monaco built high end coaches. These trailers are built to the same specs with a lot of the same features. Can't go wrong with one of these. Glwts.
  13. Grease Monkey

    Tie downs

    Takes a bit of effort to keep these intact. I used to get tons of them as well from new boats coming in on the ships. The crane and ship operators would prefer you to just cut them in half to save time during the off load.
  14. Grease Monkey

    2018 SSSS photos

    Quick shots with the phone. Wanted to point out that it isn't just the sxs show .

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