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  1. Subi? John has a decent heat shield just for this.
  2. Yeah, last one I did had a hook and over 80 was a handful. Agree the stringers are not needed for that project. My Tahiti didn't have full stringers either. It was a resale thing for most of the buyers. Tire kickers.
  3. How's the bottom on that old gal. Is it true? Big props for what your doing and enjoy watching the progress. Just curious why all this effort when it's not a full stringer boat. Asking because ive done what your doing a couple of times.
  4. Maybe a special build that my client used to own. He asked for midboards during the build and SU didn't want to do it. He demanded and well........
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Something I say almost daily. The job I didn't get is the job I didn't loose a dime on.
  7. You say over the season. How much driving is this. I change my oil several times a season. No oil loss. Any chance your oil is being broken down with the meth injection. Consumption may be a result of this. Oil change is a cheap try.
  8. Only thing I can add of value if it's important to you is the ISL is rebuildable in place. Has liners. The ISB is not.
  9. Believe it only relates to damaged windshields. Show damaged with sticker. Then receipt of new glass and the vehicle to the ranger station. Then receive new sticker. No way will they issue another one without the old being removed from circulation.
  10. Going to be a great thread. Following!!!
  11. Working half day is the plan. Then taking hexnuts out in the town. Sunday fun day. Hope the rain subsidies. You all be safe and have fun.
  12. As a business owner it provides the tracking of vehicles that I would be paying for if wanted. The initial cost is lower now but still around 500.00 plus the monthly. Technology is ever evolving and I would expect this to become something we will all be faced with sooner than later.
  13. Just had a neighbor get one of these. News to me, Guess California said ok. What do you think? https://www.reviver.com/rplate/rplate.html

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