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  1. Stay flowed last trip. Works awesome. Was just getting ready to put the rollers on to load it up.
  2. Effing Mike you sumbiatch. I had it all ready to go but my social security card must still be on my office desk. It's not with everything else that I had multiple things for. Back to DMV for the fifth wheel recreation endorsement and the real I'd. Might as well get he MC permit again as I see a Harley in my near future. For sale.
  3. Joe has them at Glamis fab. Saw him Sunday. And the tires are still there.
  4. Woke up to a few rain drops and started packing up. Off to Brawley DMV and a nice lunch in a bit. Thanks everyone.
  5. Think I thought I saw a post on FB about a guy stuck looking for a tug Thursday night in W11
  6. Hole E Sheet. Unbelievable. I have never been able to put my foot into it thru the woops. Now it's a breeze and handles even better. Having the ability to set air bag psi on top of this is great. More speed and confidence thru the wooped out transitions is a blessing.
  7. We are in Glamis. Going to have MTS play with the King shocks on the G52 today. Dune for three days then Brawley DMV for a Bday DL renewal. You all be safe and have some fun.
  8. Yes the ceramic coating will help but its not bullet proof or long lasting. Best would have been to wash it off. Hind sight, I could have went over to GDS and washed it off.
  9. All fixed up. Took all the soft rubbery undercoating off the frame and redid it. Got the clear coat to buff out and had a ceramic coating done. De badged the sides. And a complete concourse detail Now off to Glamis to get it dirty.
  10. A lot of my boat captains do it. I have not as I don't care to work down there anymore. Check into shuttle services that can take you to the border and then shuttle you to the airport. Ive been told this is the easiest.

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