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  1. Went to Kauai I hear swimming helps your joints and muscles. 💪
  2. I mash the gas and grab so much turning break you would think I would be tearing my stuff up. Nope not so much. Just brake pads. A set a year.
  3. Soon. It's only 7 am here. Any chance to poke at Mac I take.
  4. Went to salt pond today. Got to explore around the little airport and off road a bit. Ocean was rough there. Then we headed down the road a bit to a state park. Long dirt road that makes our wash road seem like the 405 fwy compared to how blown out this was. Had a blast just getting in and out. Ended up at a beautiful beach with soft sand and turquoise Waters. Poor rental jeep.
  5. Rented a car yesterday. Spent today driving around the island. Tried to have breakfast at the Tip Top like @matt86m had mentioned but no parking. It's also a hotel. Went off the beaten path and found a great place. Moco loco was perfect Headed around the island after that and stopped at every beach we could get to.
  6. In Kauai with my sweetheart. You all have fun. Aloha GM/Hexnuts
  7. Decent storm rolling thru the islands today. Indoor sports.
  8. Must be more to it. You can jump the relay if that's all it was and make fuel pressure. But you said it still won't start.
  9. Do you think this system could keep the batteries up and the rv refrigerator cold while in storage for weeks at a time charging and inverting?

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