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  1. Let's see some pictures. This is getting good. I love helping others spend money.
  2. Here he is. https://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?/profile/84951-juggernaut/
  3. Two seater for sure. Mid would be epic. LS 2D light weight. Good suspension. Come on.
  4. Now we need Kevin to figure out how to cook chili n fries on the BBQ.
  5. What the heck Ken, are you bored or something?
  6. Really hate the way Craigslist buyers are. No shows, low ball texts, and when they do show it's usually after dark.
  7. Put a hitch on the front of that truck while your at it. That way we can tow you home. Also don't bother lifting it. It will spend plenty of time in the air on a service shops lift. btw congrats on the new truck.
  8. Working today. Tomorrow TBD. you all have fun n be safe.
  9. I always have a voicemail. It's summer. $1000.00 it's... Hi my name is..... I got your number from....... I haven't used my boat for a year or so and last week it overheated. Family is flying in for the 4th of July........ Any chance you can help me out.....
  10. This last season seemed to be a chore. Hard to get ready, no real food planning, no lists of what's in the trailer, what's needed. Etc. Most make that part of every trip. We didn't and it took it's toll. We have up sized so much in five years I somewhat miss the simple life of a cabover and an enclosed trailer. Not going back to that anytime soon but planning on planning better and spending more time this off season prepping the car and simplifying before the end of October.
  11. Enjoying the black background but have found this troublesome. Believe it's a copy and paste to post that converts the text dark or black.
  12. Keep posting your adventures. It's nice seeing what's out there. You know your limits, just don't push them and continue on. Make sure someone knows where you went and when you plan on being back.

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