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  1. Had a similar issue in an early Volvo. Screwed with that car for weeks. Rich running situation that we couldn't figure out. Neighbor came over and mentioned coolant temp switch. Scratched my head on that but bought the 32 dollar part and installed it. Walla, fixed. Spend over a grand on everything else to finally come down to that.
  2. Watching it now, saw this post during a commercial. So far it's interesting.
  3. It's the weekend. This week sure flew by. Anyways. Working today, hoping to chill tomorrow. May work on the rv. Made a hit list last weekend. Nice to have a list. Less scrambling. You all be safe and have some fun. GM
  4. On here if course. Then it's boat diesel as I contribute there quite a bit. Bloody decks for the fishing and helping clients and the occasional GM trucks for info. Seem to be on the instagram a bit more lately for business exposure but that not what you asked.
  5. I'm headed back to NorCal. Have put the word out that anyone caught on my property will be shot on site. Already have a hole dug. Should be an easy hunt.
  6. Dont need batteries. Just plug in the trailer to the truck and the landing gear works fine.
  7. Sorry to read all this. Will keep an eye out as well. Curious if you know when it was stolen?
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