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  1. Gonna beat this dead horse again. Work.work work. Training/school at the shop as well this coming week. You all be safe and have fun.
  2. Grease Monkey

    Thanks Mac

  3. Grease Monkey

    Bad Gas.......?

    If you had enough open space. Large back yard. You could let it evaporate in open 5 gal buckets. City may have disposal days. Check with them. Small quantities mixed with used engine oil can be disposed at oriellys and other used motor oil.collecrion places.
  4. Grease Monkey

    A little upgrade to the new Duramax

    Solid. Helps the look a ton. I went with cognito same height. Congrats.
  5. Grease Monkey

    CV Grease

    The red line has browned every season in color. I haven't seen it drip yet. What I have been amazed by is the cv still has grease all over and in it. All the other grease I've tried gets thrown out and a way from the cv over time.
  6. Grease Monkey

    CV Grease

    The grease gun.
  7. Grease Monkey

    CV Grease

    nope Still happy with red line cv 2 grease.
  8. Grease Monkey

    The shifting sands of Glamis.

    The Flag Pole. I nabbed this photo from a FaceBook post. (credit Sean Hayes) Things sure have changed in the last few months.
  9. Grease Monkey

    Honda 3.5

    @Stugots I'm in Costa Mesa if you need anything.
  10. Not Working. Meeting up with friends and heading over to the OC fair grounds for the Sand Sports Super Swap and $18.00 beers. who's going? you all be safe and have fun.
  11. Grease Monkey

    Anyone interested in straightening their teeth?

    That's where the tooth brush was invented.
  12. I've asked the neighbors and their gardeners and am striking out. This is for my mom's place. She is aging and it's getting hard for her to maintain. I want to hire a monthly or bimonthly service but can't find that guy. Craigslist has been no help. No return calls. Whats the average cost you are paying. Curious what the going rate is. Anyone local to the area have someone they could refer. Appreciate the help. Erik.
  13. Grease Monkey

    It's Saturday 5/11/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    We went to moms. Helped out around the house. Got the swimming pool all cleaned up and my brother gave her dog a bath and hair cut. Good weekend.
  14. Grease Monkey

    It's Saturday 5/11/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    And BFT.
  15. Grease Monkey

    How friendly are Glamis people?

    It's the beginning of off season. Most of us are working on our trailers, or cars or bikes or putting plans together for the maintenance ahead of next season. Planning trips not so much unless you like the summer heat. There is a.die hard group here that does summer runs around the full moons. Great group with open arms. Hang out here. Don't sweat the summer drama on the board as we all get pent up waiting for October. Get to know some people and I'm sure you will find that groove to ride into. Welcome back to the sand box.
  16. 6 lug steel wheels and Kelly a/t tires. Good tread. Picked up a truck and swapped out the wheels n tires. Came off a 2008 silverado. See photos for size and tread wear. Comes with tire sensors. Caps and lugs. Located in Costa Mesa. Have listed on Craigslist for $200.00 Wow forgot how many flakes reside there. $150.00 takes them.
  17. Grease Monkey

    going under the knife

    McDonald's usually works for me. Glad your up and about.
  18. Grease Monkey

    going under the knife

    Gotta love those early morning surgeries. God bless the doctors hands and give you the strength to walk out after surgery. You will be back at work soon enough. Don't worry about that. Probably sooner then your allowed.
  19. Grease Monkey

    Aluminum Awning Install referrals!

    Need to add an awning to the back side of my shop. Need to keep the summer sun off the guys working there. Anyone have any referrals in Orange County? Been using ez ups but thats a pain with wind and they just dont last. Thanks.
  20. Grease Monkey

    Dune Wife Wants a Boob Job

  21. Grease Monkey

    You gots to keep your cool

    Too Late!
  22. Grease Monkey

    Aluminum Awning Install referrals!

    About three car stalls wide. Height about 12 ft. projection I would say 12 ft.
  23. Grease Monkey

    Any welder/ fabwork recommendations out there

    Keeping the florescent green?

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