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    How to find groups to ride with?

    Each wash is marked with a brown survey stake just a few feet from each dip in the road. Each dip is a wash. The survey stakes are on your left as you come in or on the railroad side. Most of the washes have been painted (tagged) at the railroad crossings but can be hard to read as its something different at each one.
  2. Grease Monkey

    New to me First sandcar

    Details? Nice car.
  3. Grease Monkey

    How to find groups to ride with?

    @Phoenix7 bring all your questions. We are a good group and may poke at times but much like a family it's all in good fun. Welcome to
  4. Grease Monkey

    New to the club

    Was told by the previous owner that @John@Outfront Mtrsprts Had something to do with its creation.
  5. Helping a buddy, need to set the timing on a 2.0 DOHC Subi. Crank gear key was loose and now fixed but having a heck of a time getting everything lined up and to stay put while placing belt and tensioner. Im out of the office most of the day and will follow up this afternoon. We watched a few youtube videos but everyone is some story and not what we are looking for. Thanks in advance. GM
  6. Grease Monkey

    Joke of the day

    Jack, a handsome man, walked into a sports bar around 9:58 pm. He sat down next to this blonde at the bar and stared up at the TV as the 10:00 news came on. The news crew was covering a story of a man on a ledge of a large building preparing to jump. The blonde looked at Jack and said, "Do you think he'll jump?" Jack says, "You know what, I bet he will." The blonde replied, "Well, I bet he won't." Jack placed $30 on the bar and said, "You're on!" Just as the blonde placed her money on the bar, the guy did a swan dive off of the building, falling to his death. The blonde was very upset and handed her $30 to Jack, saying, "Fair's fair... Here's your money." Jack replied, "I can't take your money, I saw this earlier on the 5 o'clock news and knew he would jump." The blonde replies, "I did too; but I didn't think he'd do it again." Jack took the money.
  7. Grease Monkey

    It’s Saturday 12/15/18 what’s everybody doing.

    Last wake in Glamis till the new year's trip.
  8. Grease Monkey

    GDS App?

    No idea and news to me. That would be nice.
  9. Federal government shut down last year for a few days. I forget why but it was at the end of the season. Local sherrifs patroled the drags and wash road during that time.
  10. @RacecaR On the board here has great pricing.
  11. Be at the shop soon to work in a new phone system with built in management. Then meet a few clients. You all have fun and be safe.
  12. Grease Monkey

    Anyone have pictures of Outfront intercooler mounted

    on to what engine? Subaru? single or Dual overhead cam? Mid engine or rear engine set up? Very car and engine specific.
  13. Grease Monkey

    Adding a oil cooler to a LS 7

    In my business, you always want to filter hot oil then cool it before it enters the oil galley. Coolant temp can be stable but oil temps high. Average oil temp it 30 deg warmer then coolant but this is sump temp. Shear temp at the bearings can be much higher and with oil break down around 270 it's a fine line.
  14. Grease Monkey

    Apple Pie Moonshine

    I guess I will just leave the buggy here then.
  15. Grease Monkey

    Apple Pie Moonshine

    Youtube is flooded with ideas
  16. Grease Monkey

    Glamis this morning

    Plus 1 For the car cover and dry seats. Air up and enjoy the peanut butter.
  17. Grease Monkey

    Looking for a Bosch fuel pump

    John @ outfront has a good replacement. I know it's not what you asked but an option and local and a sponsor.
  18. Grease Monkey

    School me on the washes

    The washes have changed a bit this year with the wind. Some are softer and deeper then years past and we have migrated because of this. Even with 4x4 its been a driving experience. Start off camping shallow in the washes and feel it out from there. Always good to camp with a group familiar with this seasons sand flow.
  19. Grease Monkey

    Joke of the day

  20. Grease Monkey

    20’ x 102 deck over trailer.

    @tigwelder X2 Location? Interested as well. Brakes on both axles? Year built? Manufacturer?
  21. Grease Monkey

    What CAN I do in Glamis?

    Help others by teaching.
  22. December is here and it came fast. Working today and spending time at moms tonight. Tomorrow might handle some Xmas shopping. You all have a fun and safe weekend.
  23. Grease Monkey

    It's Saturday 12/1/18 what are you doing this weekend?

    Nothing today.
  24. Grease Monkey

    Snap On Pit Wagon Toll Box

    What's in the top center cabinet? Shelving or work top?

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