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  1. Part time in the office today. Fly to Seattle tomorrow. Missing out on Glamis this weekend with TDBR. You all be safe and have fun.
  2. Working again. More computer updating. @JDMeister Invoicing and estimates. Tomorrow drawimg up plans and a parts list to build an I beam lifting frame. Need to move 8000 lbs of engines up and aft about 20ft. Seem to be doing larger boats and with that larger engines. @Esco its been a while. Ya might want to fornicate. Dont let your meat loaf. You all be safe and have fun! GM
  3. Grease Monkey

    RIP Schwinn

    So sorry to read this. RIP Steve. Your battle is over.
  4. Grease Monkey

    It's Saturday 4/13/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Headed to Anacortes. Then La Connor. Weather shows rain no surprise but looks ok Monday. Thats the important one for me. Looking at a boat for a buyer. Prepurchase mechanical inspection.
  5. Grease Monkey

    Truck Thief in Lake Elsinore

    It's posted all over social media but don't think it hit here. POS SCUMBAG!!! https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/video/4060060-career-criminal-truck-thief-warning/?fbclid=IwAR3UyK6GqeWKn6gpWClEF4ByaUlpKo_nWQuKZP4i-abD7UWbKjNLrXxNRcg Got a kick out of the Glamis Dunes vets day shirt on the truck owner.
  6. Grease Monkey

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    Weird stuff when you google "i'm sorry"
  7. Grease Monkey

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    So educate me on these filters and how this one is orientated. How do you keep sand from filling up this filter? How do you drain sand from this filter? Is this large enough for your true 450HP 2.5? How about 600Hp 2.5/2.7 Thanks
  8. Grease Monkey

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    Hire this one!
  9. Grease Monkey

    Diesel Spill in ToyHauler

    Sorry to read all this. yeah, diesel and wood with soft goods will be ruined or stained for life. One way to keep the termites away! End of the season is somewhat of a blessing. Curious if they will reimburse for replacement value.
  10. Grease Monkey

    5 Black Crow Belts

    Whats the width of the chest and lap belts. Also, the lap belts are they pull up towards the latch to tighten or pull away? Thanks.
  11. Grease Monkey


    @nicklas gunsmithing Not sure where he is nowadays. 951-897-6390 Seems he was last on here in January.
  12. Grease Monkey

    Action Shots

  13. Grease Monkey

    Action Shots

  14. Grease Monkey

    Buyer be aware of Acefuture

    @acefuture is a piece of work. I had a set of free rims and tires from an old Banshee. I offered them up on gd and he told me he only needed two. It was all or nothing. I wasn't going to put up with his bull crap. He conceded to my demands and took all 4 of them. Gifters, givers, beware.
  15. Grease Monkey

    Looking for a small pick up truck. Shop runner

    Toyota, chevy s10/Colorado Ford ranger etc. Not looking so spend more then 10K been looking in the 5k range. Not much luck. Needs to look decent and run well. Auto/stick doesnt matter. Stock prefered, no pre runner flat biller trucks. LMK
  16. Grease Monkey

    Looking for a small pick up truck. Shop runner

  17. Grease Monkey

    Truck Thief in Lake Elsinore

    I thought the same when I saw it last week. Think Mikey was just sharing it.
  18. Grease Monkey

    2018 F350 4x4 lift shopping...need advice

    Cant help ya in the south county but do recommend these guys up here. Congrats on the truck. Lets see it. https://www.industrialmotoring.net/
  19. Grease Monkey

    A+ Build

    Came out great. Need one of those kick starters. Got a better picture of that on this bike?
  20. Busy so far. Meet with a client this am on their boat. Had the wise @JDMeister over for some computer swapping and IT work. Got the lettering guy to come over and start on a few work trucks. Needed new logo's and engine dealer logos. Now fussing with paperwork. You all have fun and be safe!
  21. Grease Monkey

    red licorice and axle rotation explained

    I bet you ate that piece too. We know you like pens.
  22. Grease Monkey

    New truck questions

    Lets see it!!!!!!!! @SVrider
  23. Grease Monkey

    New truck questions

    Anything compared to what I spent is a good deal. Great truck, plenty of power.
  24. Grease Monkey

    have you been scammed on Ebay?

    Yes and no. I was selling a pair of used cummins 5.9 marine engines on eBay. Both engines had high crankcase pressure but ran well. I sea trialed the boat prior to installing new engines. Listed both engines as is where is. Fully disclosed all issues and had plenty of photos. One engine sold and shipped to Seattle area. No issues. Second engine sold and went to florida. That one turned out to be a scammer. He opened up a complaint and said the engine didnt run and needed 4600.00 worth of repairs. Said injection pump was bad. Engines sold for $6500.00 each. I went back and forth with the guy asking how he came to the conclusion the pump was bad, what did he do to the engine etc. Ask for photos etc. Saw that some parts on the engine that were newer, not related. Figured the guy was trying to cheat me out of money and was doing a paint job overhaul on it to resell. Did some more research and the guy had two accounts. One he bought stuff with and one he sold stuff with. The buying account showed a bunch of negative feedback left for sellers. Total scammer working the ebay system to work in his favor. I then figured he had too much time and money into my old engine and i offered 100% refund and I would pay the return freight. I wanted my engine back and the way it was. He refused, he dropped the complaint, left me negative feedback. I kept the funds and wont be selling engines ever again on eBay. Found the engine two days later on his selling account for sale at $16000.00 All painted, and pretty. Sure is sad as it was worn out inside.

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