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  1. Be at the shop soon to work in a new phone system with built in management. Then meet a few clients. You all have fun and be safe.
  2. Grease Monkey

    Anyone have pictures of Outfront intercooler mounted

    on to what engine? Subaru? single or Dual overhead cam? Mid engine or rear engine set up? Very car and engine specific.
  3. Grease Monkey

    Adding a oil cooler to a LS 7

    In my business, you always want to filter hot oil then cool it before it enters the oil galley. Coolant temp can be stable but oil temps high. Average oil temp it 30 deg warmer then coolant but this is sump temp. Shear temp at the bearings can be much higher and with oil break down around 270 it's a fine line.
  4. Grease Monkey

    Apple Pie Moonshine

    I guess I will just leave the buggy here then.
  5. Grease Monkey

    Apple Pie Moonshine

    Youtube is flooded with ideas
  6. Grease Monkey

    Glamis this morning

    Plus 1 For the car cover and dry seats. Air up and enjoy the peanut butter.
  7. Grease Monkey

    Looking for a Bosch fuel pump

    John @ outfront has a good replacement. I know it's not what you asked but an option and local and a sponsor.
  8. Grease Monkey

    School me on the washes

    The washes have changed a bit this year with the wind. Some are softer and deeper then years past and we have migrated because of this. Even with 4x4 its been a driving experience. Start off camping shallow in the washes and feel it out from there. Always good to camp with a group familiar with this seasons sand flow.
  9. Grease Monkey

    Joke of the day

  10. Grease Monkey

    20’ x 102 deck over trailer. Sold

    @tigwelder X2 Location? Interested as well. Brakes on both axles? Year built? Manufacturer?
  11. Grease Monkey

    What CAN I do in Glamis?

    Help others by teaching.
  12. December is here and it came fast. Working today and spending time at moms tonight. Tomorrow might handle some Xmas shopping. You all have a fun and safe weekend.
  13. Grease Monkey

    It's Saturday 12/1/18 what are you doing this weekend?

    Nothing today.
  14. Grease Monkey

    Snap On Pit Wagon Toll Box

    What's in the top center cabinet? Shelving or work top?
  15. Grease Monkey

    Snap On Pit Wagon Toll Box

    @HENRY What's the dimensions of this beast?
  16. Grease Monkey

    Prayers Needed for follow Duner

    Yes Devin. Get well Jeff. Stay strong Amber.
  17. Grease Monkey

    Parking Like A Douche!

  18. Grease Monkey

    So it begins, My Gen 5 summer 2018 conversion, Outfront Style

    Should have John drive your car while you sit passenger. Now that takes some nerves.
  19. Grease Monkey

    REV-X Transaxle lube

    TRANSAXLE EXTREME ABUSE LUBRICANT Transaxle Extreme Abuse Lubricant came to be, due to the voices in the off-roading world that were tired of simple failures that kept them from enjoying the small amount of time away from work. You see, most of them are just like we are, when we actually get some time off we like to enjoy the purchases that we have made. Extreme Abuse Lubricants are formulated to take over 4 times the abuse that any transaxle was engineered for and provide benefits that were unavailable until now. Gone are the days of metal to metal wear, pitting, spalling and chipping of the gears under severe loads. TRANSAXLE Extreme provides cooler running transaxles that shift smoother, last much longer and don’t require as much maintenance as with prior lubricants. TRANSAXLE products do NOT contain zinc or tackifiers that promote extremely high operating temperatures. TRANSAXLE products use only the most modern additives to truly quench friction and allow your transaxle to literally float without the metal to metal contact that creates friction and extreme temperatures TRANSAXLE Extreme Abuse Lubricants are available in two viscosities for maximum performance and reliability in any type or style of manual transaxles. TRANSAXLE-H is an 85w-140 semi-synthetic lubricant that is for use in all manual transaxles that require the heavier weight lubricant. TRANSAXLE-L is an 80w-90 semi-synthetic lubricant and is the most recommended weight lubricant for most transaxles in use today. Whether you are using your transaxle in a street driven vehicle or for all out war in the off-Road racing scene, with the use of TRANSAXLE H or L you no longer must wonder if your lubricant has the stones to keep up to the abuse you are throwing at it. You asked for it, and it’s finally available. Application Transaxle L (light weight) used in lower hp applications. Manufacturer suggests below 350 hp. Transaxle H (Heavy weight) Used in higher hp applications above 350HP Here is a copy and paste from the Offshore world. Though they come from entirely different high-performance boating worlds, Brit Lilly and Vern Gilbert have a lot in common. First and foremost, they share a need: a need for speed on the water. For Lilly, who lives in Maryland, that need manifests itself in offshore powerboat racing, where he claimed yet another Super Boat International Superboat-Class World Championship in Key West, Fla., last week. Gilbert, on the other hand, is from Arizona and finds the satisfaction he craves in top-speed events such as the Lake of the Ozarks Shoot in Central Missouri, where he ran 182 mph in his open cockpit 40-foot Skater catamaran in August. And both are sponsored by Rev-X Oil, which started in the automotive diesel power market and began its foray into the high-performance marine lubrication and additive market a couple of years ago. Among the five Rex-X marine products that have Lilly and Gilbert singing their praises is a drive-oil called Drive H. (The H stands for “Heavyweight.”) That’s not to say the two veteran racers don’t use other Rev-X goodies, but Drive H definitely has captured their undivided attention. “It’s the best gear lube, ever,” said Lilly, who runs a 525-hp Joey Griffin engine in his 30-foot Extreme V-bottom. “We used to have to put in new gear sets every two to three races at best before we started using this product. Well, I just finished the entire season on one set of gears. They didn’t even get wear pattern. I’m actually wearing out other drive components from normal use, like clutches, before I wear the gears. Now, once a year I replace the clutch instead of once a year replacing everything.” Vern Gilbert is delighted with extra life that the Drive H product has given to his gear sets. Though his performance application is different, Gilbert’s experience with the Rev-X Drive H product mirrors Lilly’s. “I am running 2,200- to 2,400-hp Carson Brummett engines,” said Gilbert. “In two to three weekends of use, we typically knock the nitrate off the gears and have to replace them. Not with this stuff—it works fantastic. I’m really happy with it.” Lilly also uses the Rev-X Marine Oil additive, which according to company literature “increases horsepower and torque.” That’s a big claim—and one that happens to be true, according to the offshore racer. “We made a dyno pull using it and we saw seven more horsepower,” said Lilly. “My engine builder couldn’t believe it. He said that in 35 to 40 years of building engines, he’s never seen an additive increase horsepower.” In addition to Drive H and Marine Oil additive, Rev-X offers Distance+ Marine, an “all-in-one” diesel additive; Marine Adrenaline, an “all-in-one” gasoline additive; and Drive L, a “heavily additized semi-synthetic” high-performance lubricant. The company plans to make a formidable push into the high-performance pleasure-boat market with all of its products next year. But getting them proven in two of most punishing competition environments—the kind Lilly and Gilbert call home—had to come first. “We have a limited budget, like a lot of racers and high-performance powerboat owners,” said Lilly. “Using the Rev-X products has helped me save money and spend it on other things we need for the boat.” I am currently the exclusive distributor of this oil. We sell and offer other Rev-X oils and fuel treatments as well. I will be putting together 3 free kits. These Kits will be 4 quarts of REV-X Transaxle oil. More details to come. Erik
  20. Grease Monkey

    New monuments/Memorials - All opposed?

    Just to add, I dont need a reminder of how many have died recreating in the dunes. If i wish to pay my respect to a fallen friend or family member, I would prefer to do it in a cemetery or overlooking a cliff at the ocean where their ashes were placed.
  21. Grease Monkey

    New monuments/Memorials - All opposed?

    I have witnessed a few ceremonies by accident or just because we have rolled up at the moment. These few family and friends were saying their goodbyes to their loved ones and spreading the ashes of the fallen duner. I do not believe this is allowed on the federal lands but it served the same purpose as a standing memorial. The dunes were the location they wanted to be placed or the family felt it was the best place. Regardless is is not impacting the area, it still has the memorial effect and serves its purpose. Both times I remember this happening at the vets flag pole. The destination memorials in place are ok but I prefer the dunes and the hills for my destination. Yes I will join you Hozay. No need to ask me again.
  22. Grease Monkey

    REV-X Transaxle lube

    Yes, I have more cases coming in. All the free kits have been passed out. Looking forward to your results.
  23. Grease Monkey

    Heavy Equipment Service

    Don't buy a boat. You will hate me. Peace.

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