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  2. That sucks. Having had someone loosen lug nuts on my boat Trailer one-night and almost loosing by boat and trailer I feel for him. Lesson learned. Always check and double check at pit stops. Glad no one was hurt.
  3. Your getting the views. Most cars don't sell with an announcement or even a question here. It happens thru a pm, text or call. Keep the discussion to a minimum and clearly list all the positives and any negatives. Good photos etc. BTW. Duned with you and your car last season. Great car and a great seller. Someone will get a nice car that's well cared for.
  4. I'm confused on what you did and what happened. A fire?
  5. It's a backpack gees. Picked up some steel it so I can pretend to be LRS on my shocks. Gotta say to the masses. Eff you. Saturday was great with all our friends but sucked trying to talk to the vendors. Not sure how any vendor got thru yesterday. Going today was nothing short of epic. I know you vendors were tired and ready to go home. Thank you for hanging in one more day. Less people more time with vendors. Couldn't be happier going back today. Next year will do Sunday only. So much better.
  6. Moth balls. So I've been told.
  7. SSSS was alright. Hit the high points but didn't get the whole show experience so going back tomorrow. Was planning on working on my car and may do that after. Just need more as I want to see more. Should get some photos for you all that could not make it.
  8. Saw the same today. Would not have even looked at them as I'm not in the market but this thread made me look. Solid trailer. I would need the bowling alley if I was in the market and there big model (didn't see model size) at the show would work fine. No slide bit fit and finish was as good as it gets. Not being in the need I didn't pick at it, but would be the first one I go back to. Fwiw, nice trailer.
  9. Sand Sports Super Show for us. Hang with friends, drink, walk, find shade, drink, more walking, more shade, repeat then hopefully cap it off with a dinner tonight. You all be safe and have fun.
  10. Bad ass Robert. Or should you be bad ass Bobby now. Congrats.
  11. I would plan on solar if i was working in that area. At least have the options ready. Good job Dale. Looks like just in time. What made you decide to do it in the first place. Any problems you noticed?
  12. Yes, just like every work morning back then. Driving in listening to Kevin and Bean on KROQ. They start in with the first tower and I'm just listening in as its another joke or skit. Really didn't believe it as it was the norm for that radio show to joke about something that wasn't real. Got to the shop and turned on the little TV and went right KTLA news. There I saw the first tower on fire. By the time the whole staff arrived we were all glued to the TV. Then tower 2 was hit. Some went home. Some stayed. No work was done. I remember how still and quiet it was. No planes, no helicopters no one really driving around. It was surreal. We were blindsided by an enemy that we were not ready for. Not prepared for. I'm afraid even with what we've lost, what we've learned and what we've done to protect from this, it won't matter. An enemy of this nature will find a way to hurt us again. I will never forget.
  13. Whats on your bucket list this year? Im looking forward to hanging with my friends, seeing others I havent seen since last season. Seeing the Funco and CBM . Talking with Crow about new belts, GDS on this seasons storage, buying season pass etc. Buying 22 dollar beers!

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