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  1. Saying goodbye to the boat today. Been fun building and barely using. New asphalt going down at the shop. Catching up on some paperwork. You all have fun and be safe.
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  3. Right Here Got this today in my change.
  4. Bought one year's ago. Excited to find that dream sleep. Paid the price and found that no matter the pressure I woke up with a sore lower back. Two years of trying different settings. I don't sleep on my back so that will always add to my issue but I can say that I sleep better on traditional mattress's with less back pain when I get up in the morning. IMO, not worth the expense. Can buy several traditional mattresses for the price of a sleep number.
  5. Spent today working on the boat. Funny as I was doing things, finishing things I wanted for myself but will ultimately be for the new owners.
  6. Booked for Kaui. Marriott bound. Relax, unplug, fornicate, drink, repeat. Thanks everyone!!!
  7. Wrapping up some boat sale details. Hopefully relaxing tomorrow. You all be safe and have fun.
  8. We kissed the edge of where the original hole was. Which was center. The hole had worn to the one side. So we cut/drilled from that original edge center to the worn edge. Then plugged it. Luckily the largest end mill we currently have is 7/8. Just made it.
  9. Boats being sold Surveyor found loose steering at the rudder arm. Pulled the arm and rudder this afternoon. Found the wobbled out hole. Milled hole offset with 7/8 end mill. Grabbed an old brass pump shaft. Cut it down on the lathe. Close to. 005 press fit. Little heat and the arbor press and got the shaft into the hole. Cut off the shaft and smoothed it put flush. Set up end mill again with a 1/2 bit. Cut new hole just off the edge of the original and it's good to go. Getting installed back into the boat now. Photo order all messed up but ya get the visual.
  10. Its not about those tats. Its her hygiene. Careful with those nails guys. Not so sure how she cleans herself with those. She might be waiting for a baby wipe!
  11. Well said Socaldmax. SLAPPY........ It's a way of life. Wish I knew what diet the stickman was on.
  12. Started the thread with Maui, it's changed.
  13. It's Kauai then. Keep the info coming. Wanting to make the best of this trip. Thanks everyone.
  14. No golf for me, might call on an old client n see about a fishing trip.
  15. Best places to stay? Cost and location. Thinking 10 day trip. Rent a car or uber? Things to do, see, sea? Thanks.
  16. Cash not in hand yet but it's passed the surveys so will be closing. Don't want to jinx anything.

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