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  1. cola

    Sheet Metal fab shops where & who ?

    Is he a board sponsor?
  2. cola

    Sheet Metal fab shops where & who ?

    Katg in Calimesa 909-380-9073
  3. Car has a boost controller. Turn it down
  4. cola

    Boxo USA Tools

    I believe boxo is sold in several countries all on different formats of product line so the USA is the title for tools manufactured, sold and tailor marketed for the USA. I think a lot of people would be surprised how many snap on, Mac, Matco, cornwell etc tools are actually manufactured in Tawain as well. Tawain is far different than China when it comes to quality
  5. cola

    Boxo USA Tools

    Boxo tools are great tool and well worth the money. Life time warranty on boxes and tools, organization is great, colors are cool and quality is amazing
  6. cola

    Wall frame advise

    That was just the better way, not the only. If you don't use them disconnect them.
  7. cola

    Wall frame advise

    Just looked a pics again the wire on the right is too short. You can cut a box in on the 90deg. wall just below where the wire is drilled in corner. Use the existing wire as a pull string to get the new wire around the corner. Your insurance company will appreciate it.
  8. cola

    Wall frame advise

    Looks like you have enough wire to add a box above the door on the right side. Then on the left side cut in a box and put the wire on the left in it. Add a new wire from box to box. You can put outlets in either of the boxes or just blank plates. The wire nuts in the wall is a bad idea. Easy to do now.
  9. cola

    Interesting "Pop" out of an LS1

    Heat gun on the exhaust tubes is also a good way to see if your firing each cylinder.
  10. Not here, we have the weather tax. They tax everything.
  11. cola

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    Thanks for the link. Mike
  12. cola

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    Believe it or not...Amazon. I wanted to have all LED lighting and everywhere I looked it was just too expensive. Went to Amazon and they had a bunch of different lights so I went with the 2 bulb 4 foot long lights. We mounted 2 rows on both sides linked together and the light is great. They were 10 fixtures for like $250 so i bought a bunch so I wold have some extras if they ever went out. Good luck with your building. Sam, Which lights are you using. Home Depot or Amazon. Or are they the same and that much cheaper on Amazon. Looking for some lights for the shop. Thanks Mike
  13. cola

    King of the Hammers

    Wide open, go where ever you like.

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