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    Honda 3.5

    72,000 mile a4 in my car out of an 04 Odyssey. Put it in in 2011. Still going strong.

    Plan Table

    Bump. Price drop. $200 Somebody need a plan table?

    Throttle body wanted

    Thanks guys. I'll pass this on.

    Throttle body wanted

    Looking for an LS cable driven throttle body for a buddy. Stock one is fine. Thanks

    Parking Brake on Sandcar - Ideas?

    Also, there is an in line hydraulic parking lock that someone sells, but I've heard of those locking up after runs with heavy braking.

    Parking Brake on Sandcar - Ideas?

    I've always been told putting the car in 1st when towing is a Big No No because the timing belt can skip a tooth. I've never transported mine in gear. That being said, there is a thread on here about manual parking brakes. You basically take the parking brake handle from a VW bug and a control cable and connect it to a Wilwood caliper, the part number is in the thread. Then you have to machine a small rotor that bolts to one of your inner CV's and wha-la. independent parking brake cable. I'll see if I can find the thread.

    2D leaking oil from front of tranny

    Almost spit my drink out allover my computer screen. So Funny. Also, Sean@weddle is the man!

    Plan Table

    Bump. Price Drop. $300

    Radio Etiquette

    Yup. Squelch knob and power output settings. Can't remember if it's 3 or 4 levels but it's nice to have the option.
  10. You crazy if you drop it anymore. Just wait for the right buyer.

    Plan Table

    Looks like I forgot the price. Asking $400

    Plan Table

    Custom Built Plan Table. In excellent condition 93.5" long x 35" Wide. 30" tall in the front and 36" tall in the back. Has 36" wide cabinet for storage on the left hand side. Available for pick up in Corona. Asking $200

    Front tire size

    I have to disagree with both of you. I've been running 33" Baja pros as my sand tire since I built my light car in 2011. In 2015 I started running the hard pack and for a year I ran a 35" Goodyear yellow labels before switching to 33" BFG Baja T/As. The car has seen time in glamis, arizona, and most of the popular hardpack riding spots in CA. It's been used to pre run multiple US off road races and I even used it to pre run the 2017 B1K. She's no garage queen. Couple of seasons ago I hit a witches eye on the passenger side. It was an ugly one, coming down a dune and it was hiding at the crease at the bottom. I had 3 adults in the car. It was a nasty hit but the car drove through it and made it back to camp under it's own power. The 33" baja pro actually rubbed the frame. The hit twisted the upright up pretty bad. The combo held up fine. Once I got it torn down you can see that the weld from the snout did crack, but so did the actual upright, in multiple places and the frame in three places. Point is, a US made combo snout that is properly welded will hold up fine with 33". It will be no more a weak point than any other fabricated part on the car.
  14. Yes. I've been using it about 4 years. Was even our main GPS when we raced the 1000 in 17. I like it. It's way more user friendly than any of the small lowrance's that I've used. Just make sure you get a good background map. Don't buy it thinking you are going to have satellite maps everywhere you go, because you won't. You'll need their pro pack subscription and a device that has A LOT of storage space to get the Sat imagery everywhere you go. Last I heard they were working on the android version and may even have a beta for it. Also, older hardware isn't going to cut it. You need to have a relatively modern device for it to run smoothly.

    Starting another project.

    Which tensioner are you going to go with? The one with the gas shock is the odyssey style. I purchased the Pilot tensioner, but am at a loss as to how to make it work, the block doesn't have the same bolts. Interested to see what you come up with.

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