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  1. Just take it off and clean it. It happens to mine once in a while. Just take it off, clean it and put it back on. You'll feel the difference in it between when it's clean and when it's dirty.
  2. I run the Empi Race prepped 930's $55 each. 8 years old this year.
  3. Totally a scam, everyone knows Tie's didn't have hyper drives. Sub light engines only.
  4. I use LeadNav and I like it a lot. Like anything else (Lowrance GPS included) If you don't learn how to use it it ain't no good. In my group I'm always getting the navigation questions even though every other car has a Lowrance. Not because the leadnav is better than Lowrance, but because I took the time to learn to use it. I really got used to using it starting in 2015 when I started to use it as a GPS while chasing for a friends race team. When I raced the 1000 with them in 2017 we got a small sponsor ship from LeadNav, hardware kits (Ipad not included) and some free training and support. We used it on the pre-run (3 separate pre-runs with 3 separate Ipads) and I took everyone's notes and combined them into the race trucks Ipad the night before the race, then emailed that as a backup to the other 3 Ipads. All while we were spread across the peninsula. It was pretty great. We used it as our main navigation source for the entire race. If you are going to use it in a race application or to plan some back country navigation, you WILL NEED the $250 a year subscription. And it is well worth it in my opinion. If you are just using it for play car GPS then you do not need any of the subscriptions. There are plenty of downloadable maps to use for offline navigation. I do recommend you use the additional Dual GPS puck. Mount it in a safe place because it IS NOT waterproof. You will need a modern ipad to run the software, the hi res satellite maps are very large files. You need a fast processor and lots of storage. Your 16gb Ipad air isn't going to cut it. Run it in Airplane mode with bluetooth turned on. Good luck whichever you choose. Pictures, because threads without them suck and because I love remembering my time in Baja.
  5. 72,000 mile a4 in my car out of an 04 Odyssey. Put it in in 2011. Still going strong.
  6. I have this exact same tire x5. They are an awesome tire. Those look to be in great shape. I've run them in way worse shape. Get yourself a gallon of Berryman's. I run it in all of mine.
  7. I agree. What's the problem? Run it. I've run way worse.
  8. Bump. Price drop. $200 Somebody need a plan table?
  9. Thanks guys. I'll pass this on.
  10. Looking for an LS cable driven throttle body for a buddy. Stock one is fine. Thanks
  11. Also, there is an in line hydraulic parking lock that someone sells, but I've heard of those locking up after runs with heavy braking.
  12. I've always been told putting the car in 1st when towing is a Big No No because the timing belt can skip a tooth. I've never transported mine in gear. That being said, there is a thread on here about manual parking brakes. You basically take the parking brake handle from a VW bug and a control cable and connect it to a Wilwood caliper, the part number is in the thread. Then you have to machine a small rotor that bolts to one of your inner CV's and wha-la. independent parking brake cable. I'll see if I can find the thread.
  13. Almost spit my drink out allover my computer screen. So Funny. Also, Sean@weddle is the man!
  14. Yup. Squelch knob and power output settings. Can't remember if it's 3 or 4 levels but it's nice to have the option.

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