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  1. wow thanks for all the input, theres some great suggestions here, but i'll never go sxs,rino rzr or anything that dosnt have a clutch and gears,(thats half the fun) I'm a old school kind of guy, I like things clean and simple. my goal would be reliable fun, dont need to go 80 down sand highway just want to shoot the bowles and cruse the dunes. my bugget will dictate what i end up with so the more info i have the better. so how do you tell a bus tranny from a regular car tranny,why do some adds say close 3ed and 4th and some say just close ratio trans is therea differance, how come some beam cars dont have front shocks at all. im sure ill have alot more question but thanks everyone for now
  2. ok i guess the real question is, do i need all that travel and horsepower just to cruse the dunes ive been all over craigslist and know whats available in my price range. do i need irs or is a swing axel good enough ,how about a close ratio trans,will a stock 1600 tackle most dunes or do i need to go big, duel carbs vrs single, what should i look for when looking.i have a lot more questions.like am i even in the right fourm. mayby someone can steer me in the right direction thanks
  3. hi new to the boards but been riding dunes for 30+ years mostley on 3 wheelers atc350x ,250r, built110 to date. im 55 years old now and thinking about a sandrail. (getting tired of kick starting my 350x) there are some sweet buggys out there but out of my budget, im thinking oldschool type VW want to spend around 4 OR $5000. Probley a old topic but should i go mid engine or rear engine what are the pros and cons of each.

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