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  1. This is the most important back-up item! In the form of $100 bills and a credit card with a high limit for when the tools and excess parts or motivation come up short! It works for the toys as well as the motorhome in a pinch LOL
  2. Robby answered some questions on Friday night about realistic delivery. His comment was that we will be able to see some cars delivered in time for Thanksgiving (not October as was asked though). When I quantified about Diablo's also, he stated a firm not this year. Hope that helps and hope it is not just an empty wish. On another aspect, I spoke with one of the radio suppliers and they told me that the Speed orders haven't been placed yet but they were well stocked up in anticipation of the upcoming order.
  3. I spoke to Todd about that on Friday...He said its already being built (LS) and it's a 6 speed 4wd. I'm Curious on the combo to get the FWD aspect. Maybe something close to the SST for front driveline with a rear or mid engine? I'm also guessing the frame tubing may need to be thicker or upgraded for more weight and/or torque? Maybe Johnson Valley 2022 Diablo unicorn?
  4. I have a similar clearance issue and was thinking...could you put the filler neck under a metal door/lid in the floor inside the trailer towards the center so it could be filled from either side with just opening the rear main ramp door? If you were to place it towards the rear it would be under the rear of a rail so it would be accessible even when loaded. Mine has a dovetail so as I get more towards the rear the access gets larger. I would just have to be careful not to place it too far back so it's still a bit higher than the tank when going uphill or put in a valve to close it off when not filling.
  5. Congrats, nicely done ! Enjoy the next decade and see/do all that you can while health is with you and your wife 🙂
  6. There's alot to be said about this...And CCW in LA Co is virtually impossible. So, I got a malinois and travel/scenario train regularly... homeless population and dirtbags are out of control here. No permits or lifted eyebrows with the dog and at least i'm openly not the easy target as he smiles reaaal nice to strangers ! lol. At this point, if I'm still looking for a CCW its gone extremely bad.

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