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  1. Middy

    Question About Long Tag Trailers

    Towed a WW FS3400 with smooth sides, dual air, etc etc with buggy, quad, full water etc, behind a Duramax 2500 4x4. I always felt the trailer towed like a dream. Never a sway and straight as an arrow. Braking was never a problem as the breaks on the trailer would stop it on its own as far I was concerned. Pay attention to your load and weight distibution and you will not have any issues!! I did put a Class V Titan hitch on in place of the stock GM .. POS.
  2. Middy

    Universal Trailers

    If you are looking to get a hold of Jimmy, his cell is 760-778-0309
  3. Middy

    Looking For A Boston Terrier

    I'll add our Turbo. He is related to a few of the dogs pictured in this thread. Personality is an understatement!!
  4. Middy

    San Diego Country Estates

    Right, don't you mean that big Kitty Litter with two poles in it?
  5. Middy

    San Diego Country Estates

    None that I have seen, but Im on the north end of the Estates. There are a crap load of Wild Turkeys up here roaming the Golf Course and Surroundings!
  6. Middy

    San Diego Country Estates

    ...but it's OK to blow $45K on a 12 year old van, have a $17K expense with a volunteer committee, and guarantee a 3% merit to all the employees each year with no limit to income? Yes, this is true. There is not a cap on the staffs income. Or how about the same vendors winning bids over and over, even when other bids are coming in that would save us thousands? The idea here is to lower HOA fees.....not remodel a restaurant, continue to take a loss, and send the golf pro to florida for an all expenses paid trip while he is down on his quota by 4000 games. Maybe I just have a lot more information than everyone else.... Ben sure does sound like you have the inside track and have all the answers. Looking forward to seeing you on the ballot this Spring!!! Yes the restaurant loses $$ each year it has fixed expenses and is an 'amenity' to the Estates and the surrounding areas. You do not have much other choice than to spend money to upgrade. I won't argue about the salaries and some of the people in fact I think the Restaurant/Bar Manager has worn out her usefulness a long time ago. but that neither here nor there. If you don't make use of the amenities you will always complain about them. I happen to be one of that goes to the bar, plays golf here regularly and takes my kids to the parks we have. Sorry that doesn't work for you, yet..... And I agree with an earlier poster for $98 we are doing very well for what we get. I am pretty sure Ryland HOA is NOT higher than that a month BUT they don't get SHIAT, other than one big ass water bill for the landscaping.
  7. Middy

    San Diego Country Estates

    Do some research...The restaurant actually lost money in 2013, to the tune of $91K, the golf course have a revenue of a whopping $7 grand, yes, $7,000...not $70,000, and the Bar drug in $134K. Where did it go? Hmmm.....$1.3 million in golf course expenses and $1.2 million in administration expenses??? Hmm, the Golf Course revenue was only $7k. You might want to recheck your numbers on that one to. Are you talking revenues or Income??? The Restaurant always loses money, always has. Im curious to hear where you thing the money would be better spent, but maybe not in this thread, why don't you run for the board. If I like your ideas I'll vote for you. And if you think the golf membership runs the board you will want to check that thesis one more time too. Politics here are just like they are everywhere else, everyone complains but never does what it takes to get involved. The power of the board in this HOA is immense!! the only check and balance is the membership.
  8. Middy

    San Diego Country Estates

    Interesting points by most. I have been in the Estates for 14 years. In my experience and what I personally dealt with my trailer was that if it was visible from the street, and you are going thru the approval process (which I recommend), then you will need to cover it, or as most people have done is built a slightly higher fence. Once its approved they never bother you again. Prior to the recession they were pretty hardcore about weeds or even bare dirt in your front yard. Bare dirt is no longer the case (in my experience) Just keep your weeds down. As far as the $98/month HOA, it is true that money has been spent to upgrade the Golf Course, the restaurant and the Bar over the past couple of years and to some that is a waste, however if those who complain would actually go to a board meeting they might find that the finances of the entire community are supported by the Golf Course and the Bar!! The improvements were necessary (IMO) to keep those flow of funds. There are a lot of other wastes within the community that could be curtailed to save money, but the fact is those are the things that make this a great community as well. Bottom line is that it is an HOA, the schools are good, and IMO the family atmosphere and activities are enough reason for me to stay!!
  9. Middy

    Dow Closes @ Record High

    you'll have to adjust your graph as the dow is up 256 points as I type this at a level of 16131.00 bouncing off a bottom of about 6500 a few years ago, yeah that means the dollar is going to crap!!! Crowbar, I hope I'm wrong for the sake of my children. Yes a lot of money was made from just the last big correction in April '09. I fired my Smith Barney manager back in 2003 when I asked them to buy a block of stock I was sure was going to make it big. They charged me full pop commission on the trade, because the manager didn't make the call, on top of my annual management fee. My trade increased 15 fold over the next 2 years when the crap they had me in floundered. My point is there is always money to be made in any market, of course. I will leave this thread now. I'm trying to get people stimulated to think for themselves. I'm a huge Jim Rogers disciple and can't help myself sometimes. I guess I could have figured. Jim Rogers is just another one of this guys that has made a lot of money for himself.. via his newsletter and his Commodity Funds that you can get into but can never get out of!! LMAO. all the best in following him. Bottom line everything comes in cycles... it goes from equities, to bonds, to real estate to commodities. Historically the commodity cycles last from 10-15 years. The current commodity cycle started around 2001. You go figure the math out. As far as the US greenback goes, its the world's currency and remains as such anything thats going to change that is going to take one hell of a war and I don't care what you're investing in it won't make a damn bit of difference. PS Jimmy Rogers has made his money he doesn't need yours or mine or anyone else's for that matter. But those that followed him on his globe trotting adventures were treated to one hell of a story.
  10. Middy

    Titan Air Jacks To Unstick Your Rail

    I might have been drinking......but, if you believe you never been stuck, then Rubs has never been photo'd with nothing but a coozie either.
  11. Middy

    Titan Air Jacks To Unstick Your Rail

    Damn Craig if I remember right I have an old pic of you in the early days needing one of these on a summer night ride... Id dig it up but you know.....
  12. Middy

    Dow Closes @ Record High

    Here we go again...... agh the Sky is Falling the Sky is falling!!! f*%CKN Chicken Littles everywhere. Play cards your dealt, if the Fed is saying buy, then don't doubt it and question it, Frckn BUY!!! When the Fed stops, get out of the Frckn WAY..... Carry On ladies.....
  13. Middy

    New Vid

    Now thats How you drive them cars!! Lead Man deserves every bit of the props for keeping that level of adrenaline up for that long!!
  14. Middy

    Obama Folds?

    Its all bullshiat. Only thing he is doing by making this stupid announcement is place the blame on the Insurance Companies. He and everyone of his cronies know that the Ins Companies are not going to send a new letter saying ha ha just kidding your not cancelled. But by the ins company 'voluntarily' rescinding the rescission its now their fault, not "FraudBama's". Piece of work this guy is......

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