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  1. What exactly are you putting it on? Truck, trailer, jeep, RZR, Sandrail?
  2. You San Jose folks won't hit it, it is I5 north right before the 580 junction.
  3. Last year we had to replace the main from the house to the curb. Guys who did the work said it was code now to have a clean out right next to the curb, I wasn't complaining. I've used it a few times with a 10' hose, if I don't dump on the way home. Only problem I have is someone in my neighborhood likes to pull my black tank valve. I didn't catch it the first time... But one of these days I will catch the SOB.
  4. They haven't shut down the one at the I5 rest stop I usually dump at.
  5. My favorite treat to myself is Köstritzer Schwarzbier black beer. My everyday beer is 805.
  6. Pull that bottom drain plug out of the water heater and let all the water drain out. Then turn on the water pump, or hook up to city water with the drain plug out and see if you get a good flow of water draining out. At least this will tell you if it is the flow in or the flow out of the water heater. Make sure the water heater is off.
  7. I just noticed that my Brotherhood status has been revoked. I hit 2k a few years ago but now I am below it again?
  8. I would use acetone as a last resort. It could break down the fiberglass.
  9. Awesome, learn something new every day. Thanks
  10. Might just be a ground loop issue. Check that you have good grounding on both the invertor and the stereo? Might also be able to install a ground loop isolator or a filter?
  11. About $40 from Amazon. They come in different colors but this isn't a plug and play. I had to buy a clawfoot adapter to line up the new faucet to the existing holes because it is a wider pattern. Isn't too difficult, just need to go into it knowing you will need to get creative. The payoff is well worth it though.
  12. Here is that thermostatic faucet I mentioned. Before and After... The left knob turns the water on/off and the right knob adjust the water temp. It is preset at 104 degrees.
  13. Thanks... Here is a picture of the compartment slide. Unfortunately Kwikee doesn't make anything narrower then 24", so I had to cut down all the parts to fit a 19" wide door opening. The front and back panel I had to cut and re-weld, the middle pieces just cut and drill some new pop rivet holes. Rust-oleum has a spray paint that matches exactly for touching up the welded parts. I also installed some LED lights in the compartment, it was about a 6' strip that really lights it up.

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