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  1. True words…teamsters(local 399) are into permits.
  2. It’s a slippery slope working out of town. I primarily work out of town as a stunt performer(SAG),but if I want to work as a grip(local 80) it’s much more difficult,as there is almost always a local union that has the job. Ive done quite a bit of work in Atlanta as a stunt performer,but if I wanted to grip I’d have to be in Atlanta’s grip union. Which they are also IATSE,not sure how the whole process is to transfer unions.
  3. Full of Libtards? Or full of what?
  4. Thanks and will do for sure. If my family were to go down this road they would live primarily at the out of state home anyways. Ideally I would buy something in Havasu but AZ is seems to be getting weird as well.
  5. Same issue with the kids as well,16 year old daughter and 12 year old son…neither one of them care for the way they are taught in school or most of the way the all of the kids act in school. They would be fine moving out and starting at a new school. My real issue is my job (I’m in SAG as a stunt performer and Local 80 grip) so I’m building 2 pensions (25 years in both) but I’m only 47 so I can’t bail out this early…I’d be leaving to much on the table. My wife ans I have considered selling our place here and buying a townhouse(or something like that) and buying a house out of state and using that as our primary residence (but more than likely I’d never be there). But also where can you move that isn’t on the edge of going toxic? We went out to Lake Travis Texas last summer and liked it,but Austin is near by and it’s turning soft. Maybe Florida,DeSantis seems to have his chit together but how long will that last?
  6. 100% true. POS Pelosi’s dad was a heroin smuggler/dealer with “Lucky” Luchiano. Their dirty was have run deep for a long time..chit is rooted in.
  7. How do you guys move out of the state when your job is in California? I work in the Motion Picture Industry,based primarily in the Los Angeles area,but I also do a lot of traveling for my job. I can’t imagine being always away from my family just to try and escape this mess. I’m still 10-15 years out from retirement,so I’m curious how do make the escape now. It would make my wife and family happier to leave this chit,but can’t see how to make it work.
  8. Voted Sunday,but fear/sense another voter fraud…I mean voters that like Newscum coming out.
  9. Posting for a friends dad,so I’ll give as much info as I was given. Feel free to reach out to Terry as it’s his car and would have better info. I believe it’s a Fibertech 2 seat alum beam mid engine car. Car has had a lot of recent new parts installed,new motor(not sure the size)new carb,new starter,new exhaust ,new fuel pump,new cap,rotor and electronic distributor. New seat belts and seat covers. Price -$4500 obo Phone-661-803-0084. Please leave a message if he doesn’t answer.
  10. I thought I saw he was finally mandating Federal employees as well. What about mandating for the vaccine manufacturing companies?
  11. Wow …what a shock…that POS sounded like a real solid person.
  12. Solid +1 to watch Narcos…it doesn’t disappoint.

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