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  1. X2…El Hombre has the look right now! Strange for any top tier team to have a motor issue.
  2. Was AWESOME to see him going for it against the new breed.
  3. THD very sorry to hear about your brother and SIL.. best wishes to her and your families. Was on Indiamart,curious which Ivermectin and HCQ were you guys going with? Thanks for posting and keeping this active!
  4. Like I mentioned before,self install of the kits are pretty simple on the man card scale.
  5. ^^^^^this right here. Our Wildcat XX had Rugged Radio and original owner only used headsets but for here in Cali helmets are required so I bought new Bell helmets wired and setup for fresh air. We also wanted the kids to be able to communicate so we bought the kits from RR and installed into there Moto helmets just like PDM said. After having communication,can’t imagine not having it.
  6. X2…I really wanted one of there 5th wheel toyhauler but couldn’t stomach the price. Now that price is $50k more in 2.5 years
  7. He’s a washed up arrogant old man that has no business in the spot he’s in. He’s answers about how his VP has done at her job and if he would run with her again was amazing…just a “yes” and “yes”. Even the reporter asked if he wanted to elaborate and he just gave the typical Biden dipshit look. What a mess he and his VP have made.
  8. Bummer watching AC keep getting great starts but fades because of the shoulder injury. Great to see AP with a solid complete race! Great Moto season! Brappppp
  9. This is a full on “shell game”going on! Just try to keep your eye on the target..lol
  10. Back in early 2000’s I installed Hanneman “Ivan” fenders front and rear when I built my 92’ Yota with full Total Chaos front and Deaver out back. Still wish I had that truck.
  11. Going thru this positive test results with our family since Monday. My son the youngest (12) pretty much no symptoms,our daughter (16) aches and headache on Tuesday as well as the wife. I was good until this morning at 3am-ish when I woke up with aches,101.4* fever and sore throat. I’ll test again on Friday and hope to get this past us.
  12. Those snow Mexicans(Canadian) are getting hosed for healthcare already now they want to compound even more? Damn poor effers!
  13. X2 on the 44’s setup. Ideally a nice health type IV or a mild Subie motor and this thing would be blast!
  14. Sweet car! I’ve been tempted a few times about going to check it out. Fortunately for me I’ve been out of town for work.

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