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  1. Dune Marshall

    Crazy things you see in Glamis

    This has to be the guy at Dumont that pulls the parachute. I have not seen this angle, CRAZY!!
  2. Dune Marshall

    Filing taxes

    Im guessing you meant to say, Made Zero, Paid Zero, Owe Zero.
  3. Dune Marshall

    Whole house fan.

    Make sure you spend the extra money for a good Whole House Fan. Chris has been through this, and says its well worth the extra money on the front. I think the good ones are around 1K for your house. He started out with Home Depot Whole House fan, wasn't happy.
  4. Dune Marshall

    SX / Motorcross

    I like the pulpmx show, good stuff! Vital mx is a great forum for this stuff also.
  5. Dune Marshall

    SX / Motorcross

    Tyler Bowers, He punted Bam Bam !! 🙂
  6. Dune Marshall

    Next step up from lt80

    I agree with this! I also have one that I would be willing to sell.
  7. Dune Marshall

    Welding location for shock tube advise

    Would it be easier to move the mounts on the trailing arm ?
  8. Dune Marshall

    Plastic welding water tank

    I have seen a lot of spun welders, but never seen a spin weld. 🙂 Cool Video!
  9. Dune Marshall

    Theft prevention ideas. Buggies, Tow Rig, etc.

    hA HA! Exactly ! I will put them right here so i dont forget where they............................Wait a minute, where did I put those ?? 🙂
  10. Dune Marshall

    Theft prevention ideas. Buggies, Tow Rig, etc.

    I would eff myself on this one, im sure of it 🙂
  11. Dune Marshall

    Big thank you to John @ OutFront

    Very nice !!!
  12. Dune Marshall

    Want the wall built?

    But its ok to hire illegals, a bunch of them work for the POTUS at Mar Lago. If he has no problem with it, why cant other companies hire them ? Hmmmm................
  13. Dune Marshall

    Chevy crew cab sub box

    What size amp would you recommend for this box ? Why are you selling it ? Thanks
  14. Dune Marshall

    TRX 250 Honda sputtering

    Yep, your carb is clogged again. This time clean the fuel tank, and repeat the process. Also, I always leave my 4 strokes stored w the gas on, when you turn the gas off, all of the fuel evaporates in the bowl and leaves the nasty residue.

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