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  1. Honestly, its so hard to be a PADRE fan, born and raised. I hear what your saying
  2. Not really, The Dodgers only won 2 more playoff games than the Padres this year, and we dont have to Live in LA! Best record in the league and get bounced 1st round by the wild card team !! LMAO!! That was a great game!
  3. I call BS on this ! Have a friend who towed a decent sized boat to the river from SD with out the pin, He got lucky AF that he made it. Realized at the launch ramp. With a bunch of tounge weight, you can still tow that flatbed with out a pin. Homeless getting blamed for everything these days ! LMAO! Im sure they forgot to put the pin in, it happens!
  4. We did this for a friend that was in a bad accident at Pismo. We had a fund raiser and ended up selling way more rafffle tickets than the car was worth if we sold it outright. It worked out great for a great cause. The only problem with your idea is you have a set amount you have to sell, Also, who's to say your best friend dosent win ? Rigged ??
  5. There is not a quad made to compare these to. The value is that they are rare, these are probably the best kids quads around. They are a Raptor 250 w a 125 in them. Teach em young how to use the clutch, everyone remembers the first bike they learned a clutch on. Electric start makes them easy . There aren't many out there, I would say $2000-$2900 based on condition.
  6. I had 2 Total Power batteries leak, They warrantied one of them and told me to kick rocks on the second one. They were mounted on their side, which they said was ok, Needless to say, when it leaked under my seat, it ruined a bunch of shiat! I believe Odyssey is a better product.
  7. Cool Dog ! I had a yellow Lab that never missed a buggy ride! R.I.P. Summer girl
  8. Ha ha ! I like it ! Did I miss what app this is ??
  9. Im very happy with my Chinese cabinets. We used Rainbow stone in San Diego. Sorry, I dont have any pics.
  10. San Diego Bought in 02 for $200 sq Ft Zillow says $433 sq ft now
  11. Whats up bro,

    We go to Fiesta a few times a week, its about 10 minutes form my house.  We ride the coves,

    My 12 yr old son on a vintage 550sx jet ski, Black Chevy Duramax.  Would be cool to hook up and have a beer!!

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    2. Dune Marshall

      Dune Marshall


      We will be down in the cove tomorrow,  Black Chevy and Silver Ford, with 2 old stand up skis.

      Not sure if you guys ride the coves, you might like the big bay with those turbos.

      Cove to the left when you get on the island

    3. Chingon619


      Yea, I'm familiar. That's the little jetski track over there where people launch off the island directly to, right? East of Sea World? We are going to open ocean and catch a few swell jumps but I'll be around. Most likely, I'll swing by. I usually launch off Clairemont Dr Ramp next to De Anza Cove. We'll be out early but on the way back in, I'll cruise by there. Maybe Noon-1pm? 

    4. Dune Marshall

      Dune Marshall


      Yes, thats the place.

      That sounds like fun man!  We used to ride ocean on our stand ups, not so much anymore.

      We wont even be down there until 5pm, I pick my 12  yr old boy up from school , then we head down for some nice evening glass.

      Maybe we will hook up another time.


      Have fun man!  Be safe

  12. This is spot on ! I think some people like to dwell on stuff that they cannot change. I prefer to spend my energy on positive things. It sure was a beautiful Weekend in San Diego !!
  13. Having the T-bars cranked make for a terrible ride and its bad for your CV angle as well. I bet it rides like a cadilac now !
  14. They have been promoting it at some AMA races, I talked with a couple of the Actors at the Pala national. We are going to go check it out, Hope its halfway decent at least.

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