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  1. Exactly !! Leave CA if you hate it ! Me, 10 minutes from the beach, 2hrs from Glamis, Some of the best MX tracks all within 1-2hrs. Where else can I have this ? Oh and nice weather year around. I can tell you that no one is leaving San Diego, its more crowded than ever. Been here my entire life.
  2. If only more people would leave ! That would be awesome ! If you dont like CA get the F out as Trump would say 🙂
  3. You will definately need an adjustable reamer once the bushings are in. I have one you can use or buy for cheap!
  4. That is so awesome ! I cant imagine the ups and downs of that career path. To make into the MLB is such a life dedication, People dodnt understand how much work that takes. Congrats to you, I know he could not have done it without dad like you!! How many practices, travel ball tournies...........?? 🙂 What is his name if you dont mind, or pm me. Good luck with the sale, bitchen car !!
  5. I remember that like it was yesterday, I hear they are doing one on SXS's now 🙂
  6. Sounds like your getting hosed by some hosers ehh !
  7. Just curious, how far did your son go in his baseball career ? Sounds awesome, and is most definitely a full time job.
  8. Bad Ass set up right there !
  9. I have driven a 2D with a Pro Am shifter, was it nicer than stock ? I would say yes. But it was not $500 nicer, thats all im saying. 🙂 Hated the Jamar shifter I had, I have seen a lot of high dollar cars with stock vw shifters.
  10. Stock VW shifter always worked best for me. SYM, save your money
  11. Damn! Why didnt I think of that ! Thats pretty slick
  12. Are you saying that you got passed by a Semi doing 80 mph ? Sounds like YORE the libTard, or you just have a slow truck/RV
  13. Brand new OEM cylinder on Rocky Mountain for $189
  14. This has to be the guy at Dumont that pulls the parachute. I have not seen this angle, CRAZY!!

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