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  1. Dune Marshall

    Want the wall built?

    But its ok to hire illegals, a bunch of them work for the POTUS at Mar Lago. If he has no problem with it, why cant other companies hire them ? Hmmmm................
  2. Dune Marshall

    Chevy crew cab sub box

    What size amp would you recommend for this box ? Why are you selling it ? Thanks
  3. Dune Marshall

    TRX 250 Honda sputtering

    Yep, your carb is clogged again. This time clean the fuel tank, and repeat the process. Also, I always leave my 4 strokes stored w the gas on, when you turn the gas off, all of the fuel evaporates in the bowl and leaves the nasty residue.
  4. Dune Marshall


    Another option is Shade Tech, They will come to you and are very reasonable.
  5. Dune Marshall

    Buggy VS Rzr?

    They did come together in the dust, but it was Walkers truck that killed the camera man. Same case, going to fast where you cant see. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1995-07-01-9507010037-story.html
  6. Dune Marshall

    Buggy VS Rzr?

    Walker Evans must have said this AFTER he killed a camera man in his race truck, im guesing...............................
  7. Dune Marshall

    Building an Off Grid Cabin using Free Pallet Wood

    If all the wood is free, make it bigger. Just sayin
  8. Dune Marshall

    Nice article about Glamis

    Wow! Very cool write up!! Thanks for posting
  9. Are you afiliated with Mcneil racing ?   The reason I ask is that there is a lady that works at my sons middle school that is always driving sweet Mcneil vehicles! 6 door F45o, Big yellow excursion...ETC

    BTW, your new truck looks awesome!!! Enjoy

    1. stetler


      Nope .  No affiliation just got treated with really good customer service by the son after almost a real bad experience with them.  In the end they made everything right and over the top to make it right.  Now me and the son/Marc  have became good friends. 

       I know there Blue 6 door truck is down south at there house/shop and still drive it around.  I wanna say I've seen the yellow one before.  What city do you see it in?

      Thanks for the kind words on my truck. I appreciate that.   

    2. Dune Marshall

      Dune Marshall

      Always great to hear a good story about a fabricator, glad that you had a great experience with them.

      We live in San Diego, and the school is very close to Qualcomm stadium where the Chargers used to play.

      Have fun with that truck brother !! Happy New Year!!

  10. Dune Marshall

    Drivers/Spotters and their role

    MX flaggers are the worst ! Usually texting while a race is going on
  11. Dune Marshall

    Determining spring rate by diameter.

    Ha ha !! I was laughing at that also! Decimals are just like comas, it really matters where you put them ! At first I thought he was talking RC car spring rates :-)
  12. Dune Marshall

    How to make pattern for aluminum sides?

    I have had better luck with poster board, it seems to bend easier and doesn't have a grain like cardboard that tends to crease in the wrong places. Best place to buy it is at dollar tree.
  13. Dune Marshall

    Making bolts

    They cover all the standard bolts in the videos, I was wondering what material is used for F-9 bolts. Thanks !
  14. Dune Marshall

    Making bolts

    Does anyone know what material/metal they use for the bolts , or is that proprietary info ? Cool video !

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