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  1. We have been having issues with these guys as well.
  2. Poway sports plex, My son has played many baseball tournaments there. Thank you for providing the light !!
  3. What happens when you put a tariff on products your own country does not make . Who ends up paying the extra tariff ? Asking for a friend
  4. Very nice. What are the specs on the new motor?
  5. That car turned out bitchen ! Looks like you have some good visibility with the way the front end was designed. Nice Work Jesse !!
  6. I totally agree with you ! The company I work for provides us masks, as of 4/1 it was mandatory to wear one in our shop. All of the employees I have spoke with are happy to see the order in place.
  7. How are they supposed to test them when they don't have enough tests ? Have you seen whats going on in South Dakota ?
  8. I don't see how anyone can disagree with this, but i'm sure some people will.
  9. Cool pics ! Looks like a nice adventure, I think we could all us a little bit of that right now.
  10. I think you hit the nail on the head !
  11. Yes, I get it, not misinformed, just asked a question. I think he could be so much better with a tune up. Definitely not trying to get in a pissing contest with you. I was waiting for you to come after me 🙂 Stay safe Romans9

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