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  1. My car ran hotter with this setup. I installed an OEM thermostat awhile back and works great in my 3.5
  2. Lid screws on (top photo) never had a problem with mine with the clamp mount
  3. Are you sure he wasn’t trying to say your #1? Seems to be a lot mis-understanding lately in the dunes
  4. Shut the ***** up congrats brother, can’t wait for a ride
  5. The last Hooters I went we found a clan of my good friends daughters working their. Awkward. Lmao
  6. Wtf? That’s why I don’t get chit.. dam early shoppers
  7. Missed the ceremony, but pics still gives me the chills. Awesome GD.com
  8. How dare you not take a pic with the wifey! Lol
  9. I get communication from from OW to Olds with this current set up from socaldmax. Would you know if much more height would get clearer communication or distance? Please share any knowledge you have . I’d love to have this. Thanks
  10. Just a quick shout out to John. He took my car in at the last minute for some well needed maintenance. He was busy and took care of all the needs plus some at the very last minute to make my trip this weekend. His complete shop with Dyno, is a one stop shop. My car is not even Subaru powered and his schedule is full and he took me in as a new customer. I’ll be back so he can comb over the car from front to back. His knowledge to cars Is off the chart and made me more aware of even some of the basics! Due to my crazy schedule I haven’t had time to any such maintenance to anything I own for the sport this season. Great service, good parts, and excellent mechanics/fabricators. Thank you -MD
  11. Voted for a Republican

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