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  1. Indeed! It twas raining
  2. Ha! Very nice..... I’ll steal that idea when I jam up my next wheel! Very cool
  3. Very nice! Gonna do the brisket thing Easter... first time
  4. But your buggy is bigger!... let’s stop there
  5. Very nice ! Now that I have address and arrival date......see u then lol
  6. Or smoke something.... or some meat
  7. Then go outside.... country music and whiskey 🤙
  8. Just went back and looked from the email from Yeti and my email didn’t go back that far, BUT after purchasing and doing research I compared the ones I ordered straight from Yeti and the ones I ordered And discovered the differences. I then emailed Yeti with the pictures. The dead give away was the content of the pieces of paper that came inside the Yeti. Yeti explained “ that isn’t our content” I then compared the two contents and the difference in the lid and placement of a few things and they were different. (Some REAL professional printing though). The seller here gave my money back. I wish I could show you the pics or email to prove my point but I can’t. Sometimes you just have to take someone’s word these days. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Working, off tomorrow. Probably drink and clean the garage
  10. One hell of a Bufadora for sufferering with no ass-at-all
  11. Got my eyes open in the OC. Eff punks
  12. Hay man! Happy Effin birf!
  13. Have many but for some reason this is one of my go to’s

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