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  1. Happy burf Mr Roberto! Dam time flys
  2. Also a great recommendation would be to add an outlet somewhere under your eave for Christmas lights
  3. Love the show but talking myself not into going. Not a good place for an impulse shopper
  4. If it’s possible for you to do so build it yourself. You should save 60% of retail from most manufacturers. I just started one in my garage. I purchased my first one here in the pic and regret how much I spent. You can use steel or aluminum framing. They also sell DIY pre-cut kits online.
  5. He hasn’t logged on here in a year. I called Simpson and Selman, they both said he’s long gone. Found an email for him in a prior thread. We will see
  6. Lol..... of course why not? just called, he no worky their no more. I’ll PM him. Thanks yall
  7. Looking for GD member that is a Chevy salesman. Can’t remember his board name but I think he worked for Selman Chevy in Orange, CA. I’m in the hunt for a new truck, so if anyone can knows please let me know . Thanks
  8. I use it, but mckenzies recommendation was to use it with hose clamps
  9. I wouldn’t get under that load
  10. Definitely in the top 2O spank bank
  11. I couldn’t afford to paint the inside of that place..... let alone buy it. I’ll pass the info to some of my thuggish buddies
  12. Sleep when I die.... hope it’s not tonight

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