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  1. Pro Shop in Ontario- ain’t gonna be over night doh.
  2. I usually see two dudes in them.... no chit
  3. Little girl has been released from hospital. Apparently she wondered away from camp in a 570 and drove into the canal. They found her upside down and still strapped in. looks like she will make a full recovery
  4. I’ve never had a problem with just one battery. I only have a 27’ tag though. I assume bigger trailers take a lot of juice to heat up. Maybe running the Honda 2000 through out the day keeps a fresh back feed charge on my battery.
  5. I’m back on the grind Tuesday a.m. Will that be ok?
  6. I gotcha John Pm me your address and I’ll come by and leave you some cash
  7. Anywhere near the freeway? If so I’ll be passing through on Monday from Vegas and can get it to John if need be
  8. On the grind today! Getting ready for long trip to Glamis
  9. mike dee


    I love canned spam, grill that chit ! Add some eggs n bacon. nice pic- enjoy
  10. mike dee


    Nice! The used car salesman places multiple ads back to back with the same car to fill the Entire page. People take advantage, that’s why almost nothin is free

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