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  1. I’ve seen a few for sale in the range of 7.5k but not sure what they actually sale for. Chit, I still see Rhinos for sale at 6k😂. On another note I’ve seen older 2 seat razors for 10k. I’d say ask 7 but take the first 6k due to the mileage, appearance, and popularity
  2. Straight up Jerry Springer family chit right dare!
  3. mike dee

    Rip Beth

    Cancer sucks, losing family sucks. Her cans were enormous, god bless!
  4. I’ve been wondering the same, I’ll grab some when my Meguires dries up. Gonna take a lot to impress me.
  5. Just build that chit bra! 😂
  6. I’m never ever...... ever... eva ....invited.
  7. Ones moms who are on 1 or more of the 499 pgs. We’re not issued passwords
  8. 49 and 54 One of the many Chevy sealer sites in the last couple days. Just found two at Puente Hills Chevrolet 49k 2wd and 54 k 4wd. Not sure if these are the same ones. All of the sites have the same backdrop sorry
  9. Anyone in the market for a 19 Duramax 2wd Quad cab 48k and 4wd 52k. Assuming the new 2020 design brought these deals
  10. Looking these for a couple days this week, and some research the last couple weeks. Saw the 2020 pics and might still wait till October. Sold my existing Duramax yesterday and was expecting to get a new truck on this Memorial Day event but Inventory was slim and sales were on base models.
  11. Memorial Day they usually have large incentives but on The Duramax they are limited. Thinking of getting out of the diesel and going with the Trail boss for my current situation. Something I feel I may regret.

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