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  1. mike dee

    The truth behind the “homeless epidemic”

    I watched 45min last night! What a chit show. I’m in the wrong business, I need to start slanging, business is booming
  2. mike dee

    Battery Charger recommendation

    Don’t buy this one, both my new batteries went low on my Duramax because I left a light on and this charger went into : cannot charge mode:—— had to take batteries to Napa to get them charged. Most new chargers won’t charge a battery if they get real low. Mine were at 4.6 volts. Neighbors crap charger wouldn’t even charge them. Charger went straight to “fault/error”... Anytime you find them real old ones at a garage sales pick em up! They charge everything.
  3. mike dee

    New Zealand banning "assault style guns"

    Exactly! I quit my membership two years ago, they call all the time looking for donations. I told them they need be more out spoken, I’d like them to be seen in the news makin comments- showing force. The response I get is “ we do all our stuff behind doors, out of the spot light” wtf? Sounds like their in bed with the other side. Btw- I watched the entire video from his body cam. Holy shit! Most got caught in the corner nowhere to hide, maybe could of stopped a couple deaths if someone was armed but chit went down fast.
  4. mike dee

    Last week of March 2015 Google Earth

    Saychz13 R.I.P........... google street map pic. 😂
  5. mike dee

    Not A Western Bacon Cheeseburger But Sure Is Sexy

    Now now , Bacon goes on the inside silly
  6. mike dee

    How much is enough?

    Saw this being advertised by an independent company yesterday out of Parker, AZ all show? Or no?
  7. mike dee

    Honda Talon

    Well said! Anytime something new comes out it immediately gets a review for being too ugly or for not being the best of the best. Everyones cash flow, needs and likes are different. I’m sure their will be plenty of people that will enjoy this unit. Good luck Honda
  8. mike dee

    Glamis Mikey's 1st run with my new CanAm x3 Turbo

    Congrats! Always love new rides
  9. mike dee

    It's Saturday 3/16/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Hit up the annual St. Patrick’s Poker Run in Parker. Some ruff ass terrain, but a fun ass 70 mile loop! Will do again next year for sure. Spent the day before bar hopping the Colorado River. Good times , with good people.
  10. mike dee

    REACH Air Medical Services

    REACH is a business and has contracts with companies not just individuals. With that being said their services are first come first serve and aren’t always available. In our case REACH was contacted and apparently contracted by CHP at that time. No where in my post I stated CHP helicopters were part of an insurance plan. 🤔
  11. mike dee

    REACH Air Medical Services

    It’s cheap insurance for sure, was told by CHP they have 3 helicopters and some pilots are just on call not on duty. CHP use’s them as well as others. It’s a business and it’s managed like one, so it’s first come ,first serve and not a guaranteed service. We waited hours for one on Rice rd.(non member) @ that time it was stationed in San Diego. A friend flew out of Glamis unwillingly and he settled for very little . I heard of some paying an arm and a leg .... but yes cheap insurance.
  12. mike dee

    The Coobster took a fall

    Get well soon! Looks painful! Glad to see you move your arms. Could of been worse. Man I’ll tell you what, having the right people with you that are prepared makes a hell of a difference.
  13. mike dee

    Patriots owner Robert Kraft

    How dare you, what you like and what he may like may be different. Hell, I like’em dirty

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