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  1. I’ve had to help with this process for an employee and this found to be the result
  2. No just yoking, but it took 2-1/2 years for response from someone 😂
  3. I support fireworks and support skid row 16. Cops we’re on the prowl on wash road. 7 at a time all weekend. We were in 16 also and a duner was given a break for no pass. As for the issue with dogs...... I stopped bringing my two Shepard’s when they started freakin out about the fireworks. I left them at home so human life and dog life (both parties) would enjoy there weekend. Its more simple for some and every situation is different.
  4. Just got through, correct just backed up to the first light! I travel this a lot and never see this jammed up. About a 20 min delay folks.
  5. 86s backed up at the 10 frwy. Anyone ahead that can give an update? Peeps are making the shoulder a third lane . LOL
  6. It will only be a matter of time. But on the other hand CA still has hope , OCSD just gave us back high cap mags of last week! Let’s keep it going. Let’s start working on that Ca roster. prayers sent to AZ edited to add..../ previously owned mags/-
  7. Worked one day and then spent a day installing rear air bags with compressor on the Chevy another. This Bluetooth chit is dope
  8. I’ll be there somewhere in the washes. Will be epic
  9. Happy ****in birfday DWB
  10. mike dee


    The 49rs just attract more idiots. Jay-z and Beyoncé decide to sit during the national anthem. What losers!

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