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  1. Prepping to build a 18x50 alumiwood patio cover at the compound in OW
  2. Maintenance brings funds as said..... but why pave it? This is a remote area. What’s next ? Resorts ? Hell ya,cool as Fock ya but, but this is a remote area and we shouldn’t have anything that resembles a city including a store. A matter a fact I believe Glamis should be tent camping only. OG camping brought people together. Why do we need trailers, TVs, showers etc. This just promotes snowflakes. Yes I am guilty. Now back to the OP. Not sure why the road would need to be paved. What’s the driver? I drove my newer 40’ DP through w16 then deep into the dunes for years. This is the DEZ, shits gonna get ruined and dirty who cares. This also promotes increased speeds to probably the first half of the washes. There are all ready to many problems. If you think anyone else will cough up the initial or yearly maintenance fees to do this your a crazy brainwashed liberal.
  3. Do you still install grease fittings on the cv’s?
  4. I also run the 930 EMPI race prep, think I paid more than 55 each though. Six years old and greased them every season. ( mostly hard pack time). Will replace them this year during the tranny re-fresh.
  5. At this newer hole in the wall called “tacos and michis”.... Purdy good! have a good weekend duners. Stay safe my friends
  6. What’s dangerous to some is another topic. And what is safe and safer is another. Just because it’s illegal or legal is another. What your goin to do with is just one more. All opinions. btw - I ride my bike with no handle bars
  7. mike dee


    Haven’t heard of a ghost doing any bodily harm to anyone, doesn’t mean their not watching you play with your ol’ lady though
  8. Nope, not uncool or unsafe .. but always been Fugly!!! Im actually lookin for one for desert camp but holy shit their still 6k used and abused
  9. Good practice to run the fuel pump with out starting the motor to look for leaks. Second fire I have been around due to a cracked steel braided fuel line. Visual inspections of your lines can be difficult. No one hurt. What type of fuel line do you use? On my buggy I use the non steel braided snap lock fuel line

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