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  1. Dunes and dirt week. Long couple of days. stay safe glamisdunes.com
  2. Bold statement for a clown that doesn’t dune nor own a toy besides his boyfriend 😂
  3. Towed through Palm Springs two hours ago. Death grip. Dunes will be epic
  4. I love charcoal....Weber Jumbo Joe with table that locks her down. This is my trailer BBQ. Everything else goes down on the camp chef griddle
  5. Nice ride! A lot of dope rides built this last year...... Welcome to GD.com
  6. Tip: lightly sand every connection , apply primer and proper glue. Anything less you will have to redo.
  7. Broke down and purchased the retrax pro. Real nice. Thanks for the recommendation
  8. This safe is very nice, have one next to the bed for quick access. Has had the same batteries in it for three years and gets opened at least once a day.
  9. I carry my full size in the Locker Down. It’s custom made for my center console in my truck. Very well made. I keep it’s lil brother in my pocket at ALL times. Don’t carry much in the dunes but if I have it’s in my backpack.

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