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  1. Kids don’t look sick, they think that’s funny as chit
  2. Exactly! That’s why I carry the Glock 22 and the little brother 27 as my back up. They use the same mag and are the same caliber. Go double down my wife has the same. I can’t even tell you how much FMJ I have cause it’s a lot, but what matters is the amount of self defense ammo you can stock. You can have more than your enemy but if your not training ever month your more worthless than two ( @ Y @ ) on a pig.
  3. mike dee

    Techni Ice

    Nice write up, I didn’t see any demensions on this
  4. Happy birfday man! Hope all is well
  5. mike dee

    Techni Ice

    This is what I was eye ballin
  6. mike dee

    Techni Ice

    Let’s talk! Never used it. Is it worth it? Pros and cons please. I’m on the road and take off most weekends and always bring my own food as I travel. Buying ice both ways is getting old. I’m looking at 55l electric fridge/freezers that are AC/DC made for travel. I’m thinking of the savings and buying Techni as I can re- freeze for my travel back. What you think?
  7. Have had mine for 5 years with a lot of death grip holds. Same as new
  8. Ocotillo was still closed as of Monday at 4pm from almost Borrego Springs on S22 to the 86 and has been with monitoring. A lot of people still riding on the federal side. Weather has been bitchen and riding has was great the last couple weekends
  9. No senior Prom or graduation could be a blessing in disguise also..... may of saved a few lives, hell maybee even saved a few teens lives from pregnancy too

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