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  1. At this newer hole in the wall called “tacos and michis”.... Purdy good! have a good weekend duners. Stay safe my friends
  2. What’s dangerous to some is another topic. And what is safe and safer is another. Just because it’s illegal or legal is another. What your goin to do with is just one more. All opinions. btw - I ride my bike with no handle bars
  3. mike dee


    Haven’t heard of a ghost doing any bodily harm to anyone, doesn’t mean their not watching you play with your ol’ lady though
  4. Nope, not uncool or unsafe .. but always been Fugly!!! Im actually lookin for one for desert camp but holy shit their still 6k used and abused
  5. Good practice to run the fuel pump with out starting the motor to look for leaks. Second fire I have been around due to a cracked steel braided fuel line. Visual inspections of your lines can be difficult. No one hurt. What type of fuel line do you use? On my buggy I use the non steel braided snap lock fuel line
  6. Good question... I don’t member. Gonna have tranny yanked for service and will find out soon....
  7. Running a stock Honda 3.5 for now with a 2d. Started with a 6 puck, it’s a bit jumpy but grabs hard which is good. What are you used?
  8. Just drive, it ain’t that hard😂
  9. Can’t wait to put the ol lady’s butt back in the sand
  10. Who cares? Camp somewhere else..... I just go wherever there is enough room. I won’t be the jackass that saves the football fields. I do find the ones that participate in this illegal activity are the same ones that complain about my illegal fireworks and loud music.
  11. Put the bottle away and go to bed
  12. Drive it like you stole it, I’ve seen how they test Toyota motors before their installed. 😂.... they are ran at a very hard RPM on and off for sometime. Wish I could share numbers with y’all but I can’t. who would buy a Toyota anyways.
  13. Legit was legit it’s all good! As for you Pipe down Tator tot😂
  14. Nope PTSD is real, have family members with it from the military, work etc. scary chit!!! I Decided not to share my few good stories if you re- read my post. Don’t spin the story Fock head. And yes my few good stories involved some fakes....
  15. I have a few good stories but I’ll just say this...... “your full of funkin shit about your PTSD and comfort dog!” Get overit
  16. Aight! Aight! Congrats mr. Alper
  17. SSSS is dope! Some cry about the price of a beer but it’s no different than any amusement park or stadium. If beer wasn’t sold at an event like this I’m sure most would say “ dam bro! I’d pay 20 bucks for a beer if they had one” . Theirs really not many other options of where to go to see a lot about the sport you love. Give it a shot. Theirs plenty to see.....
  18. Leave three phase out of this😂

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