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  1. Voted..... edited ....lol
  2. 5 years on those same ones. Honda 3.5 w/2d. I put race prep GKN cv’s back on those axles a month ago.
  3. Horrible timing for me, horrible timing Gtwts- love it
  4. CA is ok with this because it’s convenient for them, they save money and make money. - otherwise this would neva-Eva been looked at. cool though
  5. mike dee

    GD Postal

    That off-ramp is 5 min from my work and would be bitchen. He will update me next week on the status of these and will contact everyone that responded that could help. I really appreciate all the responses, I know everyone is real busy this time of year
  6. Cage is only as good as what it attaches too, and it doesn’t attach to much as the sxs doesn’t have much of a frame. I’m sure any aftermarket cage will be sufficient
  7. mike dee

    GD Postal

    Nice, I’ll get back with everyone, when I get a pick up date. It may be a week or so. Thanks
  8. mike dee

    GD Postal

    Brea but any one city would work I will take you up on that. This would be a second from you. Last time you got it to jtmoney . I could get from your work or from jtmoney. That would be awesome. It may be a week or so, I can give you a few days notice. If I can get them closer I will also give you a heads up. Thanks appreciate it I’ll hit you up if this goes down, thanks
  9. I run the Kartek with the weld on cage shown above. I have them mounted much lower.
  10. mike dee

    GD Postal

    Looking for postal from JC whips n shyt in Ramona area to OC. Package would be 6 - 4 ft whips. If anyone can assist let me know . Thanks
  11. Looking to buy a hand full of 4 ft whips. Anyone in Ramona area for a postal to OC, please let me know- thanks
  12. Dope ride! Nice starter for my buddy that’s looking to get in. Sent him a link. glwts
  13. Awesome! At first I was like “ never seen a cop so calm after a sucker punch” and then calmly!!! BAM
  14. I have an uncle Dan and he is a ****in idiot
  15. My car ran hotter with this setup. I installed an OEM thermostat awhile back and works great in my 3.5
  16. Lid screws on (top photo) never had a problem with mine with the clamp mount
  17. Are you sure he wasn’t trying to say your #1? Seems to be a lot mis-understanding lately in the dunes

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