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  1. mike dee

    2019 Glamisdunes Pro Football Challenge

    Rams chiefs
  2. mike dee

    It's Saturday 1/19/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Eating a gut buster chorizo burrito. tonight got some killer comped seats for some motorcross event thing at Anaheim stadium.
  3. mike dee

    Schwinn Here...i Am Alive...cancer Sucks.

    Prayers sent 🙏
  4. mike dee

    Need some ideas and options. Factory training at my shop.

    Depending on your outside yard look into portable classrooms. They come in many sizes.
  5. mike dee

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    How do you transport your toy? In gear or in neutral after tied down?
  6. mike dee

    Figure Me This, Broken tube.

    chromoly cracks, mild steel bends
  7. mike dee

    Chinese Lanterns

    For a limited time only.
  8. mike dee

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    Fixed it for you
  9. mike dee

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    DOnt ever waist my lunch time again
  10. mike dee

    California Laws 2019

  11. mike dee

    Chinese Lanterns

    https://www.amazon.com/All-Natural-Shop-Chinese-Lanterns/dp/B07DRC32WV 100% biodegradable
  12. mike dee


    Where is everyone buying replacement material for retractable awnings? I rarely use mine but looks horrible in transit. 😂 thanks for any info.
  13. mike dee

    Chinese Lanterns

    Ive been connected for years.... unfortunately those were with braclets owned by the blm for detainment for an unnecessary investigation over a ketchup bottle in camp in the dirty washes
  14. mike dee

    Chinese Lanterns

    I use them frequently, but I do and stop and pick up others all weekend in fair return. Pick and choose what rules to break
  15. mike dee

    It's Saturday 1/12/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    On the grind, trying to keep lights on. Stay safe ,stay dry Glamis dotcomers
  16. mike dee

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    No differant than changing a belt on a Polaris, spin the clutch to far in the opposite direction — you’re done. It takes a bit to do so not seeing how this can happen so easily while some what ties down.
  17. mike dee

    California Laws 2019

    sounds of the new Harley
  18. mike dee

    Hot New X-3 Assessory......

    I think that is smooof! Hell ya , Why not?
  19. mike dee


    Gonna buy those covers on amazon then replace material beginning of next season. Got 7 Years out of it, don’t think that’s to bad
  20. mike dee

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    Had friend lose a car out the back of his toyhauler just as he got home up his steep hill street. He was a two strap tie down guy. Obviously they came extremely loose and with car in neutral, the weight of the car opened the door and their it went. I believe no matter what if you tie it down properly with 4 tiedowns, two in front in a X pattern and same in the rear it shouldn’t matter if it’s in nuetral or gear. Now I do keep it in neutral until it’s tied down and settled in position. After that I think it doesn’t matter as long as it’s tied down correctly. The razor i treat like a red-headed step child. Put it in park, lock pedal parking brake then use a 3” ratchet tie down vertically to floor. The tie downs in my toy hauler seem cheap as eff* and the rings want to bend anyway. I have a secure rear door and a kitchen up front close to the front wheels to keep it from moving much. If I end up in an accident I’m sure that car would be the last of my worries while crashing with a TH
  21. mike dee


    Saw them, guess I’ll have to dig a little to find info on quality. Local shop wants double. Thanks
  22. mike dee

    2019 Glamisdunes Pro Football Challenge

    I’ll take the Cowboys , points or money line?
  23. mike dee

    2019 Glamisdunes Pro Football Challenge

    Hater, I believe yore sore about about the Seachicken lose. How about a little side bet on this Rams game?

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