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  1. If this sale falls through, I would love to talk to you about this. John
  2. Because if you say it often enough, opinion becomes fact.
  3. The FBI identified the Florida Navy base gunman (who killed three people on Friday) as a member of the Royal Saudi Air Force, noting it is carrying out an ongoing investigation under the presumption that the attack was an “act of terrorism.” The assailant was enrolled as a flight student at the Pensacola, Florida military base. He reportedly tweeted anti-US remarks and shared videos of other mass shootings at a dinner ahead of the attack. More context: The Saudi government and several students close to the attacker pledged full cooperation with the FBI investigation.
  4. 2016 Jeep flares. 4-door. No damage, no fading. Fontana or apple valley.
  5. Yes please! I am firing up the smoker tomorrow AM!!
  6. They clarify a lot, like, it was Reagan who started the taxation of SS Retirement payments, not Johnson, Clinton, or Carter. Immigrants who have not paid into the system does not get a check.
  7. Easy way to get it off the computer is to email it to yourself, if you have more than one email, or to your wife's email, whatever.
  8. How cool is that! About a year ago, I read one of her blogs~ https://www.havepumpwilltravel.com/my-5-biggest-diabetes-travel-mistakes/ I heeded her advice and got a spare, and brought a spare meter, as well as long acting insulin and needles. Lucky for me, I never needed it, but it was only $50 to 'borrow' a spare $6,000 pump!
  9. That is a real problem with the Type 2 diabetics, of which more than 80% of diabetics are these days. It can be undetected for a long time, and the damage is being done to your small blood vessels, like in your eyes, the extremities, like your feet, the things that rely on healthy blood flow and good check valves like yore... um... well, you know, that thing that makes the lil blue pill so popular..
  10. I was 35. After taking the summer off, as noted above, I noticed I had lost weight, about 25 lbs. I thought that was pretty cool. Then after I started my new job, the other symptoms started in, the thirst, the hunger, the increased weight loss, the exhaustion. The only time I felt normal was when i was drinking some sort of alcohol. Finally, the 11th of November, 1997, my sister had had enough and drug my lame azz to the hospital, with me saying. "Don't worry, I'm fine.... ". Well, I had a blood sugar of 1188. Cholesterol was over 900(it follows your blood sugar). I had lost almost 70 lbs in 3 months. My jeans had a waist size of 30", and I could just slide them off without unbuttoning them(Those that know me get the irony in that!)... I was waking up every hour at night with cramps in my feet, i would walk them out, drink a quart of ice water, pee and go back to bed. The doc said I had maybe a week left, and I would have slipped into a coma, and likely would have passed away. All because I was too damn stubborn to go to the DR. The diabeetus aint nuttin to futz around with. It was the first thing in my life that I could not just quit, walk away from, divorce or get rid of without suck starting a shotgun. I spent the first year pretty well pissed off. Embarrassed because of a perceived weakness.
  11. That's great! "he seemed fine" is all we need to know. When people disappear from here, you wonder about them at times.
  12. Check into getting him on a CGM. There are several different brands, and they all do pretty much the same thing, just look into the different methods of how to read them, and calibration required.

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