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  1. WLD-OTZ

    True Dedication to Yard Art

    or cowbell...
  2. WLD-OTZ

    True Dedication to Yard Art

    https://www.khl.com/international-cranes-and-specialized-transport/plane-spotting/136922.article International heavy lift and transportation specialist Mammoet has completed a high-profile transport job in the Netherlands which involved moving a Boeing 747 for Dutch hotel chain Corendon Hotels & Resorts. The aeroplane was transported overland from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to the garden of the Corendon Village Hotel, a distance of almost 12.5 km. The route crossed fields, 17 ditches, a local road, and the A9 motorway – which was closed to traffic overnight to enable this to happen. The job was completed over the course of five days and executed in some extremely windy conditions. The plane weighed 160 tonnes; it measured 64 metres wide and 71 metres long. Initially it was transported 8 km across Schiphol airport. Then it was transported 4.5 km across the fields to the hotel. To do this Mammoet used 192 axle lines of Scheuerle self propelled modular transporter (SPMT) run as two lines. In total, the trailer weighed more than 200 tonnes and was powered by two Scheuerle Power Pack Units, each rated at 390 kW. The trailer travelled at a top speed of 5 km/h and was operated via remote control by Mammoet personnel who walked alongside it. To ensure the loaded trailer did not sink into the marshy land while travelling across the fields Mammoet constructed a road comprising approximately 2,100 metal road plates weighing 1,500 kg each. Mammoet also built bridges over 17 ditches along the route. During the course of the transportation the trailer made a total of 18 turns – the first seven of these being at Schiphol airport. When the Boeing 747 arrived near the Corendon Village Hotel it had to cross a main road, which required Mammoet to reroute local traffic. Careful manoeuvring of the trailer was then needed, as the Boeing 747 was reversed into the hotel garden via an entrance with restricted space. The Boeing 747 was previously owned by Dutch airline KLM and was called the City of Bangkok. It was retired from flying after 30 years of service and will now be used by Corendon Hotels & Resorts to house a 5D-experience about the history of aviation and the 747, which is scheduled to open later in 2019. The transportation of the Boing 747 attracted the attention of the mainstream media, generating much news coverage for Mammoet and Corendon, both in the Netherlands and internationally.
  3. WLD-OTZ

    2005 Universal Stacker Trailer

    what is height of rear door?
  4. WLD-OTZ

    CBD oil

    I tried it only to see if it did anything. I have not tried it for pain, I have a knee/leg acting up on me, VA hasn't found what is going on yet.
  5. WLD-OTZ

    CBD oil

    I tried the vape, and can honestly say that for me, it was not worth the money, I did not feel any real calming effect, but I definitely felt a crash about 8 hours after. I tried it a few times to make sure I wasn't making it up. We tried the spray with our spazoid dog, and she gave us the hang loose sign and went on being a spazoid, so our personal experience is snake oil, but I do not want to discount the product. There is too many stories of it doing great things.
  6. WLD-OTZ

    On Any Sunday

    Loved OAS, I saw it in the theater when I was about 14. I was competing in Trials on the mighty KT 250. This was when 'Elsinore' was just an imaginary name on a Honda, I had no idea I would be living near the carp infested Cibola one day..
  7. WLD-OTZ


    yah, and I see above how yore 'I'll just poop in a bucket, don't worry about me' claim went... I love the superdiggers, but I am not sure if I have enough birthdays left to pull that one off... how bout we make the deal and I change my will?
  8. WLD-OTZ


    Yore just not in touch with my wheel needs. That's plain hurtful..
  9. WLD-OTZ


    I will buy you a RV shitter of your choice in trade for your fancy dancy X3 tires... you know the ones..
  10. WLD-OTZ

    RV Toilet, Whats what and why.

    So, did you get pics of the 'person' you saw opening it or you just watch with no consideration for us?
  11. WLD-OTZ

    How To Keep Rats From Living Under My Motorhome?

    I had one in my garage once, wiley lil bugger, and chewed a few holes in the mastercraft seats in my jeep. Peanutbutter didn't do the trick, but we noticed he chewed a hole in the dogfood bag, so I put apiece of dogfood in the PB on the trap, first day and BAM!, got him! We got mice in our house once, but between the cat, and the ones that somehow found their way into the heating ducts, but not the way out, we finally got rid of them. No traps ever caught any of them.
  12. WLD-OTZ

    Disc rotor servicing

    need more bigger motor!
  13. WLD-OTZ

    Ok, So things have changed.

    For MWB, that IS light humor! I got a late start in the sand. Back when I was racing bikes, sand was something to get through, not where we went on purpose! So when i got into the sand here, Mama and I rode quads, then I built s little old school rail like you are talking about so i could learn dunes and setting up a car and all that. We could have purchased a rail that was done, but I would have been like all the other beginners out there, wit too much HP and not the experience ( or brains ) to run it. I have still never ridden in a true long travel high HP car, and I don't think my life has suffered over much. My little car was very short WB, like 83", lower HP, about 115 out of a toyota 4A-GE MR2 motor, behind an IRS bus trans. Because it was so small, I could basically drive that like I would a quad. It was a whole lot of fun. It was also sturdy enough that I would run in it the desert a lot as well. I have switched to the SXS, sold the buggy after building it and tweaking on it for five years or so. I guess after I got it done as far as I could go, without sinking much more $$ into it, I just sold it. I still have the Can Am X3 that I bought in 2016, and if you took it out for a cruise, you would not feel like the last kid picked for a team. The thing is just a blast! And to all you others out there acting like 60 is old, EFF YOU TOO! I am too close to that to be comfortable with it, mmmkay?
  14. WLD-OTZ

    Baja Bug Build. (Personal Build)

    Sorry to stray off topic, cuz this build looks great. But what do we have going on in the front of this single seat. What suspension is that?
  15. Ask DB, he is big in the trade show biz. Temp classrooms would give your best privacy for the class.

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