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    Honda V6 TT going AEM ecu and big injectors

    My 3.5 made 415 RWHP at 12 lbs Boost , JE Pistons, Pauter Rods, Bigger Injectors, Water to Air intercooler, S4 Trans, The Turbo not sure on size it came off Corys 3.5 Ford Eco Boost, Electromotive ECM, AEM Boost Controller

    Fuel pump issue

    the AEM comes both ways Part # 50-1005 -10 in -6 out Part # 50-1009 18mm in 12mm out I am running the Part # 50-1009

    How much boost Honda 3.5

    You will need a tunable ECU, Need to pull a lot of timing out of the motor or it will ping itself to death

    33x15 STU #2 vs Pro 2 Opinions ?

    I'm running the 33" cut 2 Pro like them very nice Running a turbo Honda with S4 412 RWHP

    Need clutch advice-Honda v6, 091 trans

    with that much sand in there I would change the rear seal I had some sand get in there did not hurt clutch but took out the seal

    Ls1 to mendeola Kennedy adapter

    Dual disk uses a different pressure plate

    Need clutch advice-Honda v6, 091 trans

    9 inch I would not even mess with the 8 inch

    Need Wastegate advice - Making to much boost

    Sounds like its to small can't re-leave enough exhaust I have a 44mm Teal waste gate on my 3.5 Honda, I got it from John (Outfront) he went that big so it would not crepe over the set boost I have a friend that uses the same waste gate you are using and has same thing it makes more boost than the spring is, 5 pound spring but it goes up to 10 pounds his motor is a 3.5 Honda

    Where to buy chromo heims

    Race Ready National City
  10. 1DEZRRAT

    Turbo J35 w/ Haltech E6X won't start

    How big is the drain hose from turbo if to small oil will not drain back and build up in turbo and spit it out the exhaust
  11. 1DEZRRAT

    Honda 3.5 engine builders?

    My motor has Pauter rods and JE piston that are dished to lower compression One thing with the Pauter Rods they are on the heavy side and they had to put heavy weigh in the crank, I had already got them so I used them but the builder likes the Crower Rods he said you don't have to put weigh in the crank
  12. 1DEZRRAT

    Honda 3.5 spark plugs

    My Tuner has me running NGK BKR8EIX (NGK-2668) I am running 11 pounds boost on 91 octane pump gas
  13. 1DEZRRAT

    No Boost Problem?

    I would consider electronic if I was you, Those manual ones have presented problems for me in the past. At least you were not over boosting, while VERY fun it can get VERY expensive VERY fast (-= Same Here
  14. 1DEZRRAT

    Honda Flywheel Torque Lbs ?

    54 Lbs with Blue Loctite

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