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  1. Chingon619

    Honda 3.5

    I don't doubt it. For the record, I never said LS is "best" but in overall costs I see it cheaper. Definitely wouldn't cost me 10k to get to 500hp that's all I was pointing out. I wouldn't doubt a turbo Honda V6 would be lighter and quicker all around just would cost more, maybe I'm wrong but 500hp definitely cheaper in LS platform.
  2. Chingon619

    Honda 3.5

    Thank you! I'm glad someone else felt that you can achieve 500hp without spending 10k... there's definitely an easy way. I don't quite know it, but with enough research my LS1 can get there no problem.
  3. Chingon619

    Paddle clearance

    I wonder who recommended that tire for him?
  4. Chingon619

    The debate over abortion

    I like this. Reminds me of a medical class I took where the teacher hinted at "heartbreaks"... he said "it's funny when you hear a teenager going through a break-up holding their chest saying their heart hurts" but then he said "impossible" as he points to his head and says "it hurts here, not here" (at his chest).
  5. Chingon619

    The debate over abortion

    This is a tough one... I believe the woman has every right to decide, but I hope it's within the first couple weeks. Who am I or government to determine her birthing of a child. If she doesn't want to proceed then she has that right. There has been abortions for centuries. Legal or not.
  6. Chingon619

    Paddle clearance

    I think the arms will always dictate the wheel's backspace. Yes, you can correct it by converting, but how? Building new arms? Or setting up the microstub inner more.... just use the right wheels or as LRS said spacers.
  7. Chingon619

    Paddle clearance

    That's definitely an issue. Don't apologize for posting. We all want to help more than you want to ask for it. Post away. Measure your backspace on the wheel, most likely it's super deep. From the inside face of the wheel to its outside edge. I'm curious because if your wheel is already minimal backspace, well then... uhm... spacers or spacers anyway instead of wheels.
  8. Chingon619

    parking ticket advice

    Am I the only one who sees a problem here? Pay up!
  9. Chingon619

    Looking for a quad

    I want to know your age height and weight. I want to know how physical you want to get. Will you be riding mostly sitting or standing?? This will tell me a lot to either go yfz450 or just do the raptor700 for plush everything.
  10. Chingon619

    The things you see on the freeway

  11. Chingon619

    I don’t know

    I'm kind of wanting that flat 6 in my 4 seater build. I'm sure it's just triple the cost of an LS1 though.
  12. Chingon619

    CV issues

    Whoaaaa!!! That's legit work right there! Hmmm... I smell 20 pages...
  13. Chingon619

    I don’t know

    This is probably the fastest car/driver through the dunes. Not the drags but through the dunes.
  14. Chingon619

    CV issues

    Ok I was bored. I'm at 2.5" most likely .120 or thicker and gusseted trailing arm mounts with welded washers. I just love my Mosebilt I guess.
  15. Chingon619

    CV issues

    I wouldn't. People in here were promised free things at 10 pages. I could surely use a steam port kit 😂

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