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  1. Dude, I'm stuck trying to force my child to do online learning. Her attention span is close to zero when she is not surround by an actual classroom with other students to interact with and a valid Teacher in front of her. It's turned into the typical dad scenario "you must do this". She's 7 and to top it off, she's not getting challenging work. It's retarded repetitive junk that doesn't even make sense to me. Ugh! Rant over.
  2. Something about the adapter plate. Make sure you went for the right bolts or something like that is what I've heard here before. Good luck.
  3. I went from a 14.5 dune sports to STU 35s which only measures a true 33" on 15s. Less wheel spin for me and much better response of traction. 2d holding up so far.
  4. @Rockwood All I know is, this shit is out there, we have no control of it much less a cure and the numbers displayed are a direct result of tested people. There isn't enough tests to go around so you tell me what the real number is. If you think it's ok to just resume life while people are getting discarded and thrown into freezer trucks with no proper burial, times that by 1,000 within a few weeks all to "save the economy" then your interests are miss-placed. Perhaps, you wouldn't mind being the doctor that has to decide who gets to live? Play Russian Roulet much? Feeling confident, go take a stroll through an ER today and ask how you can help? No, me neither. @ANGRYBUTTCRACK good for you man. I still have my whole life ahead of me. So I'll pass on checking out just yet. As for China, I don't think they have a handle on shit. They are in the thick of it right now for sure. I seen some video from some bloke that couldn't post it on Facebook for some reason, anyone see it? China man fishing only a few meters away from a floating corpse, bodies laid out in front of businesses up and down the street etc. Crazy. Anyhow, I'm still proud to be in the greatest country with the best of everything! I'm sure other countries won't fare as well as we will. We've been down before and we shall rise again. These days, it happens at lightning speeds. Like a flick of a switch hopefully. We'll get a handle on it I'm sure... just be patient. Thank you.
  5. To doubt this shit even one bit is straight ignorance!
  6. Exactly what I did... into a plastic pitcher... plenty of pressure at the supply. Then looked inside the hose at the connector and saw small rubber fragments that I picked out with a small screw driver. Luckily the hose up to the sink has a small screen where it was all jamming up. It was a new faucet and new hoses... worked well for a day or two then hot water slowed down. Maybe excess materials from assembly or grommets falling apart. Works perfect now with no leaks. Weird. Good luck either way.
  7. Dude, it's the hose down at the hot water valve that goes up to the sink. Ask me how I know lol Debris or rubber blockage. Unclog, reconnect and done.
  8. So my kids ages 4 and 7 just got their own quads and I needed a flat place for them to start out on with some occasional challenges and a buddy recommended The Dip OHV, seems like a couple miles from Superstition and people ride straight there from the dip. I really enjoyed it. I was skeptical at first because it isn't ol' mother G, but as always, a great time was had.
  9. Obviously on "warranty registration" yore dealer may vary. If you have the documentation on your end, the dealer is still on the hook for repairs. There are mistakes at times (the Honda dealer comes to mind) from clerical error but either way, have your warranty docs in order and all is well, depending on the dealer, again. Easy day in court otherwise.
  10. El Camino on Netflix Just watched it last night. Felt nostalgic to see something driven from Breaking Bad series. It was a good watch.
  11. Big balls with no cresting. Can't imagine a rollover there. I would say I'm down, but my days are past me already. I'll sit that one out.
  12. Ahhh the elusive images people needed!!! Thank you again!

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