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  1. Chingon619

    Coolant Type Help Please

    You're good man. A little distilled water will do. Congrats on the Jeep! Enjoy that thing. As for level, just put it a little above cold unless it's fresh off the highway in 100 degree weather. Then it goes to the Hot mark. It will fluctuate on its own.
  2. Chingon619

    Coolant Type Help Please

    Define a little low? Are we talking a gallon in the radiator or the reservoir level between hot/cold markings? Last I remember coolant in a Chrysler is red in color and when it is mixed with green it can turn brownish color after a few cycles. Some mix just fine but I would only be comfortable with the factory color at the very least.
  3. Chingon619

    Teacher Strike 3: Freddy's Revenge

    Mr Burke. I'm going way back to middle school. Non traditional teaching of history from a Black man. Never given a single piece of paper for assignment or homework. The first day I walked into his class, I knew this was going to be a different experience in learning. He was loud and direct with passion for history. Picture a Samuel L Jackson from Pulp Fiction (any scene). His first question belittled the whole class almost talked down in a way asking "What do you know about History?" That's when I said "oh crap". Even the homies were talking real history by the end of that year instead of what was in the books. Mr. Burke pointed out every lie in the textbook. He made me realize, not everything is as it seems or is told. Changed me for sure. Thanks for bringing this up.
  4. Chingon619

    Teacher Strike!......., Really????

    I ain't got nothing to add but... 4 pages in 3 hours? 😱
  5. Chingon619

    Sand toy market soft?

    ^^^nailed it!
  6. Chingon619

    Buggy VS Rzr?

    Someone just sent me this... damn.
  7. Chingon619

    Gun control story

    What's there to investigate?
  8. Chingon619

    934 CV talk

    Thanks for posting, definitely eating it all up! Ground clearance galore! I also seen the axle shot video from underneath that the axle is pretty much straight out with no back angle and I though you needed some for whatever reason. This would make your drivetrain slightly further back than most? Unless it was just the visual making that shot look that way. Thanks again!
  9. Chingon619

    Aquaman movie

    Hahaha!!! Me too!! Why is it such taboo to look at dunes that way??? I was sure my wife knew I was gawking at the dunes instead of enjoying the movie lol On another note... I thought the movie was epic! Almost video game like graphics which I thought was killer.
  10. Chingon619

    2'' Hollow Upgrades

    I can't believe I was 20 posts behind on this one. Awesome work as always! Question, for the home builder penny pincher, is this something that can be done at home with all the right parts? Meaning, is it as simple as stripping the spindle off, welding the brake caliper mount bracket to the spindle, and then the snout to the caliper bracket etc. etc. ??? How much would the savings truly be? Just a fantastic upgrade when I thought my king Kong is all i need, I'm sure I'm wrong.
  11. Chingon619

    934 CV talk

    ^^^dedicated! Pushing those limits! Must be a hell of a ride. Hats off 2 ya bro! Would love video of that suspension pounding action. Any?
  12. Chingon619

    Radio Etiquette

    That many people with radios? Wholy sheepshiat! Not sure I really want one now after reading all this. Sounds like the same reason I go to ride is to get away from all the nonsense.
  13. Chingon619

    How to handle breakages deep in the dunes?

    Some of Rockwood's finest right there ^^^ Leave no man/machine behind!!
  14. Chingon619

    Happy New Years!!

    Happy New Years GD fams!!
  15. Chingon619

    My Christmas trip to Glamis

    Haha. Yea that's definitely part of the fun is getting lost. We arrived late Saturday night to get a nights dune run in and noticed the camp near us had a strong beam of light pointed directly into the sky! It was awesome and can see it from anywhere just about. It was probably 3am when we decided to head back to camp. Following the beam of light was fun for a about 10 minutes until they called it a night and turned it off! It was almost comical to hear my buddies arguing about which way back it was. I knew the whole time but let them have at it! Good times!

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