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  1. Just Epic! Wish I was there. Thank you Veterans!
  2. I've broke a plug or two by the slightest angle in my socket/ratchet. They are sensitive sumbitches. Could also be the cause of a couple brewskiis. Thanks for the ed though. This is awesome to keep in mind when diagn'!
  3. LOL yea bro, sorry you need not apply hahahaa
  4. So dangerous!! Where are his parents!! LOL
  5. They now have amps that are BT receiver built in. Are you sure you weren't feeding high signals to the low inputs on the amp? I learned this the hard way, but as they say, where there is a will, there's way.
  6. Whoa! Old school hardcore. I love it.
  7. I was doing research on this a while back. I want a couple of cannons hanging off the top rear bar as you've probably seen in some cars, but I don't want a head unit. I would want the speaker to have a built in amplifier as well and be bluetooth capable or 3.5mm Jack plugin from like a cell phone. All we need then is to run power to the speakers and be done. I couldn't find anything on the market that has that ability so I would have to build from scratch. It can be done though. They sell the cannons empty, so I can custom fit anything in there. Amplifiers come compact these days with bluetooth capable, so I'm on that run myself. Please come back and update what you did when done. Thanks!
  8. Even 10w30 is not out of the question either as you'll see in your owners manual. It will depend on where you use your truck, hopefully nowhere near below 0° degrees as engineers claim 90% of engine wear is done at first start up. The very reason they're going to lighter oils, so it gets to the top fast within a second or two. They also took advantage of that and said "hey, we can now have smaller passages since we're pretty much using cooking oil" that's where the problem can also lye by going too thick. I remember some hard core guys would run Castrol 20w50 on everything, even just past break in. They would reach 300k miles without consuming any oil. I think those days are gone with today's engineering. Now my thought is on your engine size. 6.2L is hefty! In my mind those 8s need serious lube, not "cooking oil" with that said my little Civic and even the wife's 6cyl Pilot call for a 0w20. I think I upped both to 5w30, for no real reason. Well, I do abuse the poor little thing since they Turbo'd it. Figure more heat, ok. Looking watery is no biggie, again I refer to it as "cooking oil" but foamy is a sign of it aerating or breakdown. Unable to do it's job, at least I think. Question is, what kind of abuse are you talking about? Towing 10k lbs through 100 degree heat? Nearly redline-ing the thing everywhere you go? Take it off any sweet jumps? LOL let me take it for a spin and I'll show you how to abuse it. Nobody that changes oil every 4k miles with synthetic abuses their rig. Hahaha. I'm just bored here man, and entertaining you with what I know. I'm sure the oil engineers will chime in soon. Good luck with your decision!
  9. No way man. Neither of those can void your warranty. Unless you use a weight that is way out of range, and it ends up in a lab during a claim. Don't sweat that. In my humble opinion, I don't see any of those being an upgrade. Yes they are sworn by and yadda hype, but Mobil1 is king in my book. If you feel you are abusing your truck a bit more, go into your owner's manual and go up a weight level... to say, 5w30 it's a little more viscosity to fight breakdown and keep temps lower. This is hard to prove but spend 10 years in a lube shop, you'll learn a thing or two. I just got a Harley, and decided Amsoil in that one as they specifically design an oil for trans and one for primary which was a noticeable difference from the factory synthetic as far as performance goes but in the crank case, Mobil 1. In the wifeys car, my car, my truck, my LS1, and everything else Mobil1.
  10. Link brings me back to this thread... Anywho, my sister has a neighbor down the street who's put up some bungalow style shacks in the front driveway that seems to be "vacation rentals" in San Diego, she hasn't seen anyone staying in them yet, but makes me wonder where we are headed. Maybe I'm missing the boat... I just paid over a G to stay in a beach house in La Paz Baja Cali for a week. Damn.
  11. Atta boy! What about electric steering, would that prevent the belt running through the hot zone?
  12. Love this setup as I have the LS1 as well but definitely very close to the belt. Heat and rubber don't go well together. I say back to the drawing board. I bet the kick is sweet though!!

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