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  1. Like 45 times a day, on a slow day.
  2. Jealous much? I'm kidding! 🤣
  3. Then you would be flying out of San Diego or LAX and not be worried about saving a couple hundred bucks if it's the "flashy" I'm referring to.
  4. Because the peace of mind is priceless.
  5. Dude, just drive into Mex through the Otay border crossing, leave your car at the airport parking for 4 days. If you look it up, it's a major road, 5 minutes to the airport once across. Your cell should still be able to GPS Navigate you to and from. Don't leave valuables visible and don't drive nothing flashy. It's safe man, I'm sure of it. I think we just like to put fear in ourselves but people do it all day long, every day.
  6. I haven't tried the CBX myself but it sounds perfect for you. ^^^ beat me to it, but I heard it's like $18 each way for using the bridge. No other bridge in the world that offers this opportunity. Basically you are in the US and walk across this bridge and you are immediately in another country's international airport. Pretty trick. No need for Taxi or walking across with all your luggage on grounds in Mexico or whatever. Depending on how long your stay or how many people, this would be the way. Yes they have parking too.
  7. That's sexyyyy right there ^^^^
  8. Any good carp in dem lake derr?
  9. Luckyyyyyy!!!!!! I need to do something about this myself.
  10. Feared for my life taking those shots! See what I do for this crowd lol
  11. Have you seen the new Lincoln MKX? Me neither!
  12. ^^^^ that's cool! Actually, someone just told me about red-kote and it's used quite a bit for this specific situation. YouTube has tons of videos doing motorcycle tanks so I'm thinking I'll try that first. Should work based on what I see there. I don't think it's really bad or a huge area. I don't want to over think this whole thing. I was just panicking for a minute. Thanks fellas!
  13. I'm not sure this is the right forum but I need to reach the expert of experts!! I know we have some in here and before I got bombarding them with text messages I thought about posting this here for ideas. I'm restoring my 2003 GSXR600 that I've owned since day 1 but the tank is rusting through at it's most lowest point. Basically the kick stand side. I went to replace a side fairing and noticed the frame had some yellow residue, and was stunned by what I found. I started picking at the little bubbles in the paint and sure enough, it's rusting through. Started leaking slowly after I picked at it. Very small area and I'm not afraid of fixing it if there is a way. The area is like a wall to wall sheet metal. How do I fix this? HELP!
  14. Ohh damn. Yea that's bad. What the hell could've caused that? Edited to say: it'll buff out 😂
  15. Somebody call the Waaaaaaambulance!!!

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