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  1. I'm right at home! Cali is the place for me. As for the U-Hauls heading here... I say to them "Welcome back"! Probably all the people that left 15 years ago.
  2. Damnitt!!! It's threads like this that makes me want whatever the topic! Hate my life. Hahaaa.
  3. Check back in another 15 years. Maybe his grandkids will update you.
  4. I have the US Govt which will immediately tend to my needs and comfort. God bless the ol' USofA! ( or so I think/hope) lol
  5. Rare jam up hopefully. The ones in my camp have made the trip several times and seem un-phased. Probably the most comfortable camp chair I've ever sat in. I'm talking about crash out status at 3am after a long night ride. It's hard to sit in and not fall asleep.
  6. Sorry was mostly about buggydaves comment about the girl who's parents owned a major car dealership in town yadda yadda.
  7. Pssshtttt!!!!! Please!!!! I'm in the car biz you want to talk about regrets???!!!! Well, none really but time??? What's that?!
  8. ^^^ yup there's a couple of these in my camp and I must say, I gotta get my own! LOL
  9. I still remember crossing from Gordon's to Buttercup over the 8. Good times.
  10. Got one parked wherever the 3ff he wants!
  11. I remember my ol' servicing days Jiffy Lube style with a drive over pit. More times than I can remember, the rookie would drive a car into the pit. Lord have mercy!!! Hanging from the bumper and all wheel and suspension dangling down under. Phewww!! Glad those days are gone! Bad day, I had an 80yr old man fall into the pit once too!! I still remember him on the stretcher trying to hand me his debit card to pay his bill. Hahahaaa... we thought we were doomed!! Turned out he hadn't had a driver's license in 20+ years!
  12. Man, so many things to do differently next season. For one, I'm going to focus on taking the lady out by ourselves and ruffin' it! Show her that we can have just as much fun without planning a trip for weeks and coordinating with everyone that said they would go. She just started riding and has loved it, but bringing the kids and family takes a toll. She pretty much gets stuck tending to everyone. No more of that! I'm heavily invested in ol' momma G and I gotta show her what it's really about!!
  13. WHOAAAAAAA!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱
  14. You should've known!! You can order EVERYTHING on Amazon but the kitchen sink hahahaaaa On a side note.. I don't care for Amazon much. I recently bought some audio amplifiers for my car and I took my money to the local stereo shop. All i had to say was "Please be nice, you guys know I'm only a couple of buttons away from shopping online." Didn't rattle them at all. They were faster than me. Pulled them right up on their phone and to my surprise they went right to Amazon. Beat their price, got away with some free stuff like power cables, wire connectors etc etc... oh and I got them the same day. Other stuff online, I just Google the item and I get at least 10 results of retailers online that have nothing to do with Amazon, sorted by price and that's it. I just see who's in Cali for fastest shipping or most of them are free shipping anyway. If I don't need it tomorrow or today then 5 days is fine.

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