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  1. Bruh, if I was tuning the suspension on that fly ass ride, it would be 4 days minimum to make sure 100% it's dialed in, hold my beer 😆
  2. I can't even watch the 9/11 shows on now without my gut wrenching full of hate. It's very enraging.
  3. WOW! How awesome! Thank you Mr. Duner!
  4. Oh yeah, I forgot I am of "Hispanic descent" (politically correct for those panty wadders) 😂
  5. Are the keys in it? I can get that eyesore out of there. LOL
  6. Definitely man! Life is rough out here in Dago'. I keep a close eye on the weather here as it can be very unpredictable. Sometimes I'm on my jetski wishing I was mountain biking instead and other times I'm skating the boardwalk and thought, damnit I should've gone fishing! Weather plays a big part of what I do outdoors next. 😂😂😂😂
  7. Damn. Wish I could read the non-edited version.
  8. LOL damn^^^^ Bought 5.5 years ago at $240 sq ft, redfin says now $358 sq ft. I'm sure it's going to dip down though, elections has always played a part in slow down.
  9. I've had similar issues and the ol' YouTube seemed to have worked... it seems we are putting it at the coldest level. Mines goes to from 5 to 0 to -5 on the "how cold" so, all I had to do was go back to zero. Cleaned it all out and let it make ice again. Sure enough, problem went away. Try setting it warmer to see if that helps the over-freezing. Yes that still means the entire tray becomes a single piece of block ice. It's not dripping, trust me. I've obsessed on the tray overflowing but that isn't it.
  10. Ok, since we are going to try and play... here's one... All military (including spouses) from another state stationed in CA, that buy and register a car here, get their License Fees waived on their registration under the Non Resident Military Exemption. Year after year. Get this, the fees continue to accrue in DMV system until a Ca resident buys that car and has to pay all of it back for that Military member. HA HAA! True schtuff right there.
  11. Yea man! or SD Bay! stunt out front of the Marriot and iconic Downtown buildings. Watch the world go by. Illnesses are created anywhere at any given time. Ever had food poisoning? I did hear about Mission Bay certain swim area that had tested positive for whatever or whatever. Again, I don't sweat it man, live life. You never know what's going to do you in. Cheers!

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