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  1. Those look soft, should feel great. 😆
  2. Your welcome. Let me know when my commission is ready, I'll swing by and pick it up. 🤑
  3. Damn just another one of my peeves. That stupid little vent tube. I pull my car in forward on the trailer resulting with the ass end of the car on the drive over wheel wells making a tipping of the car nose down. As if the 10 degrees of the engine and trans aren't enough, now I have all my fluid hanging out at the nose cone during towing. Sure enough by the time I get the car down, it already spit some fluid out and then when I first run it keeps spitting fluid out making a mess until it levels (hopefully not empties) itself. Seems like I constantly have to put at least a pint every trip. I won't back it in either. I wonder if a super long hose would do. Hmmmm. My fuel tank already has a hose wrapping around the mid rail. So, same concept I guess?
  4. Well, let's see this thing!!! My vote is on OfferUp too.
  5. Nice detail pics. Thanks for writing it up!
  6. Well said DB. I was thinking the same. Since when is 68mph not enough at the dunes? Oh yea, the "drags" I wouldn't know much about that since I like to dune.
  7. That looks soooooo sweet!! Love the shadowing. Dayumm! Is that your rear spoiler 🤪
  8. So much torque the hood blew off! BOOM! Never heard a RZR or CanAm do that lol Congratulations man! Super nice. So is the Street Glide, I just picked one of those up. and that Firebird? Damn dude. You're winning right now!! Haha. Edited to say: Trans Am... Sorry my brain was still drool mode.
  9. Damn man. Very nice. I think that's where I need to focus next. I got probably 20 feet of fuel line running around. I need to simplify it. I truly love your write ups. Thanks for taking the time.
  10. Bruh that's going to be harder than it looks. Bring it to my house, I'm moving in a month. LOL happy Monday y'all!
  11. Ofcourse! Instant gratification!! But I'll wait, I don't mind a pic or two of a damaged seal at the time of removal. LOL Edited to add: in Buzz lightyear voice "I come in peace"
  12. Das da devils work right there if I ever seen it lol
  13. Got a good woman right there. I'm sometimes always fighting against the grain on stuff like that. I need to listen to her more and just go with it. I guess feeling fine everyday isn't enough. Good for you man. Good luck, but tell me... how in the hell you go 3 years from seeing a dentist and end up with not a single cavity? You're doing something right Haha.
  14. Not true! I work with a young Russian who's married but sees many many girls over. Has the exact life this guy depicts. Actually has a trip to mother Russia and he's planning an all out f#%k fest. No cellphones allowed. As soon as the girl knows that, no matter who she is over there, they are all down. He spends $500 and gets chauffeured everywhere in an S class Benz where he's just living life in the back seat for like 2 weeks. He continuously invites me even here locally and questions why we must praise our women here like we do.

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