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  1. Hahahahahaaaaa!!!!! You weren't kidding! On my 10 o'clock news "people are now protesting at a CVS in Santee" of course I'm like "wait a minute" I look closely at the scene and I see PROUD Americans waving the biggest star spangled banners, just hanging out, waiting for so called protesters to arrive. Way past the "curfew" mind you. 🤣 my wife says "they're in Santee now?!" I said "no honey, those are brave men, protecting their town from these so called protesters." She still couldn't really tell haha. Then, on the 11 o'clock as I was overhearing from elsewhere in the room they changed it to "local bystanders flood the parking lots of Santee ready to protect their city" 😉 that was awesome to see! Carry on.
  2. Yep! They had just announced the ability to chill down at the beach where as of a few days ago, you had to keep moving and not stay in one place. I hate most people right now. Watching these protest shutting down the highways, live on Facebook getting a gazillion likes and hearts and support, why?!
  3. Exactly what my wife said. They take the opportunity to express themselves which they didn't have the chance in over 10 weeks.
  4. Yea, got scrubbed due to weather in Florida. Bummer. I hate to say it but it looks amateurish for whatever odd reason. Everything from the spacesuit to the helmets, and even the capsule looks more like it's in a controlled simulated room. Then the escort crew that took them up to the capsule, was it intentional to dress them like the gimp on pulp fiction? LoL Either way, super awesome to get back at it! Even if it's in a reusable rocket.
  5. You can watch it live here, or a couple other sources like Discovery channel and Science channel.
  6. Can't go out into general public after being cooped up way too long, ride a mountain bike at a lake trail without much water on a sunny day, then pick up your favorite sushi that was closed for over a month and just opened (frozen fish?), only to get food poisoning later that night piled over serious dehydration thinking you picked up the Rona. Ughhhh. Learned that yesterday.
  7. My wife is guilty of shopping endlessly at home depot online to curbside pickup. Since I'm home, she's got me doing ishhh I would've paid someone to do. Ughh.
  8. WOW! I was an idiot once. I'm sorry this happened, glad all walked away.
  9. You think that's bad, I applied for unemployment, got accepted, and already have done 4 weeks of the stupid little stubs and recieved the BofA debit card, but no deposits have been made. Can't get through to anyone on any of the toll free numbers to find out what's going on. I try to register for their online UI thingy but the claim registration number I got in the mail isn't showing up in their system and says error in the reg number. I would love to go back to work at this point if the schools can just open up! Edited to add: just to stay on topic, I too didn't qualify for any stimulus money or Unemployment amount increases.
  10. Chingon619

    #Stay Home

    EFFFF!!!! I'm anchored down right now, otherwise you'd have a straggler chasing from behind. Ride safe and get us some pics! Make a new thread and post post post. Can't wait to check em' out!
  11. Chingon619

    #Stay Home

    WOW! This is sumBS!
  12. Chingon619

    #Stay Home

    Are you riding bro?
  13. Wife mentioned this to me in disappointment, she got shocked when I said "ah well, they never had anything for me".
  14. When you mentioned it in the other thread I had to go searching for it and also came across this in Norco area... but Pacific Customs? Didn't know they built cars... I'm half heartedly looking is all... https://offerup.co/07d0mj0Mi6
  15. Chingon619

    #Stay Home

    Video removed. Dangit.
  16. This is why I love this site. Amazing knowledge... I would've never imagined that until now. Thank you John for spreading your knowledge man.
  17. Happy Birthday! Just ho'in thru.
  18. Ah nah, I'm good. You guys have helped me plenty so I figured get outta the house for a bit. I've been cooped up enough already. Just learned my fairly new Civic that has been sitting for over a month lost all its freon. No A/C in a 3 yr old car is BS! Just out of factory warranty, go figure. Must be a small leak. Ahh hell.
  19. I'm in! I just spent all day fishing on Saturday as the beaches opened. We got skunked and as much as it sucked, it was a great run on my bro n laws Wellcraft center console, only thing pushing it is a 140hp 2 smoke outboard, I think Suzuki. It takes real guts to get way out there in the deep. I'd be lying if I wasn't a bit nervous. So far that we couldn't see land anywhere. Phewwww. This thing looks yuuge, what's the size? Also, what do you value it at? I would love to see it come alive. Giterdun.
  20. Yup, put me down to meet you in SD and I can run it over to Sausage in El Cajon if need be.

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