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  1. Anywhere in there. I don't think it matters. The fact you are safe boxing them alone is worth gold. Just make sure you can access it without undoing the whole car.
  2. Where've you been? We on 935s now!
  3. There's also Race Ready Products behind the Chula Vista DMV.
  4. Holy hell. I see a RZR in your future. In your past too 😂 sorry just hoe'n thru.
  5. I don't know how to address these zombies. They getaway with damn near murder. I've been really close to getting physical with these people but for what? I may just end up in jail. I have to walk a half a mile to my car from work and it's always nerve wracking to see which bush are they going to come out from next. Which pile of s&#t I have to go around, needles laying everywhere, drugs basically changing their attitudes to a different person. They scream out obscenities at randomly nothing. People can't even walk up and down the street anymore without these parasites getting in the way. Let alone walk to a 7/11. Remember, the next time you hand a panhandler a dollar he just might kill someone while high on your money. I have no feelings for this scum that has turned up as of late. The way it's headed, I may just roll strapped soon.
  6. A 6 year old diesel under 100k miles damn. That would be a 2013 today, yes probably 30k in today's market and you could've sold that today for 20+ dayum!
  7. Ahhh yeah, gotta love a bad ground. It will have you scratching your head. Good on'ya!
  8. Why not! Probably can be had on the cheap. Lucky you. As you know, I work most weekends so... yea. My recreational life would be way more awesome. I'm working on it.
  9. Bruh, my 3 year old would have a blast back there! If I'm at the wheel, I'm not worried one bit. To each their own I guess. Maybe I'll get my 3 year old to jump the canal someday lol ok not that far hahaaa
  10. I also used those ends at my factory throttle butterfly thingy. It hasn't given me any issues. You can also drill a hole and insert the correct nipple thingy to attach it as well. Just keep an eye on full extension. Doesn't have to be at the factory pivot chingas though. Yea, I'm far from an expert but my car works well.
  11. I did a quick Google search for clevis joints as well as jegs 1/4 cable ends with good results... but you'll need to make sure the thread size.
  12. I don't run an oil line to the dash if that's what you're talking about. I use an electric signal from the oil pressure sender at the back of the block to the autometer gauge. I thought this was the way most do it.
  13. Not sure this will be of any help but I once had issues on my streetbike not doing the top speed it used to. Chased and replaced everything until I got to the injectors... I was able to bench test them with an instructional video on YT. I was second guessing what I was doing after testing the 3rd one until the 4th one... it had a slightly different spray pattern than the others. I continued to test it and sure enough, it failed to spray properly every 3rd or 4th squirt. I replaced it, and voila. Simple syringe tube cut fit to the injector then hot wired it with syringe pressure and squirt it did.
  14. That's badass! Don't beat around the bush though. Just bring that ish right up front and center.
  15. Fa shoo PM me VIN and email
  16. Put me in that scenario 100x I will go for the crying baby in a rolled car guaranteed but a chaotic crowd with an angry man holding a 12" knife not even close. I'm out. Thank God I'm not into these type of social events.
  17. As far as I know, there isn't any needed on today's production vehicles. More of a personal preference. I would drive it like I stole it, always. I've heard that the ECU's in their learning stages get adjusted to your every day driving and thus can perform well if taught them to be a beast. I think it's all bogus but makes for great conversation. Congrats!
  18. I can't even look at that picture and be too sure after reading this thread. What makes you so sure?
  19. I dig (GMC btw) Then the Chevy just gets an "attaboy"
  20. Yup, did it all back in a 90s Civic. Blew a head gasket, mechanic said over $1,000 to repair and so I went with a JDM engine replacement for only $350 and installed it myself. Pretty much transferred everything over but the block and head.
  21. Ballin out!!! Nice!
  22. I wanna say 45 pp and 65 flywheel.

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