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  1. Your welcome. Let me know when my commission is ready, I'll swing by and pick it up. 🤑
  2. Damn just another one of my peeves. That stupid little vent tube. I pull my car in forward on the trailer resulting with the ass end of the car on the drive over wheel wells making a tipping of the car nose down. As if the 10 degrees of the engine and trans aren't enough, now I have all my fluid hanging out at the nose cone during towing. Sure enough by the time I get the car down, it already spit some fluid out and then when I first run it keeps spitting fluid out making a mess until it levels (hopefully not empties) itself. Seems like I constantly have to put at least a pint every trip. I won't back it in either. I wonder if a super long hose would do. Hmmmm. My fuel tank already has a hose wrapping around the mid rail. So, same concept I guess?
  3. Well, let's see this thing!!! My vote is on OfferUp too.
  4. Nice detail pics. Thanks for writing it up!
  5. Well said DB. I was thinking the same. Since when is 68mph not enough at the dunes? Oh yea, the "drags" I wouldn't know much about that since I like to dune.
  6. That looks soooooo sweet!! Love the shadowing. Dayumm! Is that your rear spoiler 🤪
  7. So much torque the hood blew off! BOOM! Never heard a RZR or CanAm do that lol Congratulations man! Super nice. So is the Street Glide, I just picked one of those up. and that Firebird? Damn dude. You're winning right now!! Haha. Edited to say: Trans Am... Sorry my brain was still drool mode.
  8. Damn man. Very nice. I think that's where I need to focus next. I got probably 20 feet of fuel line running around. I need to simplify it. I truly love your write ups. Thanks for taking the time.
  9. Bruh that's going to be harder than it looks. Bring it to my house, I'm moving in a month. LOL happy Monday y'all!
  10. Ofcourse! Instant gratification!! But I'll wait, I don't mind a pic or two of a damaged seal at the time of removal. LOL Edited to add: in Buzz lightyear voice "I come in peace"
  11. Das da devils work right there if I ever seen it lol
  12. Got a good woman right there. I'm sometimes always fighting against the grain on stuff like that. I need to listen to her more and just go with it. I guess feeling fine everyday isn't enough. Good for you man. Good luck, but tell me... how in the hell you go 3 years from seeing a dentist and end up with not a single cavity? You're doing something right Haha.
  13. Not true! I work with a young Russian who's married but sees many many girls over. Has the exact life this guy depicts. Actually has a trip to mother Russia and he's planning an all out f#%k fest. No cellphones allowed. As soon as the girl knows that, no matter who she is over there, they are all down. He spends $500 and gets chauffeured everywhere in an S class Benz where he's just living life in the back seat for like 2 weeks. He continuously invites me even here locally and questions why we must praise our women here like we do.
  14. Hey, I got one reaction with the laughing emoji to the post. So someone got it. I have been known to stir things up though. Not sure how trump was thrown in, I'd like to keep him out of this as I was merely saying... the video is prophecy like material and in turn I offered what I read on Facebook about "the mark of the beast". Which was also prophecy type So I joined in on the fun and basically said "could it be?" LOL I hope nobody took offense if they wore the mark before hahahaaa (I don't believe any of it so please, lighten up will ya?)
  15. Not at all. My primary source for news is GD.com and Facebook memes. Hahaaa. It was a simple meme and wondered if it relates. Thanks for playing.
  16. Whoa! I found this one interesting. "And they shall wear the mark of the beast on their foreheads" (MAGA hat)
  17. Exactly the way my day went today. Awesome to see happening elsewhere.
  18. 😂 with an extended warranty! Be sure to negotiate the price higher than what they asked for it.
  19. Here's one. Clean title, wife's cart, never rolled
  20. I installed a freeze plug of the correct size into the water pump area where the Tstat goes. Works just fine with a small hole in it, I think I did 3/8" hole. It's a copper style I bought from Napa. I looked up the size through Google search and relied on a specific post from LSswap.com or whatever that site is. Hmm couldn't find it but I found some crawler website said this... 31 mm with a 1/4" hole drilled in it. Yore mileage may vary Mine went in very tight, had to pretty much hammer it in. I'm sure it isn't going anywhere. Works great.
  21. I'm good with most points except the fresh trans thing. So you're saying that if I decide to sell my car, that I should pull the trans and have it "freshened" when it is running perfect? I bought it used, paid $5k for a 2d took the guys word that it was good when pulled and he was right. He also mentioned the prior owner had it "freshened" the year prior. I didn't care about that. If it wasn't in writing proof then it's as good as he's going to tell me. I just braced myself the first run I took it out. If it went "BOOM" then it went boom.
  22. I'm in the used car biz and right now the euro turbo diesel is all the rage for the cost of them. Jetta, Passat, Audi With TDi are getting 45mpg and the grab is cheap right now on those cars due to the emissions scandal
  23. Powerful! Thanks for posting. This is a soldier to the bone. God bless him!

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