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  1. Chingon619

    New build in progress, The Handful

    Ok here, we have Google pretty fkn cool! As said over at pirate 4x4>>> https://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/general-4x4-discussion/847999-lsx-thermostat.html and I quote "I called Turn Key and they told me to but a 31mm freeze plug and drill a 1/4" hole in the center and drive it in the pump behind the neck." post #24 also, mention of 5/8 hole so whatever. Just do it! My point is the size of freeze plug. BOOM!
  2. Chingon619

    New build in progress, The Handful

    How dare you speak mechan-ese to me! 😁 Call it what you will but a half inch hole or bigger in what seems like a 3" restrictor is probably a little much. Where da pros at? I believe the hole is to allow air back into the top flowing of the system if ever trapped on the other side.
  3. Chingon619

    New build in progress, The Handful

    Wait, pull the T stat out. I believe we use a freeze plug of a certain size in its place that gets hammered in. It should have a small hole drilled into it about 1/4" if I recall correctly. This is how CBM I believe does it. I did it on my stock LS1 and worked perfectly. I can't remember the size but it works.
  4. Chingon619

    Crazy things you see in Glamis

    😱😱😱 pucker factor for sure. Impressive from the SxS owner to manhandle it like that.
  5. Chingon619

    New aluminum body by KATG Motorsports

    B looks like a buggy/car. A, C, and D look like a SxS. 😁 sorryyyy
  6. Chingon619

    New aluminum body by KATG Motorsports

    I vote B! It just jumped out at me.
  7. Chingon619

    RIP Schwinn

    Damn. RIP
  8. Chingon619

    Wing Wednesday

    Becas racecar
  9. Chingon619

    Rate my suspension

    Single shocks at work a the bottom of Olds on the rollers. What seh you? 20190324_124044_1.mp4
  10. Chingon619

    Truck Thief in Lake Elsinore

    Yes they get logged into the hard-drive of the Arlo chingadera. There should be a website you can log in to to view the activity. You'll get an email anytime there is motion with a link to view the short recording.
  11. Chingon619

    Rate my suspension

    I can't seem to find bypasses on my car😭 So, with that said... valving then to dampen the rebound on my "single shock" car. OR just add bypasses in the rear? Maybe a IBP shock for fronts or add them there too... hmm lots to think about. So far I'm having a blast. Thanks all!
  12. Chingon619

    Truck Thief in Lake Elsinore

    I think so. I believe I paid more on black Friday. Same setup I have.
  13. Chingon619

    Rate my suspension

    You had to didn't you? hate you now. 😝 So do I need bypasses to do this speed or just more "huevos" lol
  14. Chingon619

    Rate my suspension

    Awesome observation! Thank you. I think you are right, although I don't find it to buck ever, maybe it's because I don't go fast enough. I was more so referring to the whoops section where he's not on the brakes. He's mostly on momentum speed and quite possibly would squat under throttle peg through there. But would it hold the squat or is it going to bounce back like a basketball? Thank you squatcher, I see what you are saying here for sure. I don't bottom at all, maybe it is a little stiff... the front is definitely softer and even sitting still is a little lower in the front than the rear. I kind of like that though. There is some serious weight in the back which is always on my mind. So squatcher says reduce rebound... and Lincster says add rebound... Any others?
  15. Chingon619

    Rate my suspension

    I let my bro n law drive that time so I can see what's happening outside of it. Never meant to be a "fast" run. I drove the piss out of it finally that weekend. I agree, I wouldn't "haul ass" down that hill no matter what machine I'm on. I just don't have the "huevos" for that. I have seen some serious work down that hill at full throttle by a Funco Subi setup. That thing ripped it! I don't know my car will ever handle like that, but maybe. This setup is actually working well for me. I didn't adjust anything. Just slapped on some shocks I bought that were fairly new rears and pretty much out of box new fronts. Then the peanut gallery suggested spring weights due to my guessing of overall weight and comparisons of other cars and I think, they pretty much nailed it! It doesn't buck or bottom, the front is soft, so much that I can push down (some) by hand not sure that's a good thing. It's a smooth ride, I think. I'm not an expert but have seen other seriously stiff rides go up and down that hill. Just looking for feedback from others experiences with single shocks. Can it get better? Should it be stiffer? Would it handle the pounding a little faster? Ground clearance looks good? Is most of the shock is being used here?
  16. Chingon619

    Shitbag that tries to steal my F250

    Publicity stunt perhaps? Probably his brother or something... I'm joking! πŸ€ͺ
  17. Chingon619

    FREE RCI tank FREE

    Damn!!!! Sure wish I was in G! I'd take you up on this and probably give you money for free too!
  18. Chingon619

    Shitbag that tries to steal my F250

    Dude, I love my Arlo setup. It's motion activated, rechargeable li-ion batts last a long time it seems and comes with it's own DVR type reciever. Records anytime there is motion. It works off the wifi signal and emails me whenever there is movement in any of my cameras. I can login to view them live at any time through their Arlo app. Hi def images with night vision and sound capture with push to talk through features. Well worth the money. I did a black Friday special for 3 cams I think was $349... I ordered on Ebay matching brown covers on them that match my house trim, they basically disappeared at that point. Highly recommend. Also, have option to add more cams. Easy setup. What else to say. Had a pit bull attack my wife and kids as they got home. Good thing she was the only one out of the car but was able to get behind the front security door. It could've went bad and I would've had it all on tape.
  19. Chingon619

    2 things that will make your life better

    Hookers and Blow! Oh wait, wrong thread
  20. Chingon619

    So what am I doing wrong?

    Ok, now that I just noticed! It should fly now! Great deal!
  21. Chingon619

    So what am I doing wrong?

    I'm a diesel dreamer and I'm by no means in the market but if I was, it would be Chevy/GMC under 150k and hopefully newer that's where I would draw the line for around 20k or less. So being Dodge 180k is working against it I think. Price is everything though. Good luck!
  22. Chingon619

    Glamis Off-Weekend Pics

    Beautiful pictures! I remember getting funny looks while on vacation for bringing my gopro to capture the moments with my babies in the pool and my family all taking cell phone pics everywhere. I approached the weirdo to say hi and ease his raised brow. He continued to tell me he was a photographer and that photography was dead due to everyone now being a photographer with their "devices". I just said "enjoy your vacation". LOL I couldn't ever get a shot like these with just any device. These definitely show the difference. Keep shooting!! Thanks for sharing!
  23. Chingon619

    New truck questions

    Correct. Hit the blue button and follow the prompts.
  24. Chingon619

    king shock install on rear

    I usually hang the shock at the top mount first and then deal with the swing arm mount last. Yes, that preload adjustment up top can help as well if you back it up.
  25. Chingon619

    New truck questions

    Dude you are fine! Rates are on the rise. The Trump effect is in full force. Time for the lenders to make some money back. Economy is strong so yea, you'll pay. I think you got a good deal, local credit unions are at 4.99% for 72. So you did good regardless. Enjoy, looks like a money maker right there.

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