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  1. Crowbar

    Honda 2000 genny

    Buy these 2, that were just listed, for $1000 and sell the 2nd one for $750 to re-coup most of your money.
  2. Crowbar

    WANTED: '06/'07 LBZ Dually

    you gotta keep talking about my ex-wife like that, I'm gonna have to start paying you!! LOL
  3. Crowbar

    WANTED: '06/'07 LBZ Dually

    sounds like my truck. its not for sale though. I'll tell you this, I'll never buy a dually again unless I absolutely have to have it.
  4. I edited this post to take out the stuff that was not needed, took up too much space.
  5. Crowbar

    2011 Polaris XP900 MCX Turbo - Priced to sell

    were you going to put in a price?
  6. Crowbar

    DPMS AR-10

    you'll have way more interest with pic's and a price.
  7. Crowbar

    Jugs or Cans ?

    I'll take them but I'm in the west valley, Litchfield Park, if you ever drive over this direction. Now that I think about it, I have to drive to Globe on the 27th so I wouldn't mind meeting you by the 60 somewhere.
  8. Crowbar


  9. Crowbar

    2005 c4500 kodiak

    nice truck, message sent
  10. Crowbar

    2004 kodiak c4500 for sale SOLD

    message sent
  11. you must have seen the show they just did on one of these. sold that car for what was it? $12,000.
  12. Do yourself a favor and take some better pic's in the daylight with the truck outside of the garage!
  13. curious, you are listing 1 trailer for sale but have pictures of 2 different trailers.
  14. Crowbar

    WTB 06-08 class c w/duramax

    Yes, I bought a set off of e-bay for about $80 or so. I had replaced my original ones with new stock headlights and that was an improvement I could drive with the high beams on and it was like I had low beams on and no one would flash me to go back to low. I changed out to LED's and just driving around the neighborhood to test them made an incredible improvement. If you guys order some let me know and I can provide some tips on getting them wired in right since mine didn't come with any directions.

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