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  1. Starlink has dongles you can purchase to run Ethernet to wherever you want. You can also purchase multiple routers and mesh them together (only if you have the rectangle or business dish). The routers are waterproof and have a better range when outside than inside but I’m not sure how far you’re trying to go. Hardwire is probably best for this application. (Ps I work at starlink)
  2. This is awesome! We needed a topic like this. Love putting on raw dune footage in the background. I’ll try to upload some as well
  3. Spacex is always hiring, I’ve been there for about four months and it’s an absolute blast. Very wide variety of positions and having welding and fabrication skills goes a long way.
  4. Thanks for all the great recommendations! Ended up getting it at the Valero in brawley. It’s packed out here
  5. I’m heading out to Glamis today (from Orange County) and usually stop at red earth to get race gas but they’re out of it. Where can I get race gas between here and Glamis?
  6. I have a 2.5 sohc Subaru motor and noticed sand building up around the injectors. I got new o rings and the old ones were in pretty bad shape and definitely had some cracking and sand ingress. After replacing the o rings and tightening down the fuel rails the injectors don’t seem that tight and there’s still a big gap between the wide part of the injector and where I’d expect it to seat against the intake manifold. In addition to the two small o rings on the tips of the injectors there’s also a bigger one that seems like it should seal against the manifold. The engine runs great but has always had a rough idle which I’m guessing could be caused by a vacuum leak here. Let me know what you think.
  7. Thank you! Stoked to be a part of such an awesome forum, not as stoked on my current hangover
  8. Helicoiling a megasand, figured out the hard way exactly how thick the case material is.
  9. Saw this car at donut derilicts a while back. Super badass ride!
  10. Go with a bmw m57, it’s a 3.0 liter twin turbo diesel that came in 2009-2011 bmws. One of the most bulletproof motors they ever built once you pull the emissions stuff off of it. There’s a lot of aftermarket support and can be made to run standalone. On stock turbos with a tune it puts it at about 380 horsepower and 600 lbft of torque all while maintaining 30+ mpg. I’m planning on putting one in my bronco. If you want something with less electronics look into a Mercedes’ om606, they came out of 1998-99 Mercedes e300 turbodiesels and also have a lot of aftermarket support. While cummins stuff is cool, both of these engines are significantly lighter, smoother (inline 6 vs inline 4) and have a better power-band than you could get with a 4bt.
  11. Added a second neutral to my megasand, dunes were great!

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