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  1. I was just there two weeks ago visiting friends. It’s a whole different world. The people who live there want this. They show their vaccine cards with pride and think it’s the best thing in the world. Everyone there loves their masks too. I had to basically get smuggled into a bar since I’m not vaccinated. Place is effed. No need to go back anytime soon.
  2. Maybe they let this one go in our favor so we don’t ask as many questions next time some weird stuff happens in the presidential election? I believe that every election should be fully audited no matter who wins.
  3. I could be way off but I vaguely remember reading that some builders used a karmann ghia windshield
  4. I’ve never used Uber eats but I’ve had good luck with DoorDash. It could definitely be area dependent though. Your situation sounds effed
  5. Went up to the Bay Area to visit a few friends, spent most of the time in Berkeley and San Francisco. Being from Huntington Beach where we barely even think about covid anymore it was super weird seeing everyone all masked up and paranoid still. I’m still unvaccinated so that made a few things a bit difficult. The bouncers at bars in Sf ask for your ID and vaccine card, when it was my turn I had a couple come up and distract the bouncer while he was handing back my ID and just slipped on in. I’m definitely not a fan of the policies and filth in the area but it was overall a good time.
  6. https://campnab.com this website notifies you when people cancel their reservations. I haven’t used it but a few of my friends have had good luck getting spots with it at some of the more popular places.
  7. Could be a good candidate for the Silverado 1500 with the 3.0 duramax. Kind of best of both worlds with great mpg. I don’t own one or know anything about their reliability or maintenance costs though.
  8. I’ve had my eye on this setup for a while but they’ve been out of stock for the last several months. Will be in stock November apparently. https://www.psaudio.com/products/sprout-speakers/
  9. Had this issue with my turbo subaru. Got the turbo rebuilt and washed out the intercooler and intake piping with soap and water(intercooler had a puddle of oil in it). It’s been all good since then. I had SoCal porting rebuild the turbo. Service and pricing were great.
  10. https://clutchesunlimited.com give these guys a call. They’ve rebuilt three clutches for me and service has been excellent. Super cool father son team. If you have an old clutch they can straighten and put new material on the disks, machine everything, and replace the diaphragm and straps depending on the clamping force you need.
  11. There are things we joke about and things we don’t joke about. This is one of those things we don’t joke about. That’s how I see it at least.
  12. I probably would’ve gotten it already if they weren’t so authoritarian about the whole thing. Mandating it is just going to make less people want to get it.
  13. I use a Hario v60 pourover coffee maker with a gooseneck kettle. Set the water temp to 195, 20 grams of coffee and 360 grams of water. I usually get beans from local roasters. Freshly roasted coffee is generally way better with a much more complex flavor than what you’d find in the grocery store. It’s kind of complicated but I enjoy the process of it. The beans can be kind of pricey but it’s still way cheaper than stopping at Starbucks every day.

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