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  1. Arriving early Thursday, 13.5. Will have mas firewood to contribute.
  2. Just some conflicting info here. Trail-tech told me the 450r stator puts out 120 watts. I have 2 MR16 hid's and 2 helmet mount hid's, all from trail-tech, my fan comes on constantly when running in the desert and as long as you start the helmet lights first and then the mr16's a minute later, the stator can hang without any lights going offline.
  3. Here's a very useful tool, not just for the 450r, it's a gearing calculator: http://home.earthlink.net/~gellett/trx450r.htm
  4. No, not sweating Glamis at all. It's my regular riding spots, Jawbone Canyon, Ocotillo and Baja I am worried about. This bike is running the Baja1000 in November and I'd destroy several sprockets in the first 100 miles with no skidplate. Dune Goat is probably right, I should just suck it up and drill through it, but it's tooo damn pretty right now with all that fresh paint. I know the thing will be toast after Baja, I was just looking for a cleaner solution for the time being.
  5. 450Rgeek what kind of shape is your flood in? If my friend doesn't trade his one flood for my spot, would you be interested in trading? With my two large HID's I don't need spots at all. 1385224[/snapback] Pretty much brand new condition, yeah if you have another mr16 spot that is pretty new in equal condition I might be interested. I still want to see what the flood does in Glamis though since I have only used them for trail riding at night. I'll be there Prez day weekend.
  6. I have two of the trailtech MR16's on my quad and they have worked flawlessly for the past 3 months. I have one spot and one flood. If I had it to do over again I would have got 2 spots, I don't think the flood is all that necessary.
  7. I just put a Laeger's 1 1/4" extended swingarm on my trx450r. It looks great and really helps to keep the front end down, BUT, here's the problem...Apparently Laeger's makes swingarms with and WITHOUT skidplate mounts. Unfortunately Baldwin Motorsports did not mention this and after getting the bike back together I now realize I have a very trick looking swingarm with a very VULNERABLE SPROCKET. I ride desert a lot so this is a problem. I can't really return the swingarm because it is now used, and quite frankly I don't want to have to take apart and put the whole thing back together :lazy, and my annual G trip is in 3 weeks, no time to get it done. I know I could tig weld a plate on somehow, but that would destroy the beautiful candy red paint on the swingarm and it's just too difficult. I could also drill holes into the swinarm and insert bolts through into some rigged plate but 1.) That would weaken the swinger and 2.) would look horrible. I need some better ideas. Help if you can.
  8. Just looking to see who will be out Presdent's day weekend, I am looking to be there Feb 16th early AM up to the 20th. Hoping to enjoy the inner circle as we did last year. This year we will have my turntables inside the RV and the 20" disco ball for those interested after the nightly fast guy ride. Cheers!
  9. 450Rgeek (Chad) Was there last prez day and will be back for prez2006. Looking forward to seeing everybody again.

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