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  1. WOW!..how did i miss this one?..oh i know how, i havent been on here for years, this sight has cost me more money lost over the years than good...this will be my one and only post on this, these are not excuses-simply facts, most of which are really none of your peoples business anyway..as most of you know or have seen i been morbidly obese the majority of my adult life-350+lbs..for the last 7+ years my health has suffered SERIOUSLYfrom it. I was given a second chance at life 5 years or so ago, so i decided for me, myself and my kids to do something about it..i started dieting/exercising and finally got the weight off..now i buiding back up (560lb deadlift, 400+backsquat, etc),..so to the clown who suggested im on "opiates-just sayin", your probably the same eff* who makes fun of fat people going to the gym!..think before you speak-"just sayin"..either case, my health obviously impacted my work..then 2 years ago my mother in law got kicked to the curb by the system..i was forced/begged by my wife to convert our garage into a room for her to live in..i did, then she died a year or so later..more time away from shop..now, obviousley THE main complaint is how long it takes to get frames or whatever done..im WELL AWARE OF THAT!..i unfortunately work by myself (everyones answer "hire someone"-well, i have to make enough money TO HIRE SOMEONE, which leads to the "im angry at the world" comment by someone-am i angry that UTV have completely destroyed the industry?.YEP!..am i mad at the world?.NO!..am i mad at the way our government works?..YEP!..the world?..NO..)..so, at the time i had a extreme amount of work load, building/working on 5+ cars at same time..so in a attempt to make evryone happy i work on all of them, finishing none!..then NO ONE IS HAPPY!..this has been my life story..lol.i get behind on one car, puts next car twice as far, 3rd car in line 3x as far, etc..you get it right?..so then it comes a point when "well, this one almost done-i will finish this one", maybe it yours, maybe not..THAT NEVER WORKED!..so the last coupkle years i have only worked 2 or 3 at most, and go in order, eventually concentrating on the first in line, and only that one, which pisses off people behind thatone too..either case im working on speeding up building/delivery times )it doesnt help that no two are the same..lol)..and complaint 2 seems to be "customer service"..no offense, but if i dont get a call back, i cant help you..if there is something you dont like or doesnt fit, or you not happy with-call me.when banger picked up his car years ago he wasnt happy with some stuff and wanted to bring it back in..i said thats fine, but he would have to wait till i got this other car out, as i had no where to put his..he got upset and took it somewhere else, i get it-it took waay to long to get the car, and he just wanted it "fixed", which i was happy to do, i stand by my work-but HE chose otherwise..same with the trailing arm dude.if pivots were off (they were just tacked, THATS WHY I WELD EM IN JIG-SO THEY DONT MOVE!),you should have brought em back, but instead you take em to aerospace welder..really?..i can tell you how that gonna go!..which is why i sceptical on doing business with him anyway!..lol..my wife was like "i wouldnt, guy seems sketchy"..i was like "naa it be ok"-i hate having to tell her shes right..anyway long story short, these are not excuses, just me..am i on drugs?NO!..am i business man?..NO!..do i build shit?..YES...have i "ripped people off/stolen/hidden money, parts or assets?NO!..and comparing me to another company WE ALL KNOW has ripped people off for untold thousands of $$$$, sold ther parts, etc is pretty eff*ed!..oh, BTW i paid this guy his deposit back shortly after he started this post-i had not seen this till a couple days ago..if i had i might have thought twice, as this is far more damaging then $500.00, but YOU ALL KNOW THAT!, sad you guys would rather see someone fail then try and change/overcome and prevail/make improvements, but whatever...like i daid this will be only post, so go ahead and ague/bring the hate..i wont be checking..lol, i already know
  2. like it says i need a subi mock up-as cheap as possible..😉..909-565-0651,..call or text i dont come on here anymore
  3. it is...belonged to Vildosala family..its fast, handles awsome for beam car!..EXPENSIVE to build back in late 80's..if it dont sell im contemplating pulling out drivetrain and building 4 seater..
  4. 500hp, built C4 trans, REAR engine, inboard disks, beam front end, 4130 chassis..super light and fast!..ive updated it with Sparco seat, rear wing/light bar, new exhaust, by-pass, tires, etc..will put up more recent pics soon..30k obo?..or trade?..one of a kind, hauls ass and handles great!...waaayy more to list!
  5. French MAS 36/51 rifle in original arsenal "mummy" wrap..unfired and refurbished...has tag and lot #..500?..obo..
  6. basically a clone of M1 Carbine in .22...real fun to shoot, pristine condition..400 obo
  7. the back side of the snouts are beveled..there was no rust on plates, rust is from moisture getting in, it must have already been cracked (obviously).. EXACTLY AHAHAHAHAHA...... i dont care who you are-thats funny i heat all spindle snouts with torch prior to welding (TIG-NO MIG), set them aside to cool down...i believe i may have welded it 4130 rod insteadof normal mild rod (out of box you cant tell difference)..with no heat treatment, this is what will happen/welds break.im human...but i guess i will never know
  8. I was wondering the samething.. maybe they are talking about the way the spindle was installed on the upright, but the upright itself didn't break... there is nothing wrong with the uprights-spindle snout came off, thats all...
  9. Warranty work? This car might have 20 hours on it. most people would bring it back and say hey can you fix this?..
  10. looks like the welds broke...the spindle and snout lookk to be fine..welds simply failed-i have it happen maybe 2 or 3 times over all these years..33" tire is fine for combo snout, otherwise the actual snout would have broke . looks like rust on snout as well, which means it was cracked for a while looks like
  11. front end coming together

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